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ALPHA-Glycan PolysaccharidePeptide (PSP)


Please try our new replacement
polysaccharide peptide (PSP) product
Cellular PSP


Read our September 2013 e-newsletter article.


There are many polysaccharidepeptide, polysaccharide peptide, alpha-glycan polysaccharidepeptide and beta-glycan polysaccharidepeptide products on the market. Most have their active ingredients extracted or concentrated using a proprietary process (just like isolated supplements) to enhance their effects. Based on our "wholistic" philosophy, we would rather nourish the WHOLE body with whole food products rather than just supplement the symptoms with active ingredients. For the side effects, disadvantages and dangers of isolated supplements, download our article NOT Another Supplement. If you are ready for a truly "wholistic" experience and want to...Alpha-G polysaccharide peptides

  • Buy fewer supplements

  • Save money

  • Simplify your life

then read further.         

What is ALPHA-G?
How is ALPHA-G Different Than Other PSP Products
How Was ALPHA-G Developed?
Ingredients in ALPHA-G
Research Suggests

Lipomas in People
Vision Improvement
PSP and Lymphoma
Digestive upset in cat
Respiratory Infection in Cat
Pneumonia in Dog
Lumps in Dog

How is ALPHA-G Different Than BSF and BP?


Alpha G

What is ALPHA-G?

ALPHA-G is an alpha-glycan polysaccharidepeptide (PSP) whole food supplement that contains naturally occurring nutrients to balance the body's process of cellular regeneration and communication. It is produced from a combination of specifically selected strains of rice harvested from organic U.S. sources. The rice is hydrolyzed (using water and pressure) to break it down into tiny molecules called alpha-glycan polysaccharidepeptides which may be absorbed directly into the cell, providing energy to the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. In addition, our ALPHA-G has several additional proprietary manufacturing processes done which no other Alpha-G or PSP product has. The doctor that formulated ALPHA-G has seen better clinical results with this new formulation which may be due to these additional proprietary processes. To read what new improved results we have personally seen, go to our September 2013 e-newsletter article.

Read the Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry independent study (2007) showing the effects of alpha-glycans.

Optimum Choices is now offering ALPHA-G due to the benefits we have received from taking it as well as using it with our pets. Margaret especially likes polysaccharide peptides because she is extremely sensitive and prone to detoxing more severely from products than other people, yet finds she tolerates polysaccharide peptides very well. It helped her recover from a severe parasitic infection that required her to take some very strong drugs after she exhausted all holistic options for treating it. We feel without the polysaccharide peptides she may not have been able to tolerate the strong drug therapy. It possibly protected her liver which had to work very hard to process 3 drugs at once. Since completing the drug therapy in early July 2009, the polysaccharide peptides may have helped her digestion and body heal from both the infection as well as the drug therapy.

How is ALPHA-G Different Than Other PSP Products

The doctor’s new ALPHA-G is a private label PSP (polysaccharide peptide) product with the following improved benefits:

  1. All organic rice—made from specifically selected, all U.S.-grown organic rice grains. Certified organic quality control may lead to better results.
  2. Finer texture—manufactured using a special hydrolyzation process producing a finer powder with a smoother texture that may lead to increased absorption.
  3. Smaller alpha-glycans—contains the smaller alpha-glycan polysaccharidepeptide molecules rather than the larger beta-glycan polysaccharidepeptides molecules of mushroom PSP products which may lead to increased utilization in the body.
  4. Proprietary manufacturing processes—several proprietary processes applied that no other PSP product has. The doctor’s clinical results may indicate this new formulation with these additional proprietary processes yields better observed benefits.
  5. Better quality control—every batch is personally tested by the doctor to insure high-quality and consistent results.
  6. Simpler formula—contains specifically selected organic rice grains, guar gum and nothing else. Simpler formula better for sensitive bodies (and pets).

How Was ALPHA-G Developed?

