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August 2020-Wholistic Tip of the Month
Welcome to the monthly Freedom From Illness wholistic tips newsletter from Russell Louie and Margaret Auld-Louie at Optimum Choices. To receive this newsletter by e-mail or to unsubscribe, see the footer at the very bottom.


August Sale
An Ounce of Prevention Pays During the Pandemic
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August Sale

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With all the COVID-19 restrictions and business limitation, we hope you are finding some relief from the summer heat. On the other hand, don't forget to spend at least 10-15 minutes in moderate sunshine to get the healthy benefits of sunshine: Vitamin D, moderate U-V light (kills surface viruses and bacteria), increase brain's production of serotonin, improved immune system, better sleep, better skin, etc. From now until next month's e-newsletter is published, get a 5% discount off your entire order. Enter "SUN5" (the word "SUN" and the number "5" with no spaces) in the Discount Coupon box in our shopping cart. 

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If you miss our monthly e-newsletters containing the current month's discount code, go to our home page and select the green [Newsletters] button in the center table. Then click the appropriate year and subsequent month buttons to view our current month's e-newsletter and "secret" discount code.

An Ounce of Prevention Pays During the Pandemic

You have heard the saying, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." In other words, spend a little time and pillsmoney now on preventative health maintenance, so one does not have to spend a fortune later on medical care. Our holistic corollary is, "do not wait for symptoms to show up or blow up, before taking holistic action." Many people and pet parents assume that if they or their pet is symptom-free, all is good and they must be healthy. They see no reason to spend money on healthier (organic, grass-fed, locally grown) people food, more expensive premium holistic pet food or add superfoods and/or supplements to their respective diets. Then 3-5-10 years later, they or their pet gets a degenerative illness (heart condition, chronic kidney failure, blood sugar imbalance, arthritis, etc.) and their doctor/vet tells them it is just old age. Unfortunately, money vs. pillsif over 50% degeneration has occurred, sometimes it is "too little, too late" at that point and the best that can be done is to improve the quality of life remaining. During this stay-safer-at-home COVID-19 pandemic, it is easy to justify canceling any annual medical exams, delay doctor/vet appointments for minor symptoms and tempting to cut back on healthy food and supplements. If one must delay medical or veterinary treatment, here are some holistic suggestions to avoid those big medical bills in the end (see Save $10,000 in Vet Bills).

A CDC's (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and buying vegetablesHealth Promotion publication states, the four main risk factors for preventable chronic diseases are: tobacco use, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity and excessive alcohol use. According to holistic vets, cancer and other degenerative conditions are increasing in our pets because of the following: over-vaccination, poor diet, stress, NO dry kibbleenvironmental toxins and poor breeding practices. We see poor dietary nutrition as one of the major factors of poor health conditions. In this newsletter, we will focus on just three dietary factors: greens, live enzymes and Essential Fatty Acids (Omega oils).

Greens (Chlorophyll)

Most mothers have to beg their children to eat their leafy greens (lettuce, spinach, collards, kale, etc.). The leafy green cellsgreens provide fiber, are good for digestion and help to regulate elimination of wastes. Green plants use chlorophyll for photosynthesis, converting light energy into cellular energy or plant sugars. Herbivores and omnivores (humans) eat the plants and utilize the plant sugars for energy, plus the chlorophyll to help support the body's odor control, wound healing, gut health, blood detoxification, immune system support and cancer prevention. So, chlorophyll is a necessary nutrient for all animals. Even though our dogs and cats are carnivores, they still would get their necessary chlorophyll in the algae that is in every natural body of water, on plants and in the soil. The scent of chlorophyll is also whyIris eating grass some pets eat grass. They instinctually know it is cleansing and good for them. But our domesticated pets are fed cooked and processed food and chlorinated tap water, denying our pets the chlorophyll and algae they need to keep healthy. People also need chlorophyll. But with all the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions added to our current over-worked and busy personal lives, how can we find time to eat a green salad or even cook a fresh green leafy vegetable daily? Because chlorophyll is in short supply in our and our pet's diet, we miss all the above health benefits.

Live Enzymes

In order for the above body processes to work, the body needs live enzymes to act as chemical catalysts. Without live enzymes many metabolic processes are hindered. We are not talking about just digestive enzymes (which the body produces internally) but basic live enzymes, co-enzymes and co-factors needed to manufacture digestive enzymes and facilitate all metabolic reactions. Cooking kills live enzymes. How many raw fruits and vegetables have you eaten in the last 3 days? If your pet is fed only processed dry kibble or cooked canned food, from where are they getting their live enzymes? So, in addition to a lack of chlorophyll, our and our pet's diet lack live enzymes, especially during this time-crunched pandemic.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's or Omega oils)

Did you know fish are not the best source of Omega oils? fishEach fish species is rich in their own specific Omega oil. One is never getting the full-spectrum of Essential Fatty Acids from a single species of fish. Once the Omega oils are extracted from fish they start to oxidize, loose their potency and go rancid, so they must be preserved in some way. When taking fish oil capsules one loses some of the original potency because of this processing. Fish are actually a secondary source of Omega oils. The primary source of all Omega oils is algae. Fish absorb their algae in the water. As a matter of fact,capsules algae are so rich in oil, that the oil & gas companies are doing extensive research to extract oil from algae, as a substitute when carbon-based oil runs out. Discover more disadvantages of getting Omega oils from fish and advantages of getting it from algae, in our newsletter, Best Source for Omega Oils Is Not Fish.

An Ounce of Holistic Suggestions

What does one do if they have to cancel or delay doctor/vet appointments because of COVID-19, do not have tomatoesthe resources to buy all-organic fresh fruits and vegetables, have no time to make a salad or even cook a green vegetable every day, their children do not like green leafy vegetables, they do not have a pure source of Omega oils, etc.? Instead of suggesting three or more separate solutions, we can make this easy and affordable for everyone. Cost only $1.53-2.30 and takes 15 seconds per day. The answer is, give your body BioSuperfood and feed your pet BioPreparation, which contain over 5,000 individual nutrients, including (but not limited to):

  1. Abundant chlorophyll and other potent antioxidants.

  2. Over 4,000 live enzymes, co-enzymes and co-factors needed to produce digestive and metabolic enzymes in the body.

  3. In addition to Omega 3 oil, also Omega 6, 9, ALAs (Alpha-Linolenic Acids), DGLA (Dihomogamma-Linolenic Acid), DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), and rare GLA (its high gamma linoleic acid content is similar to early mother's milk) and more fatty acids in their proper ratio as dictated by Nature.

  4. All known essential amino acids plus ten additional non-essential amino acids.

  5. All known minerals and much more.

  6. Contains only Nature's best microalgae with no fillers, binders and absolutely nothing else (vegetarian-friendly Hypromellose capsules).

STOP supplementing the symptoms. Whole food nutrition (like an orange, salmon, green peppers and algae) is the basic foundation of "wholistic" wellness. With over 5,000 individual nutrients, BioSuperfood and BioPreparation are literally Nature's vitamin chest in a capsule. If you absolutely have to cut back on doctor/vet visits, food and your nutrition budget, make sure the one thing you do keep is our whole superfood products, BioSuperfood for people and/or BioPreparation for pets. This ounce of prevention will pay dividends well after the COVID pandemic is over, by keeping you and your pet healthier for longer, without the need for expensive medical care.


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Our NEW redesigned website will launch soon. More user-friendly, easier navigation menus, holistic blog, more efficient shopping cart and many more state-of-the-art web site features:

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