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Holistic Viewpoint of Diabetes

What is LIVE HolistiChat?
Since we are not vets (or doctors), the following is our lay holistic interpretation. Holistic vets and nutrition experts generally state that cats should never be fed kibble, even a super premium brand, because of the poor nutritional content inappropriate for carnivores. One vet has called kibble “diabetes in a bag” for cats because of the high carbohydrate content. Corn has a high sugar content and according to one holistic vet could be the main cause of the increase in diabetes in our pets. We suggest avoiding all dry kibble with corn as an ingredient. With excessive carbohydrates and sugars in our pet's diet, the pancreas gets stressed and overworked, then insulin production diminishes . But the effects do not stop there. With the pancreases overworked, the other job of the pancreas, producing digestive enzymes, also decreases. So, now the animal's digestion begins to get compromised. Can you see the holistic snowball effect that happens? Maybe diabetes and poor digestion (and the need to add digestive enzymes for older pets) are not just an inevitable old age disease in animals.

Here is a human example. At Deepak Chopra's World Wellness Weekend (January, 2006) we did an unscientific experiment with an adolescent who had juvenile diabetes. We had the youngster test her glucose level at 170. We gave her two capsules BioSuperfood-F3 and a small sip of water. We asked her not to eat or drink anything else for 30 minutes and come back and retest her glucose level. After 30 minutes of taking BioSuperfood her glucose level now measured 142. Even though BioSuperfood has no insulin producing ingredients or pancreatic "boosters," the child realized a reduction of 28 mg/dl. BioSuperfood did not reduce the blood sugar levels as a supplement but by providing super nutrition and boosting up the master glands of the brain (i.e., pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands) the body was better able to regulate all the secondary glands (such as the pancreas, adrenals and thyroid) so the body could naturally and holistically balance the blood sugar levels. This is the holistic effect BioSuperfood has on the body.

One of Dr. Kiriac's human patients reportedly eliminated his need for insulin by taking one capsule of BioSuperfood every waking hour. What this patient was doing was supplying super nutrition to the brain (and rest of the body's glands and organs) at frequent enough intervals so that the glands actually retrained themselves from a point of insufficient insulin to normalization of insulin in the body. BioSuperfood did not cure the diabetic condition but BioSuperfood nutritionally helped the body overcome the insufficient production of insulin by boosting up the glands that regulate the process.

A recent human study showed that Spirulina was found to "...significantly reduce plasma triglyceride and plasma malondialdehyde levels and increase plasma adiponectin levels, reduce plasma total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, IL-6, and blood pressure." (“A randomized study to establish the effects of spirulina in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients,” Lee EH, Park JE, et al, Nutr Res Pract, 2008 Winter; 2(4): 295-300. (Address: Department of Nutritional Science and Food Management, Ewha Womans University, 11-1 Daehyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 120-750, Korea).



Bio-Algae Concentrates Testimonial—Diabetic Cat

My cat, Sid, is 13 years old and for a long time was very over weight (23 pounds). He has been diabetic since 2002. Regulating his insulin has been very hard. Sometimes he would need as high as 7-units for a couple of weeks and then he could be maintained at 3-units for months. At times he would suddenly need as low as 1-unit, then be off insulin for about three months before having to go back on it for a year. Last January, for no apparent reason (except maybe the BioPreparation was working) he decided to loose weight and he weighs 18 pounds now. In June, 2005, we started giving Sid ¼-capsule bio-algae concentrates (Spirulina pacifica, Spirulina platensis, Dunaliella salina and astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis) per day. He went off the insulin in August, 2005 for a month or so and then was back on it until May, 2006. Starting in May, 2006, he started taking Transfer Factor Classic in addition to bio-algae concentrates. Now, between the two products, he is a different cat. Sid is outside, jumping fences and happy. He blows me kisses with his eyes. He is quite the ladies’ man. Before bio-algae concentrates he was a bed potato, hiding in the closet. As of 06/06/06, the vet took Sid off insulin for good (vet report below). His whole outlook on life is different after giving bio-algae concentrates!
(06/22/07 update: Sid has been insulin free for over one year now)
M.M., Seattle, WA


See below for vet report documenting Sid's discontinuance of insulin. Click on vet report to view larger size.



How did bio-algae concentrates do all this? Bio-algae concentrates simply supplied the body with nutrients of Vitamin A, B-complex, C, D, E and K, essential fatty acids of Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA content is similar to early mother's milk), Alpha-Linolenic Acids (ALAs), Dihomogamma-Linolenic Acid (DGLA), Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and more fatty acids, over 4,000 enzymes, 10 essential amino acids plus 10 non-essential ones, all known trace minerals and elements, antioxidants, phytonutrients, polysaccharides and thousands of other nutrients so the body could resume normal healthy function. Bio-algae concentrates did not treat the symptoms but holistically balanced the whole body. When the endocrine and immune systems are holistically balanced, everything will work like it should. Bio-algae concentrates are so revolutionary they are 100 years ahead of their time. Now that’s true holistic wellness!

These results are individual case studies. We cannot guarantee your results will be the same. Since each body responds differently to the super nutrition in bio-algae concentrates your results will be different. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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