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August 2010, News from Optimum Choices, LLC
Welcome to the monthly e-newsletter from Russell Louie and Margaret Auld-Louie at Optimum Choices. This newsletter is sent to the friends of Russell & Margaret, customers of Optimum Choices, as well as people who signed up for a drawing at our booth at a fair or event. If you wish to unsubscribe, see the bottom of this e-mail for instructions. To receive this newsletter in your e-mail, click here.
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August Sale

Can you find the dog?

For our August Sale, we are offering a 9% discount off your entire order. Simply enter "TENT9" in the Discount Coupon box of our shopping cart. You must press the green [Recalculate] button on the lower left to see this discount calculated in your order total. Then select the green [Go To Payments] button to complete your order. This discount is only available to our customers who read this e-newsletter and order online. This discount is not available to the general public. This discount may not be combined with our autoship, volume, referral bonus, wholesale or other discounts. Discount is valid until next month's (September's) e-newsletter is published with a new discount code.

HINT: for maximum savings, order any Starter Pack (three bottles) of BioPreparation and/or BioSuperfood for 33% off the third bottle AND in addition, get the 9% discount above, for a total of 19% off the full retail price. No other discounts can be applied.

HINT: if you ever miss our monthly e-newsletters containing the current month's discount code, you can always go to our home page and select the green [Newsletters] button in the left column. Then click the appropriate year and subsequent month buttons to view our current month's e-newsletter and "secret" discount code.

Secrets of Longevity e-Book Sale

We have just revised our Secrets of Longevity: Optimum nutrition for people e-Book and released our Second Edition (v2.0). For anyone who purchased a previous version, just e-mail us and we will send you a complimentary copy of this latest edition. Our Second Edition contains new information on genetically modified organism (GMO) foods. Why should you be concerned about GMO foods?

Secrets of Longevity e-Book
  1. If you eat at fast food restaurants, you are eating GMO foods...

  2. If you eat non-organic corn, canola or canola oil, Hawaiian papaya, some zucchini, cooked-neck squash, sugar beets or tobacco, you are most likely eating GMO foods...

  3. If you are concerned about getting cancer (Males: 1 in 4, Females: 1 in 5 chance)...

  4. If you have allergies, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, colitis, megacolon, leaky gut syndrome or other digestive disorders...

  5. If you eat soy (or soy products) and have thyroid or any glandular imbalances...

        ...you should read this new section in our e-Book.

If you do not think GMO food is an issue, read how...

"a recent judge's ruling prohibits the current sugar beet crop from being planted until the U.S.D.A. reviews the effect of GMO crops could have on other food. This lawsuit was brought by the Center for Food Safety, the Organic Seed Alliance and the Sierra Club."

iCopyrightExcerpted with permission. All rights reserved.
Visit http://license.icopyright.net/3.5721-11693 for details.

Until our September e-newsletter is published, get a 50% discount on our Second Edition, Secrets of Longevity: Optimum nutrition for people e-Book. Order this e-Book and type in "50% e-Book Discount" in the Special Instruction box of our shopping cart and your discount will be taken before your credit card is processed (but will not show up in your shopping cart total or your e-mailed shopping cart receipt).


Catnip Toys Sale

Christmas in August Sale

The rains this summer are producing a bumper crop of organically-raised catnip. As a result, one of our biocatnip "birdie"-algae concentrates clients is starting to send us her hand-made catnip toys for the holiday season (our loyal customers know we give these away with each cat order in December). You do not have to wait until December to pamper your feline companion(s). During August (or until our September e-newsletter is published), we have a limited-time 2-for-1 special sale. Buy one catnip toy (any size) and get the second one (of equal or lesser value) free. You must type in "2-for-1 catnip toy" in the Special Instructions box on the second page of our shopping cart or mention this sale in your e-mail or telephone order. Discount will be taken before your credit card is processed (but will not show up in your shopping cart total or your e-mailed shopping cart receipt).Used catnip birdie

Cajun playing with new Catnip BirdieIf you doubt whether cats really like these catnip toys, view this video of our cat Cajun by clicking on the image at the left. Cajun literally tears up these toys within a week or so (see photo on the right).

