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Freedom From Illness:
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Volume 22, Issue 2
Welcome to the Freedom From Illness wholistic newsletter from Russell Louie and Margaret Auld-Louie at Optimum Choices. To receive this newsletter by e-mail or to unsubscribe, see the footer at the very bottom.

Newsletter News

 We apologize for not publishing a newsletter since February, 2022. The reasons are:

  1. Russell is still recovering from his concussion. The resultant mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) still requires more rest, treatment and self-therapy, which takes time away from the business.
  2. We adopted a new dog. The subsequent puppy, potty and peacemaker training (with our 14-year old cat) has consumed all his time. Click on the links to see Lily.

Make sure you read our next newsletter about a case study: "I am Cancer-Free"


IBD > Lymphoma Continuum
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The United States is founded on the principles of freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom to bear arms. All these freedoms are decided by society and dictated by law. Freedom From Illness, however, is not guaranteed and must be earned. We must educate ourselves as to what Nature intended our and our pets' bodies to consume, in order to be properly nourished and remain healthy to enjoy freedom from illness. We invite you to expand your mind beyond the allopathic Western medical paradigm of being medically reactive and only treating the symptoms. Become holistically proactive before symptoms show up or blow up. Read our newsletter article below and review our newsletter archives on how you and your pet(s) can achieve Freedom From Illness.


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IBD>Lymphoma Continuum
Hard Holistic Lessons

Last year we put our 13-year old cat to sleep because he stopped eating. Julius had a mass in his intestines and on his kidney. We had been addressing his digestive issues ever since adoption at age 6. Holistic vets told us, IBD symptoms sometimes progress into intestinal lymphoma cancer later in life. The following are the hard holistic lessons we learned. The same holistic principles discussed below apply to both people and pets.

Many clients come to us after spending thousands of dollars pillson vets, drugs and prescription diets and their pet still has digestive issues. They use our holistic products, get a certain amount of success and then do not want to spend any more money because:

  1. The digestive symptoms seem under control.

  2. The digestive problems are manageable.

  3. Their pet only has flare-ups 1-2 times per month.

  4. Why fix what isn't broken?

They want to decrease the initial beginning amount (that worked to alleviate symptoms) or they want to switch from the advanced formula to the core nutrition formula used for health maintenance to save money. By following these time bomballopathic Western medicine principles, the client may be setting off a time bomb when their pet becomes a senior and they have to be medically reactive. By taking proactive holistic steps now, they could possibly save $10,000 in veterinary bills and extend the life of their pet by 5-10 years. Here is one holistic example.

When we adopted Julius he had digestive issues. Coming early Juliusfrom a rescue organization, he obviously was fed a dry kibble diet. We also did not know his health history (kitten environment, vaccination record, previous illnesses). As with all our pets, we transitioned him to a raw food diet but Julius took longer than usual. That should have been our first clue that he would need extra special digestive tract care the rest of his life, not just in the beginning (Holistic Lesson #1).

Wanting to be holistically proactive and not waiting for symptoms to blow up, we also started Julius on our bio-algae concentrates product for pets, core nutrition formula BioPreparation-F2+BioPreparation-F2+. Even though BioPreparation looks like an isolated supplement (green microalgae powder in a capsule) to be given only when a pet is sick, BioPreparation's microalgae are actually whole foods. Nature meant all living things (including humans) to consume algae. Algae are in the water, soil and on plants. As one-cell organisms, algae are at the bottom of the food chain. Because we and our pets drink chlorinated tap water and eat cooked and processed foods, our diets are void of this natural source of thousands of nutrients andJulius' catch over 4,000 live enzymes. So, by giving our pets BioPreparation and taking BioSuperfood ourselves, we are giving back the super nutrition Nature meant us to consume every day. However, in retrospect, considering Julius already had digestive issues, we should have given him the advanced formula with the most antioxidants, BioPreparation-F3+, instead of the general nutrition formula used for good health maintenance, BioPreparation-F2+. Yes, BioPreparation-F3+ cost more but the savings were negated by all the medical bills later in life and may have extended Julius' life if we had neutralized or balanced his early digestive issues right from the start (Holistic Lesson #2) possibly avoiding the intestinal lymphoma.

