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Freedom From Illness introduction

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Freedom From Illness


Out of the ashes of Chernobyl comes the world's most revolutionary "wholistic" discovery.

Are you:                                       

  • Spending a fortune on supplements and wish you could cut back without sacrificing your health?
  • Taking over a dozen supplements and don't even know if any of them are working?
  • Taking multiple remedies for the same illness or health condition?
  • Experiencing symptoms that have come back after you discontinued a supplement?
  • Taking glucosamine and have blood sugar disorders (diabetes), yeast overgrowth (Candida) or a toxic liver?

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Would you like ONE PRODUCT that combines the benefits of enzymes, essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils) for a healthy heart and brain function, antioxidants, carotenes, phytonutrients, chlorophyll and calcium spirulan? BioPreparation is not another supplement (technically it is a whole food product) but is truly a holistic revolution. BioPreparation is Nature's vitamin chest in a capsule (literally containing over 5,000 individual nutrients).

Save money buying fewer supplements

BioSuperfood   BioPreparation

Even though BioPreparation is a human-grade dietary product, because of our holistic research, own experience with our pets and personal conversations with Dr. Michael Kiriac (the inventor of the commercial products BioPreparation and BioSuperfood) we personally choose to use the bio-algae concentrates (generic term for any blend of cultured algae) product BioPreparation with our furry children. Read our story of how we got started on our dying 17 year old cat:

Below are more bio-algae concentrates animal facts. You decide what is best for your 4-legged children.

BioPreparation-BioSuperfood Differences

BioPreparation (a bio-algae concentrate) has the same ingredients (Spirulina pacifica, Spirulina platensis, Dunaliella salina and astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis) and same formulas as BioSuperfood (also a bio-algae concentrate). Dr. Michael Kiriac (bio-algae concentrates researcher) told us he always saw better results using BioPreparation with animals and BioSuperfood with people. While research has not uncovered all the reasons here are just three:

  1. BioPreparation’s assimilation is most suited to an animal's digestive tract.
  2. BioSuperfood is more tuned to support the intestinal flora of a human.
  3. In over 25 years of bio-algae concentrates research, Dr. Kiriac has always seen more benefits giving animals BioPreparation.BioPreparation-f3+

Animal Facts

  1. Dr. Michael Kiriac experimented with over 125 different strains of algae on over 25 different species of animals (including mice, rats, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, mink, pigs, horses) in the former U.S.S.R.
  2. The commercial product, BioPreparation, is closest to the bio-algae concentrates that Dr. Kiriac used in his research in livestock prior to Chernobyl.

Are you tired of spending so much money on a multitude of separate supplements (e.g., Omega oils, digestive enzymes, support for arthritis pain and inflammation, etc.)? Are you looking for holistic supplements that work? Do you know if all your vitamins are working together or have side effects? Can you discontinue your supplements and not have the symptoms return? Would you like ONE PRODUCT that combines the benefits of enzymes, essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils) for a healthy heart and brain, moister skin, antioxidants, immune boosting carotenes, phytonutrients, chlorophyll and calcium spirulan? BioPreparation is NOT a supplement (technically it is a whole food product) that just fixes the symptoms but a whole food product that restores the body's natural ability to heal. BioPreparation is truly a holistic revolution, Nature's vitamin chest in a capsule (literally containing over 5,000 individual nutrients).

BioSuperfood   BioPreparation

Please make use of all the free resources available 24 hours/day, by selecting any of the above green product information buttons [FAQ] at the top of every product page. Be sure and read the FAQ page. Thank you in advance.


If we have not responded to your e-mail or voicemail within one week, please resubmit, as these occasionally get lost in our 50-100 daily e-mails. If you have an urgent need, purchase one of the Holistic Consultations. Satisfaction Guaranteed: if you feel the holistic information is not of value or you or your pet did not experience any benefits, we will gladly refund your consultation fee.

BioPreparation-BioSuperfood Differences
Animal Facts
Algae Are Nature's Unique Superfood

Nature's Perfect Holistic Product

Dangers of Isolated Supplements

Critical Need for Enzymes
Algae Are Nutrient Factory
What does BioPreparation contain?

How is BioPreparation different than other blue-green algae, Spirulina and chlorella?