Catnip Toys



Current News



Raw Dog Food Launch

Do you want your dog to live to be 15-20 years old and still be healthy? What does that desire and Redbud's Raw Dog FoodChipotle Mexican Grill have in common?  The answer is Jim Adams. Jim Adams is a marketing executive who rode the exponential growth of Chipotle Mexican Grill for 11 years. He left the company in 2008. His Chipotle roots schooled Jim in founder Steve Ells' mission to use organic products and naturally raised meat whenever possible and their commitment to serving livestock and growing produce raised using responsible, respectful and sustainable techniques. In order to solve his own dog's health challenges, heRedbud's Raw chicken chub stopped feeding the traditional grain-based dry kibble food and started cooking real food for him. Further canine education led him to transition to a raw food diet. Amazingly, his dog lost weight, his allergies lessened, his eyes and ears cleared up and he perked up. Jim decided to translate what he learned about good food at Chipotle's into making real healthy dog food. Redbud's Raw Dog Food was founded with the sincere purpose of helping all dogs achieve great health. The food, named after his dog Red, a long-haired Dachshund, is made from antibiotic-free and hormone-free chicken, ground chicken bone, and organic vegetables and fruit. His food is 80% meat and 20% fruits and vegetables (an ideal ratio for canine carnivores). It comes in frozen 1-pound packages that sell for $5.99.

Redbud's Raw Dog Food was launched this summer and is only available (so far) in the Red from Redbud's Raw Dog FoodDenver area at the local Cherry Creek Farmer's Market. Jim has just started local Denver delivery service. Delivery is FREE with a 4 pound minimum in Denver. Jim has offered our Optimum Choices' clients special introductory pricing (less than what is advertised on his website). Contact Jim directly at (303) 570-4113 or e-mail Join-Our-Pack and tell him "Optimum Choices sent you", for this special Denver-only pricing. Jim hopes to have national raw dog food distribution set up sometime in the future.

Natural Pet Expo

Do you want to learn more about natural pet care? Natural pet care can include all types of natural, alternative or complimentary care such as nutrition, chiropractic, acupuncture, herbal medicine, energy work, massage, and other fields of holistic and natural care for your pets. The newly formed Colorado Natural Pet Association was founded by Judy Jasek, DVM, at Belleview Animal Clinic. The Colorado Natural Pet Association is sponsoring its first Natural Pet Care Expo designed to educate the public about natural and alternative healthcare for pets.

When: Saturday, October 9, 2010
Where: Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Golden CO

More details to follow. E-mail us with a subject line "Natural Pet Expo-Oct 9" and we will add you to our announcements e-mail list.

Awakening the Genius Within

If you live in the New York or Las Vegas area you must take the opportunity to hear Dr. Roland Thomas (author of Awakening the Genius Within) and/or Dr. Michael Kiriac (inventor of Bio-Algae Concentrates) in person. Learn the most advanced concepts of true wholistic health from the algae experts. Get answers to the following questions:

  1. How can awakening the genius within benefit my family and me?

  2. What is the difference between stomach food and brain food?

  3. How can I buy less supplements, save money and simplify my life?

Dr Michael Kiriac & Dr Roland Thomas

Click on the links below for more details.

Holistic Consultations

There is so much demand for our holistic products (because they work), general questions and product inquiries can take one week or longer for us to respond. Therefore, Optimum Choices offers two types of holistic consultations for a quicker response. If you are purchasing BioPreparation, BioSuperfood or PSP+ for either people and pets, then take advantage of our Mini- and Extended-Consults with your product purchase at a reduced consultation price. Click on the appropriate [Buy Now] buttons beside your product purchase in our shopping cart. These consults are meant to give you short nutritional suggestions on how to maximize your benefits from these revolutionary holistic products. If you have an urgent need for an answer, purchase a consult and we guarantee a response in 1-2 business days or your consult is free. Our holistic suggestions are based on the brief data (name, species, breed, age, weight, health challenge/symptom) you entered into the Client Info box in our shopping cart. The results of your consult will be included in the welcome letter (with beginning suggested amounts) included with your package or a subsequent e-mail before your order is shipped. We will make absolutely sure you have purchased the correct product/formula and you know how to start your holistic journey towards wellness. For more details on how these consults work, click Holistic Consultations.

For immediate answers, click the resource buttons below:

BioSuperfood-BioPreparation Seacure
BSF-BP Ingredients Seacure-How It Works
BSF-BP Usage  

One of the most frequently asked questions is, how come you cannot give me an exact daily usage amount? We have published general usage guidelines for our whole food products on our Frequently Asked Questions web page. To show you how helpful the above online resources (available 24 hours a day) are, go to our BSF-BP FAQ page. Within the answer, you will find an embedded Discount Code worth 10% off your next order (this code cannot be combined with any other discount and will expire soon. If you order a Starter Pack (three bottles discounted) your total discount will be 20% off your order. Please consider going to these online resources first before contacting us with a question.



Lumps, Bumps, Tumors and Teeth
by Russell Louie & Margaret Auld-Louie, Wholistic Scientists

Lumps are a non-medical term we lay people use to describe bumps under our or our pet's skin. Tumors are a medical term your doctor or vet uses to describe those lumps. Not all tumors are malignant cancerous ones and can be simply benign. Benign skin tumors include lipomas (fatty tumors), cysts, histiocytomas, sebaceous adenomas and others. We always suggest seeing a doctor or a vet first to get a proper diagnosis. One needs to totally rule out a malignant cancer tumor. The doctor or vet will visually inspect the tumor and possibly do a needle aspirate to draw some tumor cells out to examine under a microscope. Their analysis can determine what type of tumor and treatment is needed. Common warning signs that one should seek immediate attention for unexplained lumps are:

  1. The lump is growing rapidly.
  2. The lump is immovable under the skin. Does it seem like it
    is attached to something deeper?
  3. The lumps are on the extremities (feet, toes, ears, nose).

