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December 2009, News from Optimum Choices, LLC
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It Tests Bad: Allopathic Testing vs.
 Holistic Results
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We are pleased to announce we have found yet another pet boarding facility in the Denver area that DOES NOT require that all vaccinations be "current." Vaccines are not required if your pet is at least one year of age and has had a physical exam by a veterinarian and found to be in good health in the last six months. Medical records will be required. Requirements for puppies & kittens vary by case.

Belleview Animal Clinic, 200 W. Lehow Ave., Englewood CO 80110
303-794-2008, staff@belleviewanimalclinic.com, www.BelleviewAnimalClinic.com

Dr. Jasek is committed to providing the best care possible for each of her patients. Though trained in traditional medicine, she now believes strongly in a holistic approach to veterinary care. Nutrition, homeopathy, Western and Chinese herbal medicine, flower essence therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture have become the mainstays of her practice.

We take ours pets to Dr. Jasek. Our 11 year old Chihuahua, Mikki, has a malformed femur and hops when her muscles get fatigued or it is cold outside. Acupuncture at Belleview Animal Clinic and our BioPreparation has helped Mikki greatly.

Belleview Animal Clinic

Belleview Animal Clinic

Dr Judy Jasek

Dr Judy Jasek


It Tests Bad: Allopathic Testing
Versus Holistic Results

by Russell Louie

Almost all testing methods today are allopathic. By allopathic we mean taking the same approach as conventional medicine, in that a single question, single method or single perspective is used to evaluate the needs or benefits of a particular product on the body. While this type of testing can provide valuable information, relying on a single test method, single answer or just one perspective is NOT holistic. The following is based on our 85+ years of holistic living, our experiences with our own holistic practitioners (both people and for pets) and our own clients in our holistic practice.

What is Testing?
There are many methods to test a product or condition. For example, the standard allopathic (Western) medical model frequently uses blood tests. The value of individual blood parts (i.e., red, white, platelets), hormones levels, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, electrolytes, metabolites, markers, protein, toxins, etc. are measured against a “normal” range. If the value is too low, the assumption is that body part or organ needs to be boosted up. If the value is too high, that part or organ needs to be suppressed. If the value is in the “normal” range, all is well and the body is healthy. The following example will show the fallacy of those assumptions.

Thyroid hormone levels could be in the normal range according to an allopathic blood test but the body still could be exhibiting classic symptoms of hypothyroidism, namely slow metabolism, lethargy, fatigue, weakness, coarse-dry hair, losing hair, weight gain, etc. So, if one solely relied on the blood test, the thyroid does not need treatment because it tests “normal.” Taking a holistic approach, we would continue to look for reasons why the body was exhibiting low thyroid level symptoms in spite of the “normal” blood values. One reason is the thyroid hormones being produced are inactive or bound. This could be because the proper nutrients are not present, the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) or thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) are not working, or a genetic defect exists that prevents the body from properly utilizing the thyroid hormone. In these cases, we would suggest a holistic course of action for the thyroid is still needed in spite of the “normal” test value. One conventional vet, Dr. Alfred Plechner, found many dogs and cats to follow this pattern of exhibiting low thyroid hormone symptoms but testing within the “normal” thyroid hormone levels in blood tests. When he administered low doses (not pharmaceutical dosages) of replacement thyroid hormone to these animals, all symptoms of a low thyroid disappeared. This proved to him the thyroid hormones being produced by the body and measured at normal levels in blood tests, were not being utilized for whatever reason. Dr. Plechner stated that standard veterinary thyroid blood tests are not accurately detecting thyroid imbalances. For this reason, he developed his own Basic Endocrine-Immune One test for cortisol, total estrogen, thyroid hormones T-3 & T-4, and IgA, IgM and IgG antibodies to detect this hidden defect in the glands.  Unfortunately, thyroid-adrenal imbalances are all too common among our pets today and could be a silent epidemic. By simply balancing the hormones, Dr. Plechner was able to treat autoimmune disease, cancer, kidney & liver disease, epilepsy, obesity and even behavioral problems in dogs. In cats, Dr. Plechner successfully treated FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis),FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) and urinary tract disorders. One of the most prevalent but overlooked symptoms of the imbalance is malabsorption and digestive tract disorders (e.g., irritable bowel disease).

One of the most amazing connections is the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) involves a retrovirus similar to HIV in humans. Dr. Plechner had a 70% recovery rate using his hormone balancing protocol. Could this be part of the answer to human HIV? Another fact from Dr. Plechner's protocol is every animal that Dr. Plechner treated for cancer had this endocrine-immune system imbalance. Could we treat and prevent cancer by correcting this hidden adrenal gland defect and balancing the endocrine-immune systems using Dr Plechner's protocol?