How is BioPreparation Different from Other Supplements?
Quality Assurance Testing for Toxins and Radiation
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Algae Are Nature's Unique Superfood

The Kingdoms in Nature are:

  1. Bacteria (sometimes split into two Kingdoms)

  2. Protista (means the very first)—includes unicellular (one-celled) and multicellular organisms, including algae, that are not part of the Fungi, Plant or Animal Kingdoms)

  3. Fungi

  4. Plant

  5. Animal (herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, including human)

Nature is designed such that each Kingdom is dependent on the ones below it. For example, ruminant animals (cows, sheep, goats, deer) would not be able to survive without the bacteria in their rumen that digest plant foods for them. They are actually eating fermented plant foods and bacteria. Algae are organisms in the Protista Kingdom at the bottom of the food chain. All beings (herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, including human) are dependent on plants, fungi, algae and bacteria for survival. Algae are literally a film that coats the Earth, in every natural body of water and in the soil. Since algae are everywhere in nature, all fungi, plants, animals and humans are designed to obtain certain nutrients from algae (which contain over 5,000 individual nutrients). When algae are lacking in our diet (as in the sanitized modern diet), our health may suffer from the missing nutrients. Algae are Nature’s most complete and original whole food for all species and serves as a universal food for the plant and animal (including human) Kingdoms. Algae are nature’s vitamin chest.

There are some algae nutrients that are particularly beneficial that are hard to find from any other source. For example, Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) is usually only found in early mother’s milk. GLA stimulates the newborn’s immune system. So, how do adult animals get GLA if it needs to stimulate its immune system? GLA is present in seeds of borage, black currant, and evening primrose but how many eat those foods on a regular basis? The next largest whole food source (not supplements) of GLA to mother’s milk is algae. There is no other food that can nourish plants, herbivores, carnivores and omnivores like algae. Algae occupy a unique role in the food chain for all plants, animals and humans. No other food (and certainly supplement) can make this claim. Algae are not just “pond scum.”

Nature's Perfect Holistic Product

If you eat fast foods, processed foods, all cooked foods and very little if any raw foods, then you are eating a nutrient deficient diet. Adding whole food products to your diet is considered safer and more complete than isolated supplements or synthetic compounds. A complete whole food provides all the ingredients needed for optimum health such as enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids and trace minerals. Isolated supplements may be missing these complementary substances Nature put in whole foods that are needed to make it work optimally. For instance, Vitamin C in whole oranges works better with its naturally occurring rutin and bioflavonoids (in the pulp and peel) than Vitamin C from pure ascorbic acid. (Whole Food Vitamin C). STOP supplementing symptoms; instead optimize your body's diet with whole foods and give yourself the health and longevity it deserves.

Dangers of Isolated Supplements

Consider these recent studies on using isolated supplements in people:

  • Early infant multivitamin supplementation is associated with increased risk for food allergy and asthma. (PEDIATRICS, Vol. 114, No. 1, July, 2004, pp. 27-32)
  • Most women take hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, for the immediate symptomatic relief… We already knew the impact of HRT on breast cancer, colon cancer, blood clots and stroke. (Maj. John L. Frattarelli, M.D., Chief Reproductive Endocrinology Infertility Service, Tripler Army Medical Center, “HRT: Should Women Continue?”, Medical Minute, Oct, 2002)
  • There is now strong evidence that antioxidant supplements—vitamins A, C and E and beta carotene—are not effective in protecting against gastrointestinal cancer. On the contrary, there may be a small increase in mortality from these tumors among people taking antioxidants compared with a placebo. (Goran Bjelakovic, professor, internal medicine, University of Nis, Serbia and Montenegro; Eric Jacobs, Ph.D., senior epidemiologist, American Cancer Society, New York City; Oct. 2, 2004, The Lancet)

    Whole food products vs. supplements

    Click video above for whole food product vs. supplement differences.

  • Patients in the Vitamin E group (daily doses of 400IU) had no significant difference in cancer incidence, cancer deaths, and major cardiovascular events but higher rates of heart failure and hospitalizations for heart failure. (Effects of Long-term Vitamin E Supplementation on Cardiovascular Events and Cancer, March 16, 2005, JAMA. 2005;293:1338-1347)
  • Taking Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid only
    got rid of the symptoms of scurvy. When supplementation stopped the disease returned.