So, how in the world do lumps, bumps and tumors relate to teeth? When the body has a hidden infection, the kidneys and/or liver are malfunctioning, the glands (endocrine system) are imbalanced and/or the digestive system is not fully functioning. With all the above going on, the body needs a place to store excess waste and toxins that it cannot handle. It is like sweeping the dirt underneath the rug when you do not have a dust pan or vacuum. The fatty tumor or lipoma is that lump of dirt under the rug or skin. Conventional medical wisdom says if it is not growing rapidly, not hindering any bodily function and otherwise benign, then leave it alone. From our holistic perspective, that lump or tumor is a red flag or warning sign any or all of the above conditions exists. When the smoke alarm goes off, would one take the batteries out to stop the annoying sound and then go about their business? Of course not. Then why do we ignore the lumps and bumps that may be warning signs trying to tell us we may have something more serious develop in the future? Ask yourself, are you the type of person who waits for symptoms to show up or blow up before taking action? Here is an example from our own personal life.

Our 12 year old Chihuahua mix, Mikki, has had lumps on her back and rear leg for several years. We gave  Mikki on Antelope Island, Great Salt Lakeher one type of bio-algae concentrates (a whole food product) with limited success. The lumps increased in size more slowly but never reduced in size. We recently added another whole food product to her food called PSP+ (polysaccharide peptides). We finally started to see a visible reduction in size of her two tumors, although it took almost eight months to reduce by 40%. One was the diameter of a silver dollar and the other a quarter but they still persisted. While both whole food products helped the body by improving cellular DNA communication and by balancing any glands and organs that needed it, this was not enough to totally eliminate the tumors. On a recent visit to our holistic vet, Dr. Judy Jasek (Belleview Animal Clinic) examined several chronically loose teeth. Small dogs are prone to bad teeth even though we try to brush Miki's teeth almost daily. Dr. Jasek decided the teeth needed to come out and we might as well x-ray her whole mouth while Mikki was under anesthesia. Mikki ended up having 11 teeth removed, mostly loose teeth but the x-rays showed two abscessed molars as well. We learned that even a visual inspection by a vet may not be enough to identify bad teeth that need to be extracted. These can be a hidden source of the toxins being stored in tumors.

After just one week of recovery, Russell noticed the tumor on Mikki's back was reduced by 75% from its original size now. We had never seen a reduction this fast. With both bio-algae concentrates and PSP+ over an 8 month period, we only saw a 40% reduction. We hope to totally dissolve the tumors now that the hidden source of all the teeth infections are gone. When the original source of the excess wastes and toxins is removed, the body had no more need to encapsulate the toxins under the skin. Even though the whole food products helped the body deal with the lumps and bumps, it was getting rid of the source that ultimately produced the largest decrease in size in only one week. This is a perfect example of how getting rid of the source of illness rather than supplementing the symptoms (even with the world-class whole food products that we use) is the most holistic method and best for long term wellness.

Russell also noticed the same exact holistic pattern after his lipoma was surgically removed. Six months later the fatty tumor came back. It was not until he had osteonecrosis surgery to clean out four previous tooth extraction sites and had three root canal teeth extracted and their jaw bone sockets cleaned out, that he started to see an actual reduction in the lipoma. If vitamins, supplements, herbs, detoxing cleanses and homeopathic remedies have not resolved those lumps and bumps in yourself or your pet, then we suggest you look for the hidden source of the infection or imbalance in the body. Quite often the infection or the source of the imbalance can be so hidden, you will have to go back into your (or your pet's) past to remember when you had a root canal, tooth extraction, exposure to a chemical, childhood illness or past sickness after which your body has never been the same.

One cannot just rely on a pill, herb, salve, liposuction or surgery to eliminate lumps, bumps and tumors. There could be many sources for the body producing excess wastes and toxins. Read our Lipoma in People and Lipoma in Pets web pages to help you identify some of these sources. Stop supplementing the symptoms, balance the whole body with whole food products and look for hidden sources of wastes/toxins and any glandular imbalances to totally resolve those lumps, bumps and tumors. For a list of possible hidden sources of lumps, bumps and lipomas, click the green button below. This list can be modified for pets.

Lumps and Lipoma Sources PDF

Keep returning to our monthly e-newsletters to read more holistic misconceptions and learn what is truly holistic.



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