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February 2009, News from Optimum Choices, LLC
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February Sale

BSF-f2 Starter PackTo help you stay on the holistic path, with every three bottle Starter Pack or Three Pack purchased, you are eligible for 25% off any one fourth-bottle of your choice (any BP or BSF product, any size). This is a great way to get another bottle for your pet or buy an introductory bottle for a relative or friend. Keep the fourth bottle for yourself, to help you through these uncertain economic times.

BioPreparation Starter PackFor a limited time, type in "THREE25%" in our shopping cart (in the Special Instructions box on the second page) or mention it in your phone order or e-mail. Please also type in which product and formula you would like the 25% discount on (for example, BSF-f2 60-capsules or BSF-f3 180-capsules or BP-F3+). Your discount will not show up in the shopping cart total (or receipt) but will be taken before your credit card is charged. This sale is only offered to our customers who read our monthly e-newsletter and not available to the general public. Sale good through February 28, 2009. Sale may be discontinued at any time without further notice. This is our way of saying thank you to our clients for their loyalty and please don't neglect your health in these "interesting times".


Current News



2009 NE Rabies Challenge Fund Seminar & Benefit

Pet owners have a rare opportunity to attend a seminar with presentations by two of the world's leading veterinary vaccine research scientists: Dr. W. Jean Dodds of Hemopet and Dr. Ronald Schultz of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine.

Drs. Dodds and Schultz will be speaking at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ on March 14, 2009 and registration will remain open until March 1st. More information is below.

Dr. Ronald D. Schultz will be presenting:
"What Every Dog Owner Should Know About Canine Vaccines and Vaccination Programs"

Dr. W. Jean Dodds will be presenting:
Clinical Approaches to Managing and Treating Adverse Vaccine Reactions

When: March 14, 2009
Where: Trayes Hall, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ (Directions to Trayes Hall)
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Cost: $115/person
Note: All funds collected through registration fees, less Benefit expenses of approximately $25/person, will be added to the donations sent to the Rabies Challenge Fund Charitable Trust.

Continuing Education Credits: The 2009 NE Rabies Challenge Fund Seminar & Benefit has been approved for 6 Continuing Education (CE) Credits by the NJ Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA). Certificates will be provided at participant's request.

*Registration closes March 1, 2009*

For more information on the seminar, please visit the website www.freewebs.com/rcfbenefit2009/theseminar.htm or e-mail event organizer,
Judy Schor at pupster28@comcast.net



BAC (Bio-Algae Concentrates) Academy
"As a multiple cancer survivor I feel that taking BioSuperfood has improved my general sense of well-being. At my age one does not expect to feel better with the passing years but I feel better than I did twenty years ago. Part of the reason must be that I am taking BioSuperfood although I am sure that Qi Gong and Tai Chi instructions by Sifu George Picard also earn plaudits."
—Charles Bernard, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

This FREE three (3) parts telephone series on the culmination of cellular nutrition and the science of Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC) with Roland Thomas, B.Sc., N.D. and his guest Dr. Michael Kiriac, Ph.D., N.D.

Tuesday February 10 - Part I of III - Research and Technology

  1. 20,000 person years of research and advanced hydroponic technologies have resulted in BAC (Bio-Algae Concentrates), the culmination in cellular nutrition as we have them today.
  2. Journey into the past in a land far away and learn why, when, and how BAC was developed and proven to benefit so many aspects of health in so many species.

Tuesday February 17 - Part II of III - BAC's Characteristics and Actions

  1. More than 5,000 nutrients with extraordinary life force, rich in essential protein, minerals, DHA and EPA Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9, enzymes, chlorophyll, and antioxidants.
  2. Understand BAC's efficiencies as a food; completeness, bioavailability, balance and synergies, and learn why it is so well received and utilized by our cells.
  3. How BAC influences important brain centers resulting in immediate and tangible benefits, such as boosting your energy, increasing natural regeneration, and your protection from diseases.