We believe Nature is a better formulator than a scientist. BioPreparation is NOT a supplement but a whole food product containing Nature's formulated ingredients of algae and Spirulina and no synthetic nutrients.

Critical Need for Enzymes

Live enzymes are needed to break down food and help with the absorption of nutrients. Not only are digestive enzymes essential butBioPreparation-f2+ many metabolic enzymes are needed for other vital body functions such as producing energy, reducing inflammation and speeding healing. This is important because all cooked food is lacking enzymes since heat kills live enzymes. Eating processed foods every day will eventually deplete it of live enzymes. Without enzymes one ages faster, the pancreas gets overworked and becomes stressed (link to diabetes?) and one is susceptible to degenerative diseases such as arthritis, allergies, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and cancer.

A perfect whole food product with live enzymes is algae (e.g., Spirulina). Mother Nature meant all living creatures in the wild to get algae whenever they drink from a natural water source such as a pond or stream. If we eat  processed foods and tap water, we do not get algae and therefore are always deficient in enzymes, essential fatty acids, vitamins, trace minerals, and amino acids. Eating algae provides us all the nutrients we need in the natural form and exact dosage that Nature intended.

If we do not get enzymes from our food, we must rely on our storehouse of enzymes produced in our pancreas. Eating cooked food (without enzymes) for 10 years is like making a withdrawal from your savings account every day for ten years and never making a deposit. Eventually the savings account gets depleted. When our savings account of enzymes is depleted, aging accelerates and degenerative diseases start.

Algae Are Nutrient Factory

Algae are miniature factories producing over 4,000 enzymes, vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals, amino acids and protein. Algae can help to:

  • Accelerate the body's ability to heal itself by
    normalizing all the glands and organs

  • Improve digestion
  • Detoxify the body
  • Support silkier, shinier coat
  • Balance the immune system
  • Achieve optimum health and longer life

The special algae blend in BioPreparation is unlike any algae/Spirulina product you can buy in the store due to the unique combination of 2 algae and 2 Spirulina grown under special conditions used to optimize the nutrients. BioPreparation is a proprietary blend of specific algae that has a synergistic effect not found when taking these algae separately. The synergism of the blend promotes complete assimilation of food so that animals absorb the vitamins and minerals from it and you can either reduce or eliminate other supplements. BioPreparation feeds the brain super nutrition, which then directs the rest of the body to heal whatever is wrong with it, using the innate intelligence of the body.

What does BioPreparation Contain?

BioPreparation and BioSuperfood (both bio-algae concentrates) contain the micro algae Spirulina pacifica, Spirulina platensis, Dunaliella and the carotenoid Astaxanthin concentrated from Haematococcus algae and nothing else. Nature put in these algae (short list):

  • BioPreparationVitamins A (precursors), B-complex, C, D, E and K

  • Alpha carotene and beta carotene

  • 20 amino acids—all ten essential amino acids + ten more

  • All known colloidal minerals (e.g., calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, sodium, chloride, potassium, sulfur) and known (92) trace elements

  • Essential fatty acids of Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 and the rare GLA (gamma linoleic acid similar to early mother's milk), ALAs (Alpha-Linolenic Acids), DGLA (Dihomogamma-Linolenic  Acid), DHA (Docosahexaenoic  acid) and more fatty acids

  • Antioxidants hundreds of times stronger than Vitamin C and E

  • Phytonutrients

  • Chlorophyll

  • Over 4,000 enzymes

  • Plus much more, over 5,000 total nutrients

Click for a main ingredients list.
Click for a detailed bio-algae concentrates ingredients list.

All ingredients are of the highest quality. The four algae are professionally harvested in strictly controlled bio-reactors and quality tested. Unlike wild grown algae, the light, heat, filtered water and nutrients are under strict quality control. Through 20 years of research, Dr. Kiriac has learned the best environmental conditions to maximize each of the above 5,000+ nutrients. That is what makes BioPreparation and BioSuperfood unique among all the other algae and Spirulina products on the market. His products have superior nutritional value for each of the main ingredients in the list above. Since algae and other green foods easily pick up heavy metals, they must be grown in pure conditions. Do not risk your health by taking a cheap Spirulina supplements that could be contaminated with heavy metals and other pollutants (known and unknown). You can trust BioSuperfood and BioPreparation algae to be free of heavy metals, toxins, bacteria, herbicides and pesticides.

