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Essential Oils and Emotions

Teri Secret Essential Oils YouTube video

  1. Want to feel fantastic and excited about life.

  2. Want to have the energy to do all the things your want.

  3. Want to have a healthy, balanced immune system?

Our essential oils partner, Teri Secrest, explains how all this is possible in her free online webinar. Click the above YouTube video to get your ticket towards Freedom From Illness.

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Optimum Choices offers only therapeutic Grade A essential oils. For more information or to purchase these oils online, contact our essential oils expert and business partner, J.R. Roessl:

  • If you have a specific essential oil question, e-mail her at J.R. Roessl.

  • For personal essential oils questions and to order, call 917-861-5247, and tell her Optimum Choices sent you.


Egyptian GoldA sacred room in the Temple of Isis portrayed a ritual called, “Cleansing the Flesh and Blood of Evil Deities.” The Egyptians believed a soul could not move on to its afterlife if it held emotional baggage. King Tut’s tomb contained alabaster jars enough to hold 350 liters of oil. Robbers chose to steal the oils first over all the other gold treasures. Since that time, essential oil usage to effect emotions has been relatively unknown.

It was only in 1989, that scientist discovered the amygdala gland plays a major role in storing and releasing emotional trauma and therefore called the "seat of our emotions." The amygdala gland is the gatekeeper through which all sensory data to the brain are processed. The sensory data first goes to the amygdala gland where it is determined if this data needs to be sent to the adrenal glands first, for fight or flight, or on to the brain for further processing. It essentially processes knowledge about stimuli and situations that are of special importance to our survival. The amygdala is programmed to react without benefit of input from the thinking part of the brain. So, when we experience a traumatic situation, fear or any other unpleasant circumstances this is recorded in the amygdala first and then sent to rest of the body (i.e. adrenal glands or thinking brain) to be processed. Studies at New York Medical University proved this gland does not respond to sight, sound or touch but does respond through the sense of smell. Through our scents we now have a way to release stored emotional trauma in the amygdala gland and the rest of our body.

Release #3408Most all our adult patterns of behavior are learned as a child before the age of 7 years. Our likes and dislikes, our preferences and most of our initial fears are all acquired and stored in the amygdala gland. As we get older and have more "scary" or unpleasant experiences (e.g., getting told we don't know anything, told we are dumb, told we are ugly, fired from a job, divorced by a spouse) the amygdala gland dutifully stores these memories. Quite often it is the memories of these unpleasant experiences that prevent us from moving forward. After all, if our first serious relationship ended up being taken advantage of by the other, why would we want to repeat it. If our spouse stole money and left with another, why would we want to repeat getting married. If our position was outsourced or we are told we don't have the proper qualifications any more, why would we want to go back to another 'job' to repeat that unpleasant experience. Professional counseling, transpersonal psychology and other modalities (e.g., EFT, hypnosis) may help. Another tool is essential oils.

With essential oils we can access those unpleasant memories in the amygdala gland and chose to process the unpleasant memories in a more productive way. We are not deleting or erasing the memories but channeling the energy and outcome into a different path and better outcome. The following emotional oil blends from Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) can be used in such a manner.




Inner Child





Into the Future




Live With Passion

Dream Catcher

Magnify Your Purpose




Present Time




Sacred Mountain




3 Wise Men

Highest Potential



Trauma Life



The names of the essential oil blends will tell you what emotions they are working on. One needs to have acceptance, gratitude, humility and be in the present time before one can move forward. If one is stuck perhaps forgiveness, surrender and release are needed first. If there is an exceptional trauma in life holding you back, then having valor (courage) would perhaps release you. If one is changing jobs, careers or starting their own business then manifesting abundance, having clarity, catching your dreams, envisioning your goals, seeking your highest potential, having hope, sparking inspiration, moving into the future, living with passion, magnifying your purpose and rekindling motivation might all be necessary. Through professional counseling and transpersonal psychology one often finds releasing inner child issues, resolving a hidden trauma in life or believing in oneself is the real key to transformation.

I personally have used 23 out of the 30 essential oil blends above in helping me out of a depression after being laid off three times in a 12-moth period, losing my budding career as an Internet Project Manager and going through the death of my last surviving parent (mother). The starting place and which oil blends to pick is entirely up to the individual. 

Essential oils are truly yesterday’s wisdom developing into tomorrow’s healthcare destiny.

Teri Secrest Essential Oils YouTube video

Click YouTube video above to discover how to feel absolutely fabulous, full of energy and have vibrant health!


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