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September 2014, News from Optimum Choices
Welcome to the monthly Freedom From Illness e-newsletter from Russell Louie and Margaret Auld-Louie at Optimum Choices. This newsletter is sent to the friends of Russell & Margaret, customers of Optimum Choices, as well as people who signed up for a drawing at our booth at a fair or event. If you wish to unsubscribe, see the bottom of this e-mail for instructions. To receive this newsletter in your e-mail, click here: Subscribe Newsletter.


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International Sales of BioPreparation and BioSuperfood
Wholistic Degenerative Resolution Begins in the Brain
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September Sale

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Because of the amazing demand for our "wholistic" consulting and revolutionary products, we have to limit every inquiry (e-mail and telephone) to 15 minutes in order to help all those in need. After the first 15 minutes we charge our normal consulting fee. Please make use of all the free resources available 24 hours/day, by clicking on the buttons in the left-hand menu of every product page. Thank you in advance.

International Sales of BioPreparation and BioSuperfood

To better serve its customers the manufacturer has decided to handle all international sales of BioPreparation and BioSuperfood from their newly opened London office. The office is run by Dr. Kiriac's daughter, Rodika Kiriac, so you are in good hands. For international sales, please go to one of the local representatives below [green buttons] or:


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Wholistic Video Lesson

Russell has 60+ years of wholistic experience to help you achieve
 Freedom From Illness

60+ years of wholistic experience
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60+ years of "wholistic" experience


Wholistic Degenerative Resolution Begins in the Brain

digestive tractMost people have heard the sayings:

  • All disease begins in the gut. (Hippocrates)
  • A strong immune system begins in the gut.
  • 80% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract.

But what body part controls and regulates the gut (stomach and intestines)? — the brain! When there is a deficiency or a malfunction in any organ, that body part brainsends a warning signal to the brain first. The brain then tries to compensate and sends a signal to related organs and body systems to step up their efficiency. Then the brain tries to locate extra resources (nutrients) to make up for the deficiency. Only after these two procedures fail does the brain send a signal back to the offending organ to start producing symptoms. Our "wholistic" guess is that 50% degeneration occurs before actual physical symptoms show up in the body for both people and pets. Holistic vets tell us 50-75% of kidney failure occurs before symptoms of Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) are present. We have read that cats usually show no (clinical) signs of illness until it is too late. So we would like to add to the above list by saying...

  • Wholistic resolution of all degenerative conditions begins in the brain.

Since symptoms usually do show up in a secondary organ first (intestines, stomach, kidneys, liver, heart, etc.), it is fine to take/give isolated supplements to treat the acute symptoms first. If the symptoms are debilitating enough or severely life-threatening, even drugs may be necessary. But the missing holistic piece we see is the follow up to "wholistically" balance the brain and the rest of the body's systems for permanent resolution of the imbalance. Rather than just supplementing of the secondary organs (stomach, intestines, kidneys, etc.) we "wholistically" feel it is equally important to balance ALL the glands (especially in the brain) and organs since all body systems are interconnected and somehow related. When this is not done people spend thousands of dollars on drugs, prescription diets and so-called "holistic" supplements and never resolve the original problem, just reduce (or mask) the symptoms.

Dr. Michael Kiriac, inventor of bio-algae concentrates says one must be vigilant with cancer. Even though Western medical methods might have gotten rid of all green bio-algae concentrate cellsvisible signs of cancer, one must still do something holistic, otherwise all cancer will reappear within 5 years. Rather than address a specific type of cancer or the organ/gland where the cancer is located, bio-algae concentrates' whole superfood nutrition may activate the body’s own natural ability to heal. Research suggests when the glands in the brain are all balanced and operating in synergy, the actual DNA signature of new cells may be switched from being cancerous to non-cancerous. This is what we call "wholistically" healing from within and balancing the WHOLE body rather than relying on an external supplement, herb, drug or radiation therapy as a crutch to just eliminate the symptoms.

We have had three cats and now a dog develop Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) in Connie lived to be 21 years oldtheir senior years. While subcutaneous fluids, special diets and even renal supplements may be prescribed, the biggest change we saw in our CRF pets wasOmega oil capsules with the addition of the whole superfood nutrition of bio-algae concentrates. Read our story of how we got started using bio-algae concentrates after an amazing turnaround with our second CRF cat. Click the green button below:
MUST READ Bio-algae concentrates are high in the two most important nutrients for CRF pets: the all important Essential Fatty Acids (Omega oils) and antioxidants (astaxanthin, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, etc.). By giving bio-algae Mikki is 18 years oldconcentrates to our senior pets our last CRF cat lived to be about 21 years old. Our current senior dog, Mikki, is 18 years old and still  counting.

So even though one may see the biggest alleviation of symptoms using drugs and isolated supplements, we "wholistically" feel with any degenerative condition (such as adrenal imbalance, auto-immune, cancer, chronic renal failure-CRF, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease-IBD, thyroid imbalance) one must also feed, nourish and balance the three most important parts of the brain: the pituitary (master gland), pineal and hypothalamus. When this triad is balance and working in synergy, true "wholistic" wellness can be approached in our quest towards Freedom From Illness. An even better "wholistic" approach is to be proactive and start taking/giving whole superfood bio-algae concentrates (BioSuperfood or BioPreparation) BEFORE symptoms show up or blow up. Senior age is different for each person depending on your genetics, diet and lifestyle. The same is true for pets. Here is a generalized chart for pets.


Senior Range (Years)



Small dog


Medium dog


Large dog


If you feed your pet a dry kibble diet (nutrient deficient), vaccinate annually and/or give more than the required rabies vaccine, then use the lower years. If you feed wet pet food and only give the 3-year rabies vaccine, then use the higher years. If you eat Standard American Diet (SAD) food of white flour, white sugar, fried foods, fast-foods, diet soda, artificial sweeteners and soy ingredients, then we suggest using whole superfood products when you are middle aged and not waiting until you are of senior age. Prevention is the best medicine and the cheapest health protocol in the long term!


Russell explains how to achieve Freedom From Illness for your pet.

pets are family members
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Pets are family members too.


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