How are the algae in BioPreparation different than other blue-green algae, Spirulina and chlorella?

  1. Dr. Kiriac's bio-algae concentrates contain microalgae, not the generic macroalgae (blue-green algae, chlorella, etc.) commonly found in stores, which makes his algae faster assimilated and more completely absorbed for better results.
  2. Dr. Kiriac's bio-algae concentrates contain one orange and one red alga species. It is these orange-red algae that contain antioxidants (super nutrition) that can cross the blood/brain barrier, making his bio-algae concentrates "smart".
  3. Dr. Kiriac's bio-algae concentrates contain four (4) total species of microalgae as determined by 20+ years of cancer in animals research. Most retail algae products contain 2-3 species, at most.
  4. Dr. Kiriac's bio-algae concentrates contain four specific species of microalgae in a proprietary ratio. One cannot just mix 25% of four generic algae species and expect to get the same results.
  5. Dr. Kiriac's bio-algae concentrates uses microalgae that have been hydroponically grown to maximize nutrients and potency. This far exceeds any wild grown algae in quality and benefits.
  6. Dr. Kiriac's specific 4 microalgae are scientifically blended to feed, energize and balance the master gland (pituitary), pineal and hypothalamus in the brain. Studies showed within 30 seconds of the algae mixing with saliva, the hormonal output of the glands in the brain increased.

Dr Kiriac found that while the chlorella species produced good results in herbivores, it did not work for carnivores because they do not have multiple stomachs and the necessary enzymes to break down the thick cellular wall of plants (and chlorella) like herbivores. In order to make chlorella work in omnivores (people) and carnivores (cats and dogs), the thick cellular wall of chlorella must be mechanically broken with a centrifuge or chemically (e.g., enzymes) broken down. When this is done the cells' nutrient protection is compromised (and must be preserved from spoiling) and one loses some of the original whole cell (food) contents in the process. So, why pay for patented processes, expensive preservation techniques and less whole food nutrition just to get the same results as other algae? The four microalage Dr Kiriac included in his BioPreparation/BioSuperfood need none of the above processes to unlock their super nutrition, no special preservation (because the cell walls are not broken) and are more balanced than any single species of chlorella.

Dr Kiriac found that one, two and even three algae species were not enough to accomplish his research goals with chickens, mink, pigs, cows and other livestock. He needed all four microalgae species - Spirulina pacifica, Spirulina platensis, Dunaliella salina and astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis to accomplish his goal. The reason is these specific four feed, nourished and balanced the pituitary (master gland), pineal and hypothalamus glands in the brain to produce a special synergy. While other algae produce good health benefits, only these specific four activated the body's own natural ability to heal to suit Dr. Kiriac's research goal.

Bio-Algae Concentrates—click on photos for short videos
Dr Kiriac's family cancer history

Dr Michael Kiriac's family
history of pancreatic cancer

Cancer in animals algae research

Animal algae research

Chernobyl's amazing results

Chernobyl's amazing results

Bioreactor cancer in animals success

Cancer success in
20+ animal species

How is BioPreparation different from supplements?

BioPreparation (a bio-algae concentrate) is not a conglomeration of isolated vitamins, extracted ingredients, concentrated herbs and nutrients bound together and compressed with fillers in a pill. BioPreparation is actually a whole food product containing just four microalgae. Remember, algae is native to all species' (that is, sacred food) in the wild.

Quality Assurance Testing for Toxins and Radiation

BioPreparation (a bio-algae concentrate) contains the highest quality microalgae on the market for the following reasons:

  1. The microalgae are NOT wild-grown (subject to environmental pollutants) but nurtured in closed bioreactors where the air, light, temperature, water and nutrients are all controlled.

  2. Water used is never exposed to the atmosphere but it piped in from its source 2,000 feet underground from a volcanic spring.

  3. An independent laboratory tests for all chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, bacteria and other contaminants (including radiation). If any contamination is detected, they will not release the batch back to BioNutrition.

For more details on quality assurance, please click the button below:

Quality Assurance

If you have heard that algae can be too strong, too harsh or too potent (especially for cats) from other sources, please read our "wholistic" perspective before ordering bio-algae concentrates. Go to our March, 2015, newsletter article by clicking the green button below:

Too Strong, Harsh, Potent


Holistic Gateway to Freedom From Illness

Click video for holistic gateway to
Freedom From Illness.


