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Application of Essential Oils

Teri Secret Essential Oils YouTube video

  1. Want to feel fantastic and excited about life.

  2. Want to have the energy to do all the things your want.

  3. Want to have a healthy, balanced immune system?

Our essential oils partner, Teri Secrest, explains how all this is possible in her free online webinar. Click the above YouTube video to get your ticket towards Freedom From Illness.

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Optimum Choices offers only therapeutic Grade A essential oils. For more information or to purchase these oils online, contact our essential oils expert and business partner, J.R. Roessl:

  • If you have a specific essential oil question, e-mail her at J.R. Roessl.

  • For personal essential oils questions and to order, call 917-861-5247, and tell her Optimum Choices sent you.


Just like Massage Therapy, there are many protocols and applications of Essential Oils depending on your body’s needs. Determine which technique fits you best.

Different Protocols

  • English — dilute Essential Oils with carrier (vegetable) oil then use for Massage Therapy
  • French — use neat topically on the skin, take Essential Oils internally
  • German protocol — inhalation of scent, traditional aromatherapy
  • U.S. protocol — use whatever works

Different Applications

  • Inhale — use air pump diffuser or put oils on cotton balls and stuff into vents or pillows, sniff from bottle
  • Neat — apply topically to area of concern, always start gradually with a new oil or if you have sensitive skin
  • Bath — add to gel and put in bath water, add to bath salts
  • Massage — apply topically during massage
  • Reflexology — apply to hand and feet energy points
  • Auricular — apply oil drops to ear lobes on emotional release points
  • Raindrop TechniqueTM — drop Essential Oils on back and combine with Vita Flex massage, great detoxifier

Essential Oils are 50 times more powerful than herbs; don't use a lot. Start using one drop once or twice a day. If needed, work up to 3–4 drops.

Which oil to use? The Essential Oils Desk Reference is an excellent guide. (see Reference below.) Listen to your body—if the scent is pleasing, your body wants that oil. Exception: If your body is not ready to process the released emotions or too much detoxifying will result, you may temporarily dislike the scent of that oil but your body may still need it later. You can use muscle testing, a dowsing pendulum or just your intuition to test. Check in with your body often.

There are approximately 260–300 drops of Essential Oil in a 15 ml bottle depending on the oil's viscosity. If one needed 4 drops/day, there would be approximately a 75-day supply in a typical $25 bottle. That’s only $10/month.

Safety advice

First-time users of therapeutic, Grade A Essential Oils or people with sensitive skin should always dilute the Essential Oils with a mixing (vegetable) oil. This is especially true for the "hot" oils of oregano, thyme and peppermint. Always start with a 25% dilution mixture for children and pets. If Essential Oils are accidentally introduced into the eyes, NEVER use liquids to di-lute, always use mixing (vegetable) oil.


Essential Oils Desk Reference, Essential Science Publishing, 2002, www.espublishing.com.

Teri Secrest Essential Oils YouTube video

Click YouTube video above to discover how to feel absolutely fabulous, full of energy and have vibrant health!





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