Tuesday February 24 - Part III of III - Usages, Guidelines, and Benefits

  1. BAC, a pure holistic concept, yet a proven scientific approach to health.
  2. Explore BAC's potential for yourself or other - Learn how to take charge of your health, and how you can help others do the same with this extraordinary simple system.
  3. Sample cases will be presented for discussion



NOTE: During these sessions there will be time for questions and answers - You may send questions in advance to roland@bioage.com.

Don't miss these seminars that will increase your knowledge of cellular nutrition, and BAC. Gain confidence in its usage for optimum cellular nutrition resulting in increased vitality and health.

New: The conferences are now being recorded and can be made available at a later time for listening.

To further acquaint yourself about BAC and the Culmination of Cellular Nutrition visit The Magic is BAC website.


How Long Before I Get Results? (Part 1)
by Russell Louie

In this fast-food, quick-fix society, everyone asks the question, how long before I get results and all my symptoms/disease goes away? Unfortunately, people have been previously disappointed by natural remedies and supplements not producing results. That is because most "holistic" supplements are only holistic in advertising but not really holistic in principle and therefore, bound to disappoint those who believed in their marketing. We are also conditioned by the medical establishment's drug-mentality, where one can take a prescribed drug for a very specific symptom or disease and get results in less than one week. Unfortunately, even though the symptoms might be gone in one week, the body is NOT healed from the original disease and the symptoms may only be suppressed  (although we do feel better).

Many people expect to see results from natural alternatives after just 30 days. Studies have shown that it generally takes at least 90 days for any permanent change in the body to take effect. This includes changing personal habits, quitting smoking, dieting to lose weight, results from natural supplements, etc. Although they look like supplement capsules and are taken like supplement pills, BioSuperfood and BioPreparation are NOT supplements, therefore one's previous experience and results with supplements cannot be used in evaluating BioSuperfood/BioPreparation. A paradigm shift must occur in order to be able to appreciate these revolutionary products. Drugs and almost all supplements consist of extracts and high concentrations of only the active ingredients. The advantages of this are quick results and elimination of symptoms. The disadvantages are potential side effects, a dependency on the product and never taking care of the original cause of the symptom or disease. On the other hand, whole food products (like BioSuperfood and BioPreparation) do not contain high therapeutic doses of any one ingredient but are a collection of many super nutrients that work in synergy with each other to activate the body's own natural ability to heal. To read about the difference between whole food products and supplements, go to our web page: Supplements and Vitamins vs. Whole Food Products. For a detailed example of the disadvantages and side effects of supplements, go to our Vitamin C Supplements vs. Whole Food Nutrition web page.

How long before one sees results depends on many factors including (but not limited to):

  1. Genetics
  2. Diet
  3. How long the body has been imbalanced (even before symptoms appeared)
  4. Frequency of dosages
  5. Regularity of dosages

Genetics—Our own cats are an example of the variability of results due to genetics. We adopted two cats from a rescue group, The Misha May Foundation, in August 2007, Cajun (center) and Iris (right). Cajun was 3 and Iris was 5 (or possibly older). Both were Simba-Cajun-Irisoverweight and had been fed poor quality commercial pet food in their foster homes. Iris' coat felt so awful that we didn't even want to pet her. We switched them to a premium canned food diet with BioPreparation and then raw food after a month. After only a couple of weeks, Cajun's coat was soft and silky, feeling wonderful to the touch from all the naturally occurring Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9, GLAs (Gamma-Linolenic Acids), ALAs (Alpha-Linolenic Acids), DGLA (Dihomogamma-Linolenic Acid), DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and more fatty acids in BioPreparation. With Iris, it took about a year before her coat really felt good. So, one could logically conclude from this that her age made the difference. However, we adopted a 10-month old kitten in November 2008, Simba (left), and it took a couple of months (not weeks like Cajun) before his coat started to feel soft and silky. So, he was slower to respond than the older Cajun. It seems genetic factors played more of a role in responding to the super nutrition in BioPreparation than age.