We are former distributors of Cyberwise's Vital PSP and LiveSmart 360's PSP+, polysaccharide peptide products. When these MLM companies folded, we searched for a replacement. ALPHA-G was developed by a health care practitioner to help support the overall health of their patients, friends, family and themselves. While they found wonderful health benefits from those other polysaccharide peptide products (Vital PSP and 360 PSP+), consistent quality control was difficult to maintain. By formulating ALPHA-G themselves, the doctor is now able to better maintain the high level of quality they demand for themselves and their clients. The hydrolyzed rice goes through several additional proprietary processes developed by this doctor that may help make the naturally occurring alpha-glycan polysaccharidepeptides from the rice more bio-available than the larger beta-glycan polysaccharidepeptides molecules of mushroom PSP products .

Freedom From Illness introduction

Russell's video introduces
Freedom From Illness

Ingredients in ALPHA-G

  • At least 5 separate strains of rice
  • Guar gum
  • Absolutely nothing else

ALPHA-G is formulated from specially selected grains of rice and guar gum. It is free of dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar, chemicals, fillers, binders, artificial colors, artificial flavors, additives and preservatives. Guar gum is a natural fiber used to help the mixing in water and smooth the texture of the ALPHA-G. While other PSP products add algae, Spirulina, herbs, barley grass and other green juices in their formula we prefer the simplicity of ALPHA-G. Margaret found her sensitive body sometimes reacted to all those other conglomerations of ingredients and we have found our cats and Chihuahua mix dog tolerated the simpler formula better.

ALPHA-G label_Supplement Facts

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Research Suggests

Alpha-Glycans may be able to:

  • Cross the Blood Brain Barrier
  • Penetrate a cell’s membrane without causing any burden
  • Promote mitochondrial RNA and may support mitochondrial functioning
  • Provide building blocks to aid in cellular repair and regeneration
     via mRNA

Alpha-Glycan PolySaccharidePeptides from rice may nutritionally help support:

  • The immune system
  • An overall sense of well being
  • The DNA, RNA and mitochondria
  • Muscle strength and brain function
  • Cellular regeneration and detoxification
  • Digestion, absorption and metabolism of nutrients

Please try our new replacement
polysaccharide peptide (PSP) product
Cellular PSP

PSP and Lipomas in People Testimonial

Russell has had a lipoma (fatty tumor) for over 40 years. He had it surgically removed but it came back within 6 months. While the BioSuperfood and essential oils he used were able to slow down the fatty tumor's growth, neither was able to reduce it in size. Since starting polysaccharide peptides in the fall of 2009, the (second) lipoma is now finally reducing in size. It seems the polysaccharide peptides can help the body eliminate wastes and toxins more efficiently, so the body does not have to store them in lipomas (fatty tumors) under the skin (like sweeping the dirt underneath the rug when you do not know what to do with it). Working at the cellular level is much different than taking a supplement or herb to try to reduce a fatty tumor. Working nutritionally at the DNA level is much more holistic, has no side effects and the benefits are permanent (symptoms do not come back when the supplement is discontinued).

PSP and Lymphoma (or severe IBD)

Iris eating her grassWe have personally confronted cancer (or severe IBD) in our own cat. Iris stopped eating for one week and was subsequently  diagnosed with advanced intestinal lymphoma (or severe IBD, the symptoms are the same) in December, 2010. Our holistic vet gave us the options of chemotherapy, Prednisone, hospice care or euthanasia. We declined all of them and started on our "wholistic" journey with Iris. Seven months later the cancer returned. This time we added homeopathy to Iris' "wholistic" regimen. Iris is still alive today and thriving. Our holistic vet now calls Iris our "miracle" cat. You can read what worked (PSP, BioPreparation, homeopathy, Stili remedies, etc.) and what did not work with Iris on Margaret’s blog (PDFs):Iris

Iris Gets Cancer (Lymphoma) &
Iris’ Cancer Returns:
Lymphoma 1 PDF

The Cat Who Refuses to Die:
Lymphoma 2 PDF

PSP and digestive upset in cat testimonial


Our cat, Julius, who we adopted from a shelter in April 2011, was vomiting frequently as we tried to switch him from the canned/kibble diet of the shelter to a raw diet. We decided to see if the PSP supplement could help the situation, since it is very beneficial for the intestinal tract. In the summer of 2011, we started giving him half a teaspoon per day with meals and were pleased to see the frequency of vomiting decrease right away. As of October 2011, he very rarely vomits his food now.