By 2021, Julius was doing so good he only had occasional digestive flare-ups. He would vomit up clear liquid in the morning before breakfast or vomit up food after eating too fast. We could feed him many prescription flavor diets and limited ingredients foods. He would occasionally vomit after something too rich for his stomach. Most importantly, he gained weight so that our holistic vet was not worried about him anymore. With all these improvements we got complacent and assumed he was doing so much better we could relax our holistic digestive protocol and the Chlorambucil and Prednisone drugs that were working. In order to make him gain more weight, Margaret decided to take a cooler with cat food to her upstairs office (she does IT network support from home). In this way, whenever Julius asked for food, she fed him. This worked, for he shortly gained one pound from this new feeding protocol. But soon, he would get finicky about what flavor canned food he would eat and had decreased appetite and energy levels. After increasing his Chlorambucil, adding new medications and trying different flavors of limited ingredients prescription food, we finally resorted to x-rays, ultrasound and blood tests. The results were not good: his Julius' final dayIBD had progressed to advanced intestinal lymphoma, with a mass in his intestines and on his kidney. He was too weak to do any kind of surgery for the masses and all the holistic measures we tried just gave him temporary improvement. At 13 years old he would not eat much, was rapidly losing weight and his kidney symptoms were getting acute now. We could tell in his eyes he was in pain and did not enjoy eating or life anymore. So, we made the difficult decision to send him over the Rainbow Bridge.

In retrospect, it occurred to us that when Margaret started feeding him all day long in her home office, she did not have the time to mix in all Julius' many holistic supplements we were giving. The two most important ones were our bio-algae concentrates product for pets,BioPreparation-F3+ BioPreparation-F3+, and our polysaccharide/polypeptide product, Cellular PSP. Both products have super nutrients so small, they can cross the blood-brain barrier. In nourishing the glands in the brain, the HPA (hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal) axis is supported and balanced to do its job in communicating with the digestive tract to manufacture the proper amount of Immunoglobulin A (IgA). A deficiency in IgA may lead to inadequately protecting the gut lining, allergies, digestive and autoimmune problems. Just based on the external symptoms of him gaining weight, we thought he was doing fine. Unbeknownst to us, a mass was growing in his intestines and on his kidney. It seems the holistic products were benefiting Julius by keeping this degeneration under control or at least neutralized, without any external symptoms. In essence, we were holistically nourishing the brain and it was the body-brain balancing the digestive symptoms and NOT the products. It was not until we stopped giving most of them (in an effort to feed him more frequently) that the ramifications surfaced. What we learned is that an absence of external symptoms does not necessarily mean the body is void of any degenerative conditions inside (Holistic Lesson #3), especially when it comes to digestive issues and the IBD > Lymphoma continuum.

Hard Holistic Lessons:

  1. If transitioning your pet (or yourself) to a new diet takes longer than normal, suspect there is an underlying digestive imbalance that you should "wholistically" address the rest of your pet's (or your) life.

  2. It pays to invest early in life to alleviate ALL digestive symptoms, in order to avoid expensive vet bills as amoney vs pills senior when the degeneration has taken over and it is too late. Be holistically proactive now, instead of medically reactive later.

  3. An absence of or having the digestive symptoms "under control" or "manageable," is NOT a sign to decrease or stop what is working. External symptoms are NOT a good indicator of how much degeneration may still be going on inside the body. The body naturally regenerates every single intestinal cell every six months. This is assuming no imbalances, no nutritional deficiencies, no genetic predisposition to digestive disorders and 100% optimum digestive efficiency. Continue your holistic course of action for at least 6-12 months, without any recurrence of symptoms, before even considering reducing your holistic measures.

We hope by sharing these lessons, it saves you anguish, money and even may extend your or your pet's life towards Freedom From Illness.


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