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True holistic wellness must be practiced every day, not just when one feels like it or when one has the time. Remember the old joke of the person on the street asking directions, "How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" The answer was, "Practice, Practice, Practice." One MUST PRACTICE holistic wellness every day. Most people buy on impulse, emotions or cost. But are these proper motivating factors for attaining true holistic health? Remember the old saying, "you get what you pay for." Isolated supplements may be cheaper than whole food products but they only address one or two symptoms and when you discontinue the supplements, the symptoms (or disease) comes back.

To encourage people to start on the path of true "wholistic" wellness by conducting a 90 day evaluation, we have created the Starter Pack. Buy three bottles of the same formula BioSuperfood or BioPreparation to get a 5% discount off the entire three bottles. For example, if one buys three bottles of BSF-f3 (180 capsules) at $129.00/bottle, the regular retail price would be $387.00. Our BioSuperfood-f3 Starter Pack is only $367.65, saving you $19.65. For three bottles of BioPreparation-f3+ at $49.00/bottle ($147.00 total cost), a three bottle Starter Pack is only $139.65 saving you $7.35. Remember to select the Starter Pack in our shopping cart and not 3 single bottles, otherwise your discount will not show up in our shopping cart.

To find out some of the consequences of discontinuing super nutritious whole food products, read these cancer stories.

Starter Packs

BioPreparation-f3+ three packBioSuperfood-f2 Starter Pack

Plus applicable sales tax and shipping.

Discount Policies

Our Autoship discount (5%) or our monthly e-newsletter discount (5%) may be combined with the above Starter Pack Discount (5%) for a total of 10% off on the same order. No other discounts can be applied. We only allow two discounts per order.


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