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There are a lot of holistic pet supplements and people supplements on the market today but are all of these products worth it? Do you want natural supplements for a dog that really work? Are you buying too many dog supplements or cat supplements for holistic nutrition and wish you could cut back and save money? There are many Spirulina and algae products but did you know they all are not created equal? Have you heard about the latest health and longevity secret to come out of China since ginseng—the Chinese wolfberries (also known as Goji berries), wolfberries or wolfberry products? Why are all these supplements needed?

Due to the depletion of minerals in our soil and poor eating habits (e.g., fast foods, fried foods, diet soda, artificial sweetners), most people need supplements to maintain even normal health. Supplements can also be used to increase holistic nutrition and correct imbalances in the body and heal illnesses. Whole food products are generally safer than isolated supplements or herbs. As a complete food, they provide all the ingredients, in one portion, in the proper ratio needed to receive the full nutritional and healing benefits. Isolated supplements may be missing other substances found in food that are needed to make it work optimally. For instance, Vitamin C works better when combined with Vitamin E, rutin and bioflavonoids. According to Dr. Charles Elson, researcher at the University of Wisconsin, studies on individual supplements has been inconclusive at best. He states, “whenever we try to pick out a single one, we fall on our faces…there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of substances in vegetables and fruits (such as wolfberries) that provide protection against cancer and other diseases.”

Examples of whole food products include:

One of the important benefits of taking whole food products is the live enzymes they provide—if the supplement has been properly processed. Unless you eat a completely raw diet, your body is probably deficient in enzymes, which eventually leads to illness. Whole foods can provide a concentrated amount of enzymes (see benefits of Spirulina), in addition to many other nutrients.

When searching for a whole-food product, quality (balance and synergy) is extremely important. To cut costs, the less expensive supplements may be processed in a way (e.g., high heat) that kills the live enzymes, to cut costs. Also, supplements that absorb heavy metals, such as Spirulina and chlorella, must be grown in unpolluted conditions. Otherwise, you will be taking a supplement full of heavy metals instead of cleansing the metals already in the body (see benefits of Spirulina). It’s best to work with a qualified practitioner who can guide you to high-quality products.

Optimum Choices, LLC offers a variety of whole food products, to promote optimal health. Click on the green buttons below for more information on our product offerings.

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Natural versus Holistic Supplements

After 100+ years of holistic living experience, we have seen many “holistic” supplements come and go. The ones that aren’t around had holistic intentions, were made from naturally derived ingredients but in our opinion were allopathically formulated and used. By allopathically formulated, we mean a scientist observed short-term health benefits from taking certain isolated or extracted substances and they put together a formula of natural ingredients to support those health benefits. By allopathically used, we mean their was a separate supplement for the immune system, one for the thyroid, one for the adrenals, one to lose weight, one to normalize hormonal levels, etc. Each supplement had a specific purpose and only addressed the part of the body that was exhibiting symptoms. By truly holistic, we mean helping with the whole body condition and not just acting on the symptoms. By truly holistic ingredients, we mean using whole food sources like Nature intended us to eat. By truly holistic, we mean eating foods or supplements with ingredients native to the patient’s diet.

Some supplements are distilled chemical compounds or have just the active ingredients extracted. To be totally holistic, we would want the vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, trace minerals, etc. that Nature included in the original whole food source also included in the supplement. These complementary substances might help buffer the action of the active ingredient, help reduce any side effects, make the action of the active ingredient more potent with less quantity and in general produce a synergistic relationship not found by using just the single active ingredient. A perfect example is Vitamin C.

Modern day research has shown that Vitamin C works better when combined with rutin, bioflavonoids, zinc, selenium and Vitamin E. We all learned in school that the Europeans in the 17th century avoided getting scurvy when crossing the Atlantic by drinking fresh lime juice, loaded with Vitamin C. What is not commonly known is that by just taking Vitamin C, as pure ascorbic acid, one could temporarily stop the symptoms of scurvy but the disease would come back once the Vitamin C was stopped. But by taking Vitamin C made from an extract of whole green peppers, not only did the symptoms go away but the scurvy was cured. All the ingredients that Nature put in the whole food green peppers were indeed better than taking pure Vitamin C as a ascorbic acid supplement.

Quantum Leap in Holistic Nutrition

So, rather than treat the symptoms by taking an isolated supplement that only addresses part of the body, why not feed the whole body super nutrition at the cellular level from a whole food product? After all, if all systems, glands and organs of the body are functioning at 100% we should experience total wellness? For more information how you can activate your body’s own natural ability to heal, click on the BioSuperfood button on the left menu. Here are the opinions of the American Cancer Society and the Journal of the American Medical Association (AMA).

  • To reduce cancer risk, the best advice presently is to consume antioxidants through food sources, rather than supplements. (“Common Questions About Diet and Cancer,” American Cancer Society)

  • “…there are insufficient data to justify an alteration in public health policy from one that emphasizes food and diet to one that emphasizes nutrient supplements. (“Essential Nutrients: Food or Supplements?” Journal of the American Medical Association, 2005;294:351-358)

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.


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