Pets are family members too

Pets are family members too!

PSP and Respiratory  Testimonial

Our Hurricane Katrina-rescued cat, Cajun, had an upper respiratory condition when he first came to Colorado, which would sometimes flare up. After Cajunantibiotics, transitioning to a raw food diet and over a year on BioPreparation, we thought he was over it. But soon after we started the polysaccharide peptides with our pets, Cajun started wheezing again. From our holistic experience we understood that this was not a re-infection but simply the old residual respiratory infection resurfacing as the body became healthier. If antibiotics and supplements do not kill or expel the original virus or bacteria right away, the offenders tend to find hiding places (for example, tissues, muscles, etc.) in the body. When the body's immune system becomes weak again or the body becomes super healthy, the infection and symptoms resurface. If the symptoms recur because the body is healthier, then the symptoms soon improve as the body pushes out the infection, and this happened with Cajun.

We have also seen an improvement in Cajun's behavior since starting the polysaccharide peptides. He was fighting with our cat Simba, whom we had adopted to be a playmate for Cajun, because Cajun kept pestering Iris to play. For the first month they were playing happily but then starting last January, Cajun refused to play with Simba at all and would only fight with him. We tried everything—supplements, chiropractic, veterinary care, energy work, flower remedies, homeopathics, sessions with animal communicators—and nothing helped. After a few months on polysaccharide peptides, Cajun has started playing again with Simba. We were so ecstatic at the improvement, we took videos of the 2 of them playing recently. Cajun still sometimes fights with Simba when overwhelmed but for him to be willing to play at all is a huge improvement. Click here to see videos: Cajun Playing

PSP and Lumps in Dog Testimonial

Our 11 year old Chihuahua mix, Mikki, has had two lumps form in spite of being on a raw food diet since we got her in 2003 and being given BioPreparation. One practitioner has tried many homeopathic and drainage remedies with no results. We finally stopped the BioPreparation after all these years and introduced polysaccharide peptides. We began slowly at 1/4 teaspoon per day and have now worked up to 1.5 teaspoons after 8 months. The one lump on her leg is decreasing and the larger on her back has decreased by half in size and diameter. We cannot say exactly how polysaccharide peptides are doing this except that it works much the same way as BioPreparation, at the DNA cellular level on the entire body, not just the immune, lymphatic, circulatory, etc. systems. The whole body is getting nourished and balanced and as it does, it can eliminate wastes and toxins more efficiently (thus the decrease in size of the lumps).

How is ALPHA-G Different than BioSuperfood and BioPreparation?

ALPHA-G polysaccharide peptides are manufactured from five species of rice. Unlike algae, which is at the bottom of the food chain and native to all plant's, animal's and human's diet, the rice is cultivated (not wild) and not a native food for plants and carnivores. The rice grains are also mechanically processed to breakdown the shell or hull, while the cell walls of the algae in BioPreparation and BioSuperfood are intact and have not been compromised to make the nutrients available. We, therefore, consider ALPHA-G to be a whole food supplement made from a whole food rather than a pure whole food product, like BioPreparation and BioSuperfood. The difference might seem like semantics but we feel Nature's complete and original whole food algae, being a universal food for ALL plants, animals and humans, would be our first choice to activate the body's own natural ability to heal. We always recommend using whole food products first over any type of supplement. With over 5,000 individual nutrients, the algae support every single gland, organ and body system in ALL living beings and plants.

With that said, based on our first-hand experiences, polysaccharide peptides seem to work in a similar way as BioSuperfood for people and BioPreparation for pets, in that they all provide cellular nutrition at the DNA level of cells. This deep holistic action is much different than ordinary "holistic" supplements that just treat the symptoms and of course drugs. But ALPHA-G also appears to work in a different way than these other products because we are seeing additional results (not better or more, just different). Keep returning to this page for more of our experiences.


Please try our new replacement
polysaccharide peptide (PSP) product
Cellular PSP



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