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May 2009, News from Optimum Choices, LLC
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How NOT to Kill Your Dog or Cat, CD recordings
(back in stock)

There is so much conflicting information when it comes to the proper diet for your dog or cat. Pet food company "experts" tell you one thing, your vet has another opinion, the media publishes something different and Internet "experts" tell their own favorite stories. Don't you wish you could get an animal expert's opinion from one that has no hidden agenda and does not have any commercial interest in ANY pet food companies. Well now you can have two such expert opinions. Nationally renowned holistic veterinarian and pet food expert Dr. Jean Hofve and award-winning author Jan Rasmusen have recorded a rare opportunity to learn everything you need to know to protect your dog or cat. This expert animal team has recorded three one-hour long sessions answering your questions on How NOT to Kill Your Dog or Cat.

How NOT to Kill Your Dog or Cat
audio seminar

Best Buy: all 3 recordings on CDs for $35 regular price

Feline veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve and dog expert Jan Rasmusen have put together a series of three great audio seminars to help you pick the best pet foods (or get started with a homemade diet!), and use the right supplements and holistic treatments to keep your cat or dog healthy and happy for life! The three hour-long recordings are conducted by two pet food experts: nationally renowned holistic veterinarian and pet food expert Dr. Jean Hofve and award-winning author Jan Rasmusen.

All 3 CDs
$35.00 regular price

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Buy any BioPreparation/BioSuperfood product and get this "MUST have for pet guardians" three CD set for only $20.00. You must mention "Jean Hofve's CD special" or "pet nutrition CD special" in your phone or e-mail order or click the [Buy Now] button above to get the sale price. This special offer is only good for our regular customers who read our monthly e-newsletter. It is not advertised to the general public. It is our way of saying thank you for educating yourself on holistic options for your pet. Sale good thru midnight MDT, June 30, 2009.



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New Look!, New Label!
Same Great Holistic Product

BP-f2+ & f3+

BioPreparation f2+ & f3+

BP-f2+ & f3+

The new look labels on BioPreparation are shipping. They match the new BioSuperfood labels you have been seeing since last fall. Same revolutionary holistic formula, same great animal benefits, same price, just a new look.


Awakening the Genius Within— Johne's Disease, New BAC (Bio-Algae Concentrates) Book Published

A newly revised edition of the former Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC) book has been released. It has been updated with two recent animal studies. In one study, a herd of bighorn sheep with Johne’s disease (pronounced “yo-knees”), were more or less destined to die. Usually this disease kills most animals of the herd by the time they reach 2 years of age. Johne’s disease is a contagious, chronic, and often fatal infection that affects primarily the small intestine of ruminants. It is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis.

For this case study, BAC was added to the daily feed of 12 bighorn sheep’s selected among the herd
of 35 that were affected, for the purpose of saving the sheep. At the start of evaluation, the herd was already decimated by Johne’s and the owner was thinking of euthanizing the entire herd as recommended by the veterinarian. Often once a herd is affected, there is no other solution.

Here are the amazing results. "First, I want you to know that I have not had a symptomatic sheep in 9 months. The two rams that were born with symptoms, although undersized, appear to be fine." Other benefits observed include superior hair coats (hair is softer and shinier), color seems to be intensified,  calmer and easier to wean, horn growth on the 2-3 month old rams comes sooner and with bigger diameter at the base and length overall for that 2 yr old Gunner with horn growth of 3-4 yr  ramage. With Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC), "I often have to cut back on the dosage during this time and lactation or the ewes get too fat and produce too much milk." These benefits observed to date with the sheep, are much of the same that were obtained during the Russian research with several species: calmer mood, shinier hair and coat, larger healthier animal, less feed needed, increased survival rate, prevention of mad cow disease, prevention of various viral and bacterial infections, healthier animal from one generation to the next, prevention of osteoporosis and increase in bone mass, increased fertility, increased protein and good fats in milk, eggs and meat, and many more.

