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June 2012, News from Optimum Choices, LLC
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Absence of Symptoms Not Enough
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Freedom From Illness.

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Awakening the Genius Within Lectures

Dr Roland Thomas lecturing

Join Roland Thomas, N.D. in Honolulu and Cincinnati.

Come learn...

  1. The advantages of taking brain food (bio-algae concentrates) instead of
    stomach food (supplements).

  2. The benefits of taking thousands of synergistic micronutrients that can
    cross the blood/brain barrier to balance the pituitary (master gland),
    pineal and hypothalamus in the brain.

  3. The advantages of using a whole superfood product to awaken the body's
    own natural ability to heal rather than supplementing the symptoms.

Bio-Algae Concentrates (BioSuperfood/BioPreparation)

Awaken the Genius Within lectures:

Honolulu, October 4-7
Cincinnati, October 19-21
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BIOAGE, Roland Thomas, ND will speak at the
Quantum World Congress of Quantum Medicine
Honolulu, Hawaii October 4-7, 2012

BIOAGE, Roland Thomas, ND will speak at the
13th Annual International Iridology and Integrative Healthcare Congress
Cincinnati, Ohio, October 19-21, 2012


Freedom From Illness Blog

  • www.RussellLouie.comDo you wish to learn more about what is truly holistic?
  • Do you want to know why we spell holistic with a "w"?
  • Do you want to know why we say 90-95% of everything advertised as holistic is NOT?
  • Do you want to know why some so-called "holistic" supplements do not work?

To find the answer to all these questions, go to Russell's new personal blog "Wholistic Answers" at www.RussellLouie.com. Russell is blogging about the wholistic lessons he learns in our wholistic practice, new scientific research supporting holistic modalities and critical holistic news everyone needs to know about (such as Genetically Modified Organism food being served in fast-food restaurants today).


Absence of Symptoms Not Enough
By Russell Louie

Based on our Western medical paradigm, most people assume an absence of symptoms means the illness prescription drugis “cured.” People tend to use holistic products like drugs: they just use them long enough to achieve an absence of symptoms. We see all too often people either decrease the high initial amount needed to produce results or stop the product altogether before the body is completely balanced, therefore, the symptoms return. Maybe they are afraid of creating a dependency or of side effects the longer they use them, just like drugs. Maybe they just want to save money. Based on our “wholistic” perspective and 90+ years of holistic living experience we have learned that an absence of symptoms does not necessarily mean the body is balance yet.

Back in the 18th century, European travelers crossing the Atlantic drank fresh lime juice to avoid scurvy (a vitamin C deficiency resulting in weakness and joint pain, internal hemorrhages, teeth root break limesdown where teeth loosen and eating becomes difficult and painful). That is why British sailors were called limeys. It was not until the 20th century, that scientists finally isolated the beneficial nutrient in citrus fruits as Vitamin C. What is not commonly known is by taking isolated Vitamin C in the form of an ascorbic acid supplement one only gets rid of the symptoms of scurvy. When the ascorbic acid supplement is discontinued the symptoms and disease returns. However, if one gets Vitamin C from an extract of whole green peppers not only do the symptoms disappear but the scurvy is gone when discontinued. That is because Vitamin C in the form of a whole food product contains rutin, bioflavonoids, Vitamin E, selenium and zinc that Nature dictated is needed for Vitamin C to work optimally in our body. All these complementary compounds are present in whole food sources of
Vitamin green pepperC (for example, green peppers, oranges, rose hips, acerola cherries, algae). By using only an isolated supplement with just ascorbic acid or by juicing an orange and throwing away the pulp and peel, one is missing all the above necessary compounds. So, is saving money using a cheaper, isolated supplement of Vitamin C just to achieve the absence of symptoms true wellness?—NO, not when the symptoms return. Does the absence of scurvy symptoms signify the body is "cured" and balanced?—No, not when the symptoms come back after using just a supplement of Vitamin C. Here is another example.

It takes a healthy body 120 days to replace every red blood cell under the normal regeneration cycle. If an autoimmune disease is acquired and the body is 50% low in red blood cells, even under ideal (healthy) conditions it would take the body 60 days (120 days x 0.5 = 60 days) to replace this 50% deficiency. That is assuming...blood transfusion

  1. On Day One the body’s immune system has totally corrected the
    autoimmune condition.

  2. The body is given all the nutrients and brain signal necessary to
    resume normal red blood cell production.

We have seen clients want to decrease our “wholistic” products 1-2 weeks after the red blood cell count returns to normal even if only 30 days have past since starting. The body cannot perform faster when it is out of balance and sick than Nature intended when it is healthy. One should not expect the body to be “healed” in 30 days (even if the symptoms are gone) when it normally takes a healthy body 60 days to replace the damaged 50% of red blood cells? One needs to allow even more time to account for the fact the normal regeneration process is extended because the body is out of balance (ill) with an autoimmune condition. Typically, this means the entire endocrine system, including the brain, needs to be balanced first before red blood cell regeneration can occur.

Here are some questions to ask before discontinuing a holistic product:

  1. Have I given the body (or my pet's body) enough time for the normal regeneration process (for example, 120 days for blood cells and 6 months for intestinal cells) to happen?

  2. Can I discontinue the product and not have the symptoms come back immediately?pills

  3. Should I gradually decrease the product over time as the body is continuing its normal process of regeneration?

  4. Am I seeing other benefits in the body, other than the absence of acute symptoms, to indicate the body is in balance?

In our fast-food, instant-results oriented society it is tempting to use drugs and isolated supplements for that quick fix to obtain an absence of symptoms. The disadvantages are:

  1. pillsCreating side effects from the high therapeutic doses.

  2. Creating other imbalances in the body.

  3. Making the body dependent on the isolated supplement
    just to alleviate the symptoms.

  4. Never addressing the original cause of the imbalance thus perpetuating
    the condition (seasonal allergies, recurring infections, etc.).

A healthy body has amazing recuperative and regenerative powers given the required nutrition from wellnesswhole foods that Nature intended us (and our pets) to eat, adequate pure water and the proper amount of rest. An imbalanced (sick) body must be given even more time and more of all the above factors in order to successfully regenerate itself naturally and "wholistically". We suggest using whole food products that balance the WHOLE body not isolated supplements that just alleviate symptoms. We also suggest taking/giving the whole food product long enough to allow the regeneration and rebuilding of the body's glands and organs, so the body is in perfect balance and the symptoms do not come back. STOP supplementing the symptoms.



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