Holistically, instead of using steroids to artificially boost up the thyroid, we would suggest normalizing the thyroid (secondary gland) first by balancing the primary glands in charge of regulating the thyroid, namely the pituitary (master gland), pineal and hypothalamus. Some “holistic” supplements attempt to do this by containing bovine thyroid glandulars in their product but this will not get to the real cause of hypothyroidism and leave a “lazy” thyroid. A more holistic approach can be accomplished by supplying super nutrition to the body that actually crosses the blood/brain barrier to balance this triad in the brain. But neither Dr. Plechner’s hormone replacement protocol nor our nutritional method would have been tried if the allopathic blood test, showing “normal” thyroid blood levels, was followed. The lesson is, do not rely solely on one allopathic test but holistically look at all the symptoms and holistic options before deciding what the next appropriate action is. Get a second opinion using a different testing method (for example, kinesiology or muscle testing, radionic machines that test the frequency, machines that test energy fields, pendulums, etc.).

What Does Testing “Bad” Mean?
When a practitioner says something tests “bad,” for you, what does that mean? The general conclusion is whatever product or substance they were testing is harmful to the body. But is this the only answer? Some other possibilities are:

• The practitioner’s bias is influencing the testing
• The practitioner is not skilled enough at their testing modality to get accurate answers
• The product is good but would cause more detoxing than your body can handle right now

Practitioner bias

No energetic testing modality can give 100% accurate answers. The more skilled the practitioner is at using the modality and the more detached they are from the answer, the better the results will be. If the practitioner sells the product they are testing and is very invested in selling it, then they may not be able to test it accurately. Conversely, if they know nothing about the product, they may not be able to test it accurately, either, as they may be biased against unfamiliar products. Also, testing results can sometimes be influenced by the person being tested, if they are very invested in getting a particular answer. Some testing methods are better than others at being free of these biases. Muscle testing/kinesiology is particularly susceptible to bias and therefore takes a very skilled and detached practitioner to get accurate answers.

Skill of the practitioner
The more skilled the practitioner doing the testing, the more accurate their results will tend to be. If your body is very sensitive, you may want to go to a practitioner that has 20-30 years experience in their testing modality, as they will be more accurate from all the years of practice. The most skilled practitioners are generally better at testing unfamiliar products as well. Additionally, they may be able to tell you why a product tests bad for you, that is, is the product toxic or is it a beneficial product that your body just can’t handle right now? If someone tells you that a product tests “bad” for you, ask them if they can tell you why it tests “bad.”

Product causes detoxing
We had been routinely giving our 11 year old Chihuahua, Mikki, BioPreparation-f3+ to help her arthritis. She has a malformed femur and when her muscles get fatigued or it is cold outside, she has a noticeable skip in her rear leg. BioPreparation-f3+ seems to help the body nutritionally reduce any inflammation and help keep her leg flexible (from omega oils) enough for all normal activities. However, onetime the BioPreparation-f3+ tested “bad” for Mikki when our chiropractor checked it. So, we switched to BioPreparation-f2+ instead. Mikki with winter bootsWithin one week her arthritis got worse, she was skipping more and she refused to jump up on anything indicating her arthritis was painful. We switched back to the more therapeutic BioPreparation-f3+ which has more antioxidants to reduce inflammation and pain. Within one week Mikki was walking normally and jumping up on furniture again.

So, we took our BioPreparation-f3+ back to our chiropractor and insisted that Mikki needed it and asked her to find a way to make it work. Our chiropractor determined that our BioPreparation-f3+ would test good for Mikki if she added some drainage remedies (i.e., kidney, liver, lymph) to her regimen. By doing that, we were able to offset the detoxing caused by the more therapeutic BioPreparation-f3+ formula (versus the BioPreparatioon-f2+ maintenance formula) and Mikki could receive the benefits from it. So, “testing bad” could mean a product is too potent (therapeutic) for the body.

In another example, we recently found some pure honey produced by bees that receive no treatments (even organic raw honey in the health food store comes from treated bees). Russell has found this honey to be more medicinal/beneficial for him than the health food store honey. When Margaret took this honey to her chiropractor to be tested, it tested “bad” for her? Does this mean the honey is a “bad” or toxic product? Not necessarily. Her chiropractor determined thru further testing that the honey is free of toxins and actually a very good (pure) product. It tested “bad” because it would probably cause too much detoxing for Margaret at this time. The product itself is fine but Margaret’s body is not at a place right now where she can handle the product. If there were a reason that she needed to take the product (such as when Mikki needed the BioPreparation-f3+ for arthritis), then Margaret could ask her practitioner to find a way to balance her to it.

Ask the Right Question(s)
When something tests “bad” one has to look at the exact question being asked and what additional questions might be needed, before coming to the right holistic conclusion. Some additional questions might include:

  1. Are there any benefits in using this product with this body at this time?
  2. Will this product be beneficial in the future?
  3. Is there something else we could use to make this product work with this body at this time?
  4. Why is this product not good for the body at this time (e.g., too potent, too detoxing, too stimulating, not the right form of nutrition)?
  5. Is this product toxic? A highly skilled practitioner can test the quality of products with energetic testing and tell if they are “clean” or “toxic”. Generally, the cheaper products are made with lower quality materials and will often be toxic. Even if the product provides some benefit to the body and makes you feel better initially, the toxins in it will stress the body and create damage that will have to be dealt with at some point. The cheaper supplements sold in stores will often test toxic when a skilled practitioner evaluates them.
  6. Would another practitioner come to the same conclusion? Get a second opinion.





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