So how does this help you if you do not have a herd of bighorn sheep? Think holistically — when an  animal eats BAC which feeds the brain efficiently, the brain organs awaken. The hypothalamus alone is responsible for homeostasis of all body metabolisms, including that of energy. With BAC all metabolisms awaken; assimilation and absorption of nutrients from foods improves (hence less food is needed by your pet). When collagen metabolism becomes more efficient (collagen is the main protein of connective tissue in animals and the most abundant protein in mammals, making up about 25% to 35% of the whole-body protein content), then there is better growth of the animal and stronger bones. In chickens it was larger and stronger eggs; in dairy cows, it was more and better milk with increases in protein and butter fat; in pigs and minks – larger litter; in dogs and cats this means more offspring, healthier babies with a stronger immune systems (no more respiratory illness).

Awakening the Genius WithinWe believe so much in the holistic potential of Bio-Algae Concentrates that we include a free Awakening the Genius Within book in every Optimum Choices' new customer order. If you are an existing customer, who already has gotten the previous Bio-Algae Concentrates: The Michael Kiriac Story book and would like this newer edition, please let us know. Simply ask us nicely in the Special Instructions box on the second page of our Shopping Cart in your next order and we will include a copy absolutely FREE. Additional copies can be purchased at a reduced price for existing customers.


Why Fix What Isn't Broken
by Russell Louie

Do you wait for symptoms to blow up or show up before taking action? A client BioPreparation-f2+ for maintenancewas using the general nutrition formula (F2+) of our BioPreparation product for their 19 year old cat with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF). I suggested they switch to the advanced formula (F3+) for more therapeutic  benefits. They asked, why switch if their cat was still playing with toys, jumping up on the bed and lab tests showed no need for subcutaneous fluids yet? In essence, why fix what is not broken?

For Chronic Renal Failure (CRF), like most degenerative diseases tabby cat(for example, osteoarthritis, cancer, diabetes, stones, crystals, IBD, allergies), symptoms do not appear until at least 50% degeneration has occurred. That means the organ or body part concerned has already deteriorated 50% before you notice symptoms. For cats, by the time lab tests confirm CRF, the kidneys could already be 70-75% degenerated. To holistically and nutritionally help a cat at that point, is almost too late.

Degenerative diseases are not a given for senior pets. Most can be avoided with proper nutritional care. Even genetic predispositions to health challenges can be somewhat neutralized. But any proactive measures must be started BEFORE symptoms show up and tests confirm degeneration has occurred. Another reason not to wait, is the total cost of treating degenerative diseases.

If one waits until lab tests confirm a degenerative disease, the total cost to treat that disease will more than surpass any proactive holistic measures, such as improved diet and nutritional products given over the lifetime of your pet. Statistics show nearly 50% of natural deaths in older cats and dogs are attributed to cancer. The initial cancer diagnosis and lab tests could easily run $1-2,000. Together with ongoing cancer treatment, total medical bills could reach as much as $10,000. For an average 10 year old pet, one could spend an extra $83/month over 10 years to keep your pet healthy, rather than $10,000 on cancer treatment and still break even.

So, the question becomes, are you willing to spend an extra $83/month now, for roll the dicebetter quality pet food and holistic products, to have your senior pet healthier and avoid expensive degenerative diseases? Or do you play the odds and expect your pet to be in the other 50% that will not get cancer?

We tend to have two types of customers at Optimum Choices: ones that wait for time bombsymptoms to SHOW UP before taking action and those that wait for symptoms to BLOW UP before taking action. We actually had to implement a third type of shipping option, emergency overnight service, to satisfy those customers who wait for symptoms to blow up before taking action. Most holistic products do not work immediately like drugs. By the time clinical evidence of degenerative disease shows up, any hope of reversing the degenerative process is gone. That is why I suggested switching from the general nutrition formula used for health maintenance and minor symptoms of imbalance, to the advanced formula with the most antioxidants for a 19 year old cat already diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF), even in just the beginning stages.

Don’t wait for symptoms to SHOW UP or BLOW UP before taking preventative holistic measures. If you love your pet(s) like members of your family as we do, please take action now!





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