Volume Discounts, Autoship Discounts and Referral Bonuses are available.
Click the
Discount Policies button below for full details:

Discount Policies


There is virtually no health condition and no one that BioSuperfood and BioPreparation will not help holistically. We guarantee you or your family members will realize some health benefits. We cannot guarantee all your or your family member's symptoms will be eliminated because we have no control over your or your family member's genetics, diet, lifestyle, how often you take the products daily, how regular you are at taking the products weekly, etc.

Being whole food products (NOT another supplement) there are no contraindications with any other vitamins, supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies or drugs. (See Precautions) However, each person and animal is an individual and will respond differently to the products. Sometimes the benefits are not readily observable or the perceived effects are not desirable. For details on product returns click Guarantee & Return Policy button below.

Included with every first order is a BioSuperfood Usage Guidelines booklet. The very last page contains a "90 Day Health Diary." Please rate each condition on a scale of 1-5 NOW, before you start these amazing holistic products. Rate these same conditions every 30-60-90 days thereafter. We are so confident you will realize at least some health benefits after 90 days, that we will refund all or part of your purchase price (depending upon the situation) if you or your family member does not respond with at least some health benefits after a full 90 days.

Guarantree & Return Policy

Order Information

If you give us details on what health challenge you or your family member would like to focus on and a brief health history (including age and weight or body type), we would be happy to make generic holistic suggestions for the optimum daily amount (sent in your welcome letter included in your package of every first order). Type in your details in the Client Info box on the first page in our shopping cart for more detailed usage suggestions.

BioSuperfood/BioPreparation (both bio-algae concentrates) are such revolutionary products, one does not take them like supplements but like whole food products. That is one of the reasons BioSuperfood/BioPreparation do not sell well at the retail level. People simply do not understand how and why BioSuperfood/BioPreparation can do what they do without a considerable amount of experience. Optimum Choices is the largest e-tailer and independent distributor of the product in the world. We have been using BioSuperfood/BioPreparation since 2002. We also have 90+ years of holistic experience to draw on. Generic instructions are shipped with every first order.

"Wholistic" consulting value

Video- Value of
"wholistic" consulting

Mini-Consults By E-mail
with product purchase

BioSuperfood and BioPreparation (both bio-algae concentrates) are NOT supplements but whole food products. These revolutionary holistic products are used differently than supplements, taken differently than supplements, do not have the side effects of supplements and provide more results than supplements. We have found that when using these whole food products, a vast amount of experience and holistic knowledge is needed to maximize their benefits. We ask you to consider taking advantage of our 90+ years of collective wholistic experience, our 11+ years of experience using BioSuperfood and BioPreparation in our holistic practice and our passion for providing you with the optimum holistic experience, by adding a Mini-Consult By E-Mail to your first-time purchase. If you have an urgent need for an answer, purchase a Mini-Consult with your product purchase and we will review your purchase before sending it out to make sure you have the correct product to meet your (or your family's) wholistic needs. Our wholistic suggestions are based on the brief data (name, species (if for a pet), breed (for pets), age, weight, health challenge/symptom) you entered into the Client Info box in our shopping cart to see if we have a match to our (or our clients') previous experience that we can share with you. The results of your consult will be included in the welcome letter (with suggestions for starting amount) included with your package or your shipping confirmation e-mail before your order is delivered. We will make absolutely sure you have purchased the correct product/formula based on the manufacturer's suggested usage and you know how to start your wholistic journey towards Freedom From Illness. We find that those who order our Mini-Consults By E-Mail get more benefits, quicker results and get the maximum use from their purchase.

Mini-Consults By E-Mail: 1-2 family members requiring a short 10-15 minute consult by e-mail or letter.

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Read this paper, NOT Another Supplement, to discover the difference between supplements and whole food products and how you too can buy fewer supplements, save money and take your holistic experience to the next level with total wellness (not just the absence of symptoms). Here are the basic differences between supplements and whole food products.

