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How I Was Introduced to Bio-Algae Concentrates

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Algae Are Nature's Unique Superfood

Algae Are Nutrient Factories
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How I Was Introduced to Bio-Algae Concentrates
by Russell Louie

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We have all heard the marketing hype, "Revolutionary Product, Nothing Like This Product, The Only Product You Will Ever Need, Get the Fountain of Youth, This Product Cures All..." I have lived a holistic lifestyle for over 60 years (in 2012) now and I cannot say I have seen it all but I have seen too many products make the same claims and not deliver. These products are usually sold by multi-level companies and do not last more than five years on the market. I have developed a certain level of skepticism after 60+ years. Such was the case when I was first introduced to bio-algae concentrates (Spirulina pacifica, Spirulina platensis, Dunaliella salina and astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis) at a local holistic health fair in 2002. We were both vendors at the first Golden Holistic Health Fair and the crowd was so sparse, vendors were talking to each other. I listened politely and watched the PowerPoint presentation on the fellow vendor's laptop and agreed that it all sounded nice but I did not have a current need for his revolutionary quantum leap in super cellular nutrition (bio-algae concentrates). My wife (Margaret) had another idea, so she purchased a bottle and took all the vendor's literature.

Tabby-first CRF catIn 2002, we had a 17 year old cat, Tabby (yes, we know she was not a tabby-coated cat but it was short for Tabitha), that was dying of kidney disease (CRF-Chronic Renal Failure). Margaret was poking the cat twice a day with subcutaneous fluids, crushing up supplements (Standard Process RenaFood) to mix into her food and stuffing homeopathic pills down the poor cats mouth all day long. Since all the bio-algae concentrates' cancer research was done on animals, she wanted to try this new 'wonder' product on Tabby. Here is what we observed the first week of giving Tabby, bio-algae concentrates. Tabby was more affectionate, had more energy and asked to go outside more. The same week I saw a black cat jump up on the picnic table on our porch and walk along the railing. Since we had two black cats, I assumed this was the younger one, until the younger one rubbed up against my leg inside the house. It was then, that I realized the black cat outside walking along the railing was Tabby, our 17 year old dying of CRF, with increased flexibility. Tabby had stopped jumping up on furniture several years ago because of a lack of flexibility. With this total transformation in our cat dying of kidney disease, I decided I had better look at the manufacturer's research and claims regarding bio-algae concentrates more seriously now.

BSF Denver Conference 2013

If you do not want to read the rest of this page, click on the YouTube video above recorded at the BioSuperfood Denver Conference 2013.


My Credentials

In addition to being exposed to a holistic lifestyle since before I was born, I also benefited from the knowledge my mother had as a biologist working for the Atomic Energy Commission back in the 1940-50's. She used her scientific knowledge to decide that was not a career she wanted to pursue and transferred her wisdom into the holistic arena. The word "holistic" didn't even exist then. Back then it was called counter-culture, hippie diet, natural foods, health food nut diet, rabbit food, etc. I, personally, have a B.S. in geophysical engineering, I am a Certified Reiki Master and I have taken aromatherapy training but have no formal training in the health field per se, just 60+ years of living a holistic lifestyle based on my mother's knowledge. My dear mother was known as the "Herb Lady of Hempstead." She was reading books by Adele Davis, Dr. Carleton Fredericks, Rachel Carson and Rodale long before they were fashionable. People from Manhattan and all over Long Island came to see her for her knowledge of herbs, kinesiology, polarity treatments, nutrition, essential oils and holistic supplements (she was the largest distributor of Standard Process supplements in Nassau County). It is with this background that I founded Optimum Choices, LLC with my wife, Margaret (who also has a biology degree, hmmm...), in 2002. It is with these credentials that I poured over the manufacturer's claims of this new revolutionary holistic product, bio-algae concentrates.

Algae Are Nature’s Unique Superfood

The Kingdoms in Nature are:

  1. Bacteria (sometimes split into two Kingdoms)

  2. Protista (means the very first)—includes unicellular (one-celled) and multicellular organisms, including algae, that are not part of the Fungi, Plant or Animal Kingdoms)

  3. Fungi

  4. Plant

  5. Animal (herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, including human)

Nature is designed such that each Kingdom is dependent on the ones below it. For example, ruminant animals (cows, sheep, goats, deer) would not be able to survive without the bacteria in their rumen that digest plant foods for them. They are actually eating fermented plant foods and bacteria. Algae are organisms in the Protista Kingdom at the bottom of the food chain. All beings (herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, including human) are dependent on plants, fungi, algae and bacteria for survival. Algae are literally a film that coats the Earth, in every natural body of water and in the soil. Since algae are everywhere in nature, all fungi, plants, animals and humans are designed to obtain certain nutrients from algae (which contain over 5,000 individual nutrients). When algae are lacking in their diet (as in the sanitized modern diet), their health may suffer from these missing nutrients. Algae are Nature’s most complete and original whole food for all species and serves as a universal food for the plant and animal (including human) Kingdoms. Algae are nature’s vitamin chest.