Genetics—One's genetic makeup is a factor (but not an overriding one) in what the body needs and how the body utilizes nutrients. For example, those whose ancestors lived near the oceans need more Omega oils in their diet because their ancestors regularly ate fish and seafood. "Water" dogs and dogs from Northern climates need more Omega oils from fish (not flaxseed oil, as carnivores do not have the enzyme to digest vegetable-sourced oils). How we metabolize nutrients is generally determined by our genetics.

Diet—Nature intended our bodies to get an ideal ratio of 1:1 (Omega 6: Omega 3) in our diets (some sources say 2:1 is OK). If one eats the Standard American Diet (SAD), then one is over saturated with Omega 6 oils (vegetable oils). This overabundance of Omega 6 in our modern day diet causes a shortage of Omega 3 oils as the body robs the Omega 3 oils from the foods we eat in order to process the excess Omega 6's. So, one might  expect someone short on Omega 3 oils to experience slower brain function, poorer immune system and loss of flexibility as one ages.

Diet—Another example of how diet can affect the results is illustrated by the fact our bodies need live enzymes to produce digestive enzymes and keep the pancreas healthy. If one does not eat any live foods in their Standard American Diet (SAD), with their co-enzymes and co-factors for manufacturing enzymes, one can expect to have decreased digestive function and a strained pancreas (perhaps even leading to diabetes) as one ages.

Body Imbalance—Most of us do not realize that a dysfunction/malfunction in the body starts long before symptoms appear. For example, one's kidney and liver function could start to decrease because one drinks diet soda (with artificial sweeteners). But there are no symptoms (except always being thirsty and eating more) for 10 years, so no worries. In addition to the ingestion of these chemical sweeteners, one uses personal care products (e.g., shampoo, hair conditioner, soaps, hand lotion) with DEA (Diethanolamine), propylene glycol and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) in them. This further damages the endocrine system and decreases the immune function, but still no symptoms, so no worries. After 20 years of these habits, small fatty tumors (lipomas) start to form under the skin. Since they do not hurt or hinder anything, no worries. But after 30 years, these lipomas are very large and so unsightly that we now decide to take action to get them removed. Well, it took 30 years for the body's endocrine and immune systems to become imbalanced and dysfunctional enough to exhibit the symptoms (lipomas), so it is unrealistic to expect the body to reverse these symptoms in three months, no matter what treatment is chosen.

Frequency of Dosages—Most natural products work better if taken throughout the day, much like time-released formulas. For instance, better results will be obtained by taking one capsule every 2 hours of the waking day. For most people, this is too much of a bother, so they take three capsules in the morning and three capsules in the evening. Will the product still work? Probably, but one will not get maximum results.

Regularity of Dosages—Just like becoming good at playing an instrument or sport takes regular practice, becoming well must be practiced regularly too, not just when one feels like it or has symptoms. One customer, whose dog had over 10 lipomas, started to get results by switching from a dry kibble diet to a premium canned food diet. Even more results in the lipoma reduction was seen when BioPreparation was added. But the results plateaued without all the lipomas going away because she did not regularly give the dog, BioPreparation. She was determined to use holistic means (instead of surgery) to get rid of all the lipomas, so she made it a practice to give BioPreparation every day in the small frequent doses we suggested. All the lipomas finally disappeared.

After being disappointed by many other natural but not entirely holistic supplements, people ask us for a guarantee that our products will work. Well, we can not give them a guarantee unless they can guarantee they will take all the above into consideration for maximum results.

BioSuperfood for people and BioPreparation for pets are NOT SUPPLEMENTS to take just when one has symptoms. Even though they come in capsules so they appear to be supplements, BioSuperfood for people and BioPreparation for pets are whole food products. Wake up the body's natural ability to heal with whole food products and watch the symptoms naturally disappear.

BioPreparation/BioSuperfood are Nature's vitamin chest in a capsule (literally containing over 5,000 individual nutrients). Save money, buy fewer supplements and simplify your life. No doctor or vet exam is needed, no expensive diagnostic (lab) tests are done and no health insurance required. BioPreparation has even saved the lives of pets when a vet could not determine why the pet was dying or make an "official" diagnosis. Make a quantum leap in holistic health and experience a new paradigm in wellness!

BioSuperfood for people   BioPreparation for pets




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