 Not Another Supplement PDF

Fill a single deficiency or fulfill a
single purpose
Nourish, energize and balance
the whole body
Make the body dependent on
this external supply of nutrition
Do not create a dependency
on the product
rarely fix the cause of the
original symptom or illness
Activate the body’s own natural
ability to heal
Have side effects Have no side effects


Internet-placed orders are processed first. Because of the high demand, manually placed telephone orders take much longer to process. Average time for Internet orders is: 1-2 days for processing + 2-3 business days for Priority Mail = 5 total business days to receive your order.  

For more details see: Shipping & Handling FAQ:

       Shipping & Handling FAQ


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For international orders outside the U.S. and Canada, please send an e-mail request to: info@OptimumChoices.com

Discount Policies

Credit Card Processing Acceptance Mark

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Due to the manufacturer's shortage we have to limit all BioPreparation-F2+ orders to only one bottle per order, until June 15, 2023, or after. If you need more, consider ordering BioSuperfood-f2 for people, which has the same nutrition vs. antioxidant ratio as BioPreparation-F2+ for pets. Another option is to order the advanced formula for pets, BioPreparation-F3+, which is 5 times more efficient at balancing the body over BioPreparation-F2+ but not 5 times the price. We suggest giving this advanced formula, BioPreparation-F3+, to any pet with a degenerative condition or any senior pet, with or without symptoms, because it is more holistically proactive and cost-effective for degenerative conditions. While our shopping cart will still let you order more than one bottle of BioPreparation-F2+, we will only process and ship one bottle per order. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.


BioPreparation-f2+ Core Formula
(a bio-algae concentrate)
(60-capsules, 290 mg each)
General nutrition to support health maintenance.

   Formulas     Usage

$44.00 product w/Mini-Consult By E-Mail
product only

BP-f2+ Starter Pack

BioPreparation-f2+ Core Formula Starter Pack
(a bio-algae concentrate)
(three bottles, 60-capsules,
290 mg each)
General nutrition to support health maintenance.

$97.65 product w/Mini-Consult By E-Mail


product only

BioPreparation-f3+ Forte Formula
(a bio-algae concentrate)
(60-capsules, 290 mg each)

Formula 3 offers five (5) times more efficiency than Formula 2 (but is not 5 times the price) while maintaining important synergy and balance. This advanced formula provides the body with the super nutrition it needs to work on the most challenging health issues.

    Formulas     Usage

$65.00 product w/Mini-Consult By E-Mail



product only

BP-f3+ Starter Pack

BioPreparation-f3+ Forte Formula Starter Pack
(a bio-algae concentrate)
(three bottles, 60-capsules,
290 mg each)

Formula 3 offers five (5) times more efficiency than Formula 2 (but is not 5 times the price) while maintaining important synergy and balance. This advanced formula provides the body with the super nutrition it needs to work on the most challenging health issues.

$157.50 product w/Mini-Consult By E-Mail

product only


Awakening the Genius Within Awakening the Genius Within
(with bio-algae concentrates)
Book by Roland Thomas, B.S., N.D.

Tragic story of how Dr. Kiriac lost five members of his immediate family, while trying to discover a formula that would stop the ongoing epidemic of cancer in controlled trials with chickens, mink, pigs and cows, in the former Soviet Union. After discovering the final formula that stopped the ongoing epidemic of cancer, he has been giving bio-algae concentrates to his family and not one member has gotten cancer. 20+ years of animal research documented.

Awakening the Genius Within

Awakening the Genius Within
(with bio-algae concentrates)
by Roland Thomas, B.S., N.D.
eBook electronic format (PDF) of the above book

Awakening the Genius Within
(with bio-algae concentrates)
DVD with
Roland Thomas, B.S., N.D.

DVD included free with every first order purchase of  BioPreparation/BioSuperfood. Additional copies $4.95.

Free online book

Bio-Algae Concentrates: Superfoods For Optimum
Cellular Health

by Roland Thomas, ND, of Quantum Leap Wellness

This new book that everyone will be talking about builds on the previous book The Magic of Bio-Algae Concentrates: The Michael Kiriac Story.

Click the picture on the left to read a draft version of it.


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All orders are shipped by U.S.P.S. Priority Mail in the United States and Canada Post in Canada. For international orders outside the U.S. and Canada, please send an e-mail request to: info@OptimumChoices.com

A special customer service note from the owner:
Our goal at Optimum Choices is superior customer service that cannot be matched. We always put your family's holistic needs first. As the world's largest e-tailer and reseller of the revolutionary holistic product, BioPreparation, our expertise and products are very much in demand. Some days, we literally only ship emergency overnight orders. Unfortunately, this extends the processing time of our regularly scheduled orders, so we apologize in advance. We know you would want this extra special attention if it were your family.