There are some algae nutrients that are particularly beneficial and are hard to find from any other source. For example, Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) is usually only found in early mother’s milk. GLA stimulates the newborn’s immune system. So, how do adult animals get GLA if it needs to stimulate its immune system? GLA is present in seeds of borage, black currant, and evening primrose but how many animals (and humans) eat those foods on a regular basis? The next largest whole food source (not supplements) of GLA to mother’s milk is algae. There is no other food that can nourish plants, herbivores, carnivores and omnivores like algae. Algae occupy a unique role in the food chain for all plants, animals and humans. No other food (and certainly supplement) can make this claim. Algae are not just “pond scum.”

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to
diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

Algae Are Nutrient Factories

Algae are miniature factories producing over 4,000 enzymes, vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals, amino acids and protein. Algae can help animals to:

  • Accelerate healing

  • Improve digestion
  • Detoxify their body
  • Produce silkier, shinier coat
  • Relieve arthritis, gain flexibility
  • Balance hormonal disorders
  • Stimulate their immune system
  • Enhance growth and tissue repair
  • Help prevent degenerative diseases
  • Reduce illness and veterinarian bills
  • Achieve optimum health and longer life

The special algae blend in bio-algae concentrates (Spirulina pacifica, Spirulina platensis, Dunaliella salina and astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis) are unlike any algae or Spirulina product you can buy in the store due to the unique combination of 2 algae and 2 Spirulina grown under special conditions used to optimize the nutrients. Bio-algae concentrates are a proprietary blend of specific algae that has a synergistic effect not found when taking these algae separately. The synergism of the blend promotes complete assimilation of food so that animals absorb the vitamins and minerals from it and you can either reduce or eliminate other supplements. For example, absorption from external calcium supplements is only 18-23%. Absorption of food calcium and calcium from algae when taking bio-algae concentrates is 90-95%. Bio-algae concentrates promotes balancing of the body by feeding the brain, which then directs the rest of the body to heal whatever is wrong with it, using the innate intelligence of the body.

Bio-Algae Concentrates Research

Bio-algae concentrates (BAC, generic name of research product) has more than 20,000 people-years of research and development behind it in the former Soviet Union. The award-Dr. Michael Kiriacwinning pioneer in biotechnology, Michael Kiriac, Ph.D., was tasked with finding a nutritional way to reduce cancer and improve productivity in animals. More than 20 animal species were used in research including rats, rabbits, mink, birds, fishes, cats and dogs, sheep, goats, horses and cows. His proof of concept is due to these 100% blind study cases and the sheer number of animals involved (over 20 animal species with some numbering over 1.5 million subjects per case study). Dr. Kiriac successfully stopped the ongoing epidemic of cancer in controlled trials with chickens, mink, pigs and cows in the former U.S.S.R.
E-mail us, for a free e-book documenting this cancer in animals research.

An informal study of hundreds of dogs (mostly German shepherds) was observed over several years on the poultry research farm in Moldova with the following results:

  • Increased fertility

  • Increased litter size
  • Increased viability of puppies
  • Stronger immune system as compared to neighboring dogs

Circus cats that were given bio-algae concentrates were found to be smarter and learn tricks faster.

Saved Lives

Since 2002, we have accumulated an impressive list of testimonials and case studies to prove the efficacy of bio-algae concentrates. But the most rewarding stories to read are the ones where an animal's life was saved.

Our cat was dying because it was not manufacturing red blood cells. The vets could not diagnose the source of the problem. After starting on  bio-algae concentrates he now is doing GREAT. He told me that he seems to have weak cells in his digestive track. They have difficulty absorbing nutrients and releasing waste. The bio-algae concentrates really feeds these cells and supports their healthy function. Cool, huh?

