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BioSuperfood   BioPreparation

Why spend all your money on a multitude of supplements that might not even work or worse, produce side effects? Simplify your life and take ONE whole food product, BioSuperfood or BioPreparation.


Discount Policies

We generously allow a maximum of two discounts per order. These can be any two of the following:

  1. Starter Pack Discount (5%) + monthly Autoship Program (5%) = 10% off full retail price
  2. Starter Pack Discount (5%) + 30-Day Reorder Discount (7%) = 12% off full retail price

Plus applicable sales tax and shipping.

Autoship Program Discount

Never run out. Avoid the hassles of remembering to order every month. All Autoship orders get a 5% discount off the retail price (regardless of quantity) or volume discount, whichever is greater. If you put a Starter Pack (5% discount) on Autoship (5% discount) you will earn a total 10% discount. You tell us which products, which formula, how many bottles and how often to ship (every 1, 2, 3...months). You can change or cancel your order at any time.

ALL Autoshipments are processed according to the following timetable:

  1. All monthly Autoshipment changes are due by the 1st of every month.
  2. We start processing all Autoshipments around the 4th-5th until they are all done.
  3. Our goal is to have all monthly Autoshipments delivered between 7th–15th (at the very latest).

Sorry but we are not large enough to allow individual monthly Autoshipment dates or changes to products every month. This takes automatic software and a larger staff than we have. We suggest clients plan on their first order to have enough stock to last until the 15th of their starting Autoshipment month. Then order a monthly supply from then on. We do realize circumstances change, so we allow the following exceptions (please e-mail changes before the 1st):

  1. Skip one month if you have an excess of bottles.
  2. Add one bottle this month if you are running short.

Autoshipments cannot be done online in our shopping cart. One must manually fill out an Autoship Agreement or e-mail us to do it for you. Click here to download Autoship Agreement in Adobe PDF format.


30-Day Reorder Discount

To encourage clients to stay on our "wholistic" program for a full 90 days to realize maximum benefits see Starter Pack Discounts below for the reason why), we send one reorder reminder e-mail 30-60 days after their first order. This reorder e-mail contains a personalized 30-Day Reorder Discount Code, to be used one-time only, on the next reorder. It expires approximately 45 days from the date of issue.

Starter Pack Discount

True holistic wellness must be practiced every day, not just when one feels like it or when one has the BioSuperfood-F2 Three Packtime. Remember the old joke of the person on the street asking directions, "How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" The answer was, "Practice, Practice, Practice." One MUST PRACTICE holistic wellness every day, Most people buy on impulse, emotions or cost. But are these proper motivating factors for attaining true holistic health? Remember the old saying, "you get what you pay for." Isolated supplements may be cheaper than whole food products but they only address one or two symptoms and when you discontinue the supplements, the symptoms (or disease) comes back.

To encourage people to start on the path of true holistic wellness, we have created the Starter Pack.BP-f3+ Starter Pack Buy three bottles of the same formula BioSuperfood, BioPreparation or Cellular PSP and get a 5% discount off all three bottle. For example, if one buys three bottles of BSF-f3 at $129/bottle, save $19.35. For three bottles of BP-f3+ at $50/bottle, save $7.50. Remember to select the Starter Pack in our shopping cart, otherwise your 5% discount will not be given. Starter Packs count as one item. The Starter Pack price in our shopping cart already reflects your 5% discount off the full retail price of three single bottles.

To find out some of the consequences of discontinuing super nutritious whole food products, read these cancer stories.

Three Pack Discount

So many clients love our Starter Packs, we now offer a more flexible Three Pack Discount. Buy ANY three bottles of BioPreparation, BioSuperfood (any combination of products and formulas) or PSP and get the least expensive bottle for 15% off the retail price. For example, if one purchased two bottles of BioSuperfood-f2 (180 capsules) at the regular price of $75 each, then the third bottle of BioPreparation-F3+ (60 capsules) would be 15% off BioSuperfood-f2 & f3the regular $50 price (a $7.50 savings). Now you AND your pet can have total wellness!

BioPreparationThis is a manually calculated discount, so you must mention our Three Pack Sale in order to get this special 15% off discount. Type in "Three Pack Sale" in our shopping cart (in the Special Order (mailing) Instructions or Discounts box on the second page of our shopping cart) or mention it in your phone order or e-mail. Your discount will NOT automatically show up in your shopping cart total (it will depend on which is your least expensive bottle) but will be manually taken before your credit card is actually charged. For PayPal orders that are pre-paid, a retroactive product credit or refund will be made after your order is processed.

Retail Order Volume Discounts

Product Volume


Volume Discount   10%
  Retail Price  
BioPreparation (a bio-algae concentrates product)    
BP-f2+ Core - 60 capsules $29.00 $26.10
BP-f3+ Forte - 60 capsules $49.00 $44.10
BioSuperfood (a bio-algae concentrates product)    
BSF-f2 Core - 60 capsules $27.00 $24.30
BSF-f2 Core - 180 capsules $69.00 $62.10
BSF-f3 Forte - 60 capsules $47.00 $42.30
BSF-f3 Forte - 180 capsules $129.00 $116.10

Other products offered on this website (for example, , Cellular PSP, e-Books, CDs) also earn the volume discount above. Individual orders may be combined to get the volume discount but all orders must be shipped to the same address. NO other discounts can be applied to this Volume Discount.

To earn these Volume Discounts, simply change the Quantity box in our shopping cart to 10 or more, press the green [Recalculate] button at the bottom of the page and the shopping cart will automatically calculate your volume discount. Starter Packs (three bottles) count as one item.


Referral Bonus

Earn a bonus on your next order every time you refer a new customer to Optimum Choices. Tell your friends to put your name in the How did you find us? box in the shopping cart or mention your name if ordering by phone. You will get a bonus equal to approximately 5% of the referral’s first order deducted from your next order. This is a one-time bonus for each new customer and is done at the discretion of Optimum Choices on a case by case basis.


Wholesale Accounts

Optimum Choices is the largest e-tailer and distributor of the revolutionary holistic product, BioPreparation, in the world (other than the manufacturer). We have the most experience (since 2002) using this product on dogs and cats. If you would like to inquire about a wholesale account, please send an e-mail to Russell@OptimumChoices.com and he will respond back with a preliminary wholesale package. You must have a Sales Tax License, State Business License, retail store, clinic, health/animal practice or a website where you sell or recommend holistic products.


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