Internet-placed orders are processed first. Because of the high demand, manually placed telephone orders take much longer to process. Average time to process Internet orders is: 5 days  business days +  2-3 days for Priority Mail shipping = 7 total business days to receive your order. For complete Shipping & Handling details, click the button below:

Shipping & Handling



Because our clients get results when doctors and vets have given up, we are understaffed for the high demand for our world-class holistic products and “wholistic” expertise. To keep your Internet mail-order prices low, Optimum Choices operates as an Internet-only company much like Amazon and PayPal. Amazon and PayPal do not accept telephone calls for orders or questions about your account. Just like Amazon and PayPal, we rely on the Internet (website, shopping cart, online HolistiChat support, e-mail) for all communications. We do not have a telephone staff that answers routine calls. In order to provide our “wholistic” services to all those who need it, we only answer emergency calls. Return calls are available for paid Wholistic Consultations. Please use the above Internet-only resources for a faster response.

BioPreparation and BioSuperfood are NOT supplements. These whole food products work and act much differently than supplements and can therefore, balance the body, where supplements (and even drugs) have failed to produce results. As the largest e-tailer, distributor and reseller of BioPreparation in the world, we process orders first, respond to paid holistic consultations next, handle wholesale orders third and finally (when we have free time) answer free product support and general holistic questions last. Because of the incredible demand for these holistic products, general questions and product inquiries can take two weeks or more to answer. If we have not responded to your e-mail or voicemail within one week, please resubmit as these occasionally get lost in the 100-150 daily requests we get. If you have an urgent need, purchase a Holistic Consultation below. Satisfaction Guaranteed: if you feel the holistic information is not of value or you or your pet did not experience any benefits, we will gladly refund your consultation fee.

Please click the following buttons for free answers to the most commonly asked questions.

NOT Another Supplement
Ingredients Usage FAQs Must Read

If you or your family has a complex health situation or need an immediate answer, please consider combining a mini-consult (10-15 minutes) or a Regular Holistic Consultation with your product orde. Your consult will be conducted before your order is shipped to make sure you get the right formula and know how to get the maximum benefits from these revolutionary holistic products. The consults are mainly done by e-mail or welcome letter with suggestions included in your package.

"Wholistic" consulting value

Video- Value of
"wholistic" consulting

Together with Optimum Choices revolutionary "wholistic" products and Russell's unique WIDR consulting technique we are getting results where others have not. In some cases, results are achieved when no medical or veterinary diagnosis can be made (see Saved Lives). To meet the incredible demand for our products and consulting services, orders and information requests are handled in the following order:

  1. Emergency overnight and expedited orders.

  2. Information requests with life critical or severe debilitating symptoms.

  3. Internet-placed orders.

  4. Internet-placed information requests.

  5. Telephone-placed orders.

  6. Telephone-placed information requests.

We are so busy, some days we never progress beyond #1-3 above. Please choose the process above which best meets your individual needs. One can get a faster response by...

  1. Ordering the Mini-Consult By E-mail With Product Purchase. The Consult will be done before products are shipped to make absolutely sure you get the right product to fit your needs.

  2. Ordering a Regular Holistic Consultation if you have a complex situation, chronic condition or take many supplements or medications to make sure all factors are taken into consideration.

  3. Submitting an information request giving all relevant information, such as name, species/breed (if a pet), age, weight (or body type), type of diet, brief description of condition, how long it has been occurring and what triggered it (if known). List any drugs and/or supplements used and reason why.


Discount Policies

Wholesale Accounts

Optimum Choices is the largest e-tailer and premier distributor of the revolutionary holistic product, BioPreparation, in the world. We have the most experience (since 2002) using this product. If you would like to inquire about a wholesale account, please send an e-mail to Russell@OptimumChoices.com and he will respond back with a preliminary wholesale package. You must have a Sales Tax License, State Business License, retail store, clinic, health practice or a website where you sell or recommend holistic products.

866-305-2306 (toll-free)
11:00 AM-7:00 PM, Monday-Friday, Mountain Time, USA


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Discount Policies



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