My purebred boxer, Gator, developed anemic symptoms two weeks after a car accident. The bone Zach & Gatormarrow disorder was eating his red blood cells. His blood count was down to 16% and he had to have two blood transfusions within a month. I have spent over $4000 on my dog and the vets had given up on him. Gator was on several different medications including high-powered steroids and he was only maintaining life, barely. I did some research on my own and found the bio-algae concentrates product, so I called to inquire and after hearing the information decided that I had nothing to lose. I initially gave Gator 4 capsules per day of the bio-algae concentrates along with the steroids and other medications and he started to improve almost immediately. After a month or so we discontinued all medication except for the bio-algae concentrates at 4 per day and Gator was not only maintaining life, but actually recovering. His blood count was increasing with every vet visit. One year later Gator is still on 4 capsules per day, but he is the healthiest he has been in a long time. I just had his yearly check up and he checked out with normal blood count and no sign of the anemic disorder whatsoever. I owe it all to the bio-algae concentrates - it truly saved my dog’s life.
(Click here for the lab results and vet report of this dog's recovery.)
Zach Steele & Gator

We had a cat that came to our hospital that had not eaten in 4 days. All lab tests and blood work were negative. Further examination found absolutely nothing wrong with the cat but it was still dying. At the suggestion of Russell Louie, owner of Optimum Choices, I gave the owner some bio-algae concentrates and told him to mix it in water and squirt it into the cat’s mouth. The cat started to eat and drink a little by the end of the day. By the next day the cat was eating normally and totally recovered. I never figured out what was wrong with the cat but the owner was very thankful that bio-algae concentrates literally saved his cat’s life.
Dr. Michael King, DVM
Canyon Animal Hospital

The End of My Story

So that's my story. I am 62 years old (in 2014) and I intend to live to be over 100 years. I feel with BioSuperfood and NingXia Red I can easily accomplish this. By the way, there are 400% more centenarians (people age 100+) living in the Ningxia province than the rest of China. The Chinese wolfberries in our NingXia Red juice infusion come only from the NingXia province which has earned this area the title of "herbal medicine valley" because of the efficacy and potency of all the wolfberries, plants and herbs they grow.

BSF Denver Conference 2013

For the full story and more amazing results, click on the YouTube video above recorded at the BioSuperfood Denver Conference 2013.

Yahoo Group on Bio-Algae Concentrates

Do you use bio-algae concentrates? Want to find out how others are using it? Join the new Yahoo discussion group on bio-algae concentrates:

  Click to join the Bio-Algae discussion group Click here to join bioalgae


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Awakening the Genius Within


Awakening the Genius Within (with bio-algae concentrates)
by Roland Thomas, B.S., N.D.

Tragic story of how Dr. Kiriac lost five members of his immediate family, while trying to discover a formula that would stop the ongoing epidemic of cancer, in the former Soviet Union. After discovering the final formula that stopped the ongoing cancer epidemic in controlled trials with chickens, mink, pigs and cows, he has been giving bio-algae concentrates to his family and not one member has gotten cancer. 20+ years of animal research documented.

Hard copy book included free with every first order purchase of  BioPreparation/BioSuperfood. Additional copies $6.95.


Awakening the Genius Within

Awakening the Genius Within (with bio-algae concentrates)
eBook by Roland Thomas, B.S., N.D.
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) e-Book of the above book



DVD-Awakening the Genius Within

Awakening the Genius Within (with bio-algae concentrates)
with Roland Thomas, B.S., N.D.



Free online book

Bio-Algae Concentrates: Superfoods For Optimum
Cellular Health

by Roland Thomas, ND, of Quantum Leap Wellness

This new book that everyone will be talking about builds on the previous book The Magic of Bio-Algae Concentrates: The Michael Kiriac Story. Click on the picture on the left to read a draft version of the book.


How did bio-algae concentrates do all this? Bio-algae concentrates simply supplied the body with nutrients of Vitamin A, B-complex, C, D, E and K, essential fatty acids of Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA content is similar to early mother's milk), Alpha-Linolenic Acids (ALAs), Dihomogamma-Linolenic Acid (DGLA), Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and more fatty acids, over 4,000 enzymes, 10 essential amino acids plus 10 non-essential ones, all known trace minerals and elements, antioxidants, phytonutrients, polysaccharides and thousands of other nutrients so the body could resume normal healthy function. Bio-algae concentrates did not treat the symptoms but holistically balanced the whole body. When the endocrine and immune systems are holistically balanced, everything will work like it should. Bio-algae concentrates are so revolutionary they are 100 years ahead of their time. Now that’s true holistic wellness!

These results are individual case studies. We cannot guarantee your results will be the same. Since each body responds differently to the super nutrition in bio-algae concentrates your results will be different. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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