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Freedom From Illness:
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Volume 23, Issue 4
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Cancer, But I Did Everything Right
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During the past 20 years the manufacturer has instituted 5-6 wholesale price increases, while allowing us independent distributors two retail price increases (MSRP, Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price). Obviously, it doesn't take an M.B.A. to know we cannot continue to absorb these losses in this economic climate. Therefore, as a small family-run business we have eliminated our newsletter discounts from this point forward. We will occasionally publish holiday discounts in our newsletter, so stay subscribed.

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Cancer, But I Did Everything Right

As part of our "wholistic" education, we coach clients on how to support their pets in living a healthy and longer life. Connie lived to be 23 yrs oldOne of our cats (Connie) lived to be 21 years old and a client's cat lived to be 23 years old. Giving minimal vaccinations, feeding a species appropriate diet and adding our whole superfood BioPreparation microalgae product are just three holistic core principles.

Our 15-year old cat, Simba, was adopted at 8 months old from Cat Care Society. While waiting at Cat Care Society, he recovered from a severe upper respiratory infection, gingivitis, ear mites and was given the required vaccines. He came with one ear curled at the tip and a juvenileSimba (L) coexisting with Julius (R) cataract in the same-side eye. We fed canned food before his transition to a completely raw food diet. It took a while for Simba to be accepted into our 2-cat household (3 total cats now). We used many homeopathic and flower remedies for his prior health conditions, any possible vaccinosis reaction and his acceptance into our 2-cat household.

At age eight, Simba developed hyperthyroidism, which caused damage to his kidneys (chronic renal failure). Hyperthyroidism usually only occurs in senior cats. Because he was so young, we decided the radioactive I-131 treatment was a good choice. While the procedure is kind of scary, research showed it has a high probability of success with little long-term side effects, as opposed to possible horrible side effects of long-term thyroid drugs. The procedure went perfectly, and Simba's thyroid values have remained in the normal range ever since. Other than occasional stomach upset and throwing up after eating grass, Simba has been relatively healthy.

At age 15, Simba is slowing down and has arthritis, but his kidney disease has remained in the early stages. We give Benazepril to increase blood flow to the kidneys but Simba in catiootherwise no treatment has been needed for it. We took Simba to his monthly acupuncture appointment for arthritis recently and the vet said he looked fine. That very night, Simba stopped eating and acted lethargic. Simba ate very little for the next three days and remained lethargic, so we took him to the ER vet. Bloodwork showed elevated liver values. Abdominal ultrasound showed a mass on the pancreas, near the pancreatic and gallbladder ducts, encircling top part of the duodenum. This might cause a partial blockage of the ducts. Biopsy showed it was cancerous. Surgery would be very complex and likely kill him, so the only viable treatment would be chemotherapy, but with his compromised liver and kidneys, he is not a good candidate for that either. Also, chemo is not very effective in pancreatic cancer and only buys a few months. So, we decided to just use our holistic methods (BioPreparation, Cellular PSP, Reiki) and provide Western veterinary palliative care (subcutaneous fluids, pain killers, appetite stimulant, steroids and anti-nausea medications).

At first, we asked, what did we do wrong? We adopted Simba at 8-months old from Cat Care Society. Adopting at a young age and transitioning to all holistic care, provides the best chance for a longer healthier life. We immediately transitioned him to a raw food diet and gave no vaccines after his kitten ones. He has been getting our BioPreparation microalgae product since adoption. Dr Kiriac's bio-algae concentrates (BAC, i.e. BioPreparation) were shown in research to eliminate cancer in animals. So why did Simba get pancreatic cancer? Reviewing his previous health conditions (juvenile cataract, hyperthyroidism at age eight years), it seems Simba may be the recipient of in-breeding (poor genetics). Here are the data from Dr. Michael Kiriac's successful cancer in animals' research.

Using 1.5 million chickens he found within the first year, this research project achieved complete eradication of Marek's (cancerous) disease while saving 100% of the animals and returning over 50% of the animals to egg laying productivity. All of this was achieved by supplementing a diet of organic grains with bio-algae concentrates (BAC). No antibiotics, growth hormones or other artificial means were used whatsoever (www.themagicisbac.com). The second generation was totally cancer-free. So, while the first generation achieved phenomenal success in eliminating the cancer symptoms, only 50% of chickens were healthy enough to be put back into egg-laying production. It was not until the second generation of BAC chickens, that a cancer-free status was totally achieved. Here are our geneticBioPreparation-F3+ observations on Simba:

  1. Simba was born with one ear curled at the tip and a juvenile cataract in the same-side eye, indicating a possible genetic defect.

  2. Simba got hyperthyroidism and chronic renal failure (CRF) at a really early age of 8-years, again indicating poor genetics.

  3. Pancreatic cancer is rare in cats and does not clinically show up until it is too late for treatment. This could be the result of a pre-genetic disposition.

From our perspective we concluded, not even the best holistic methods may be enough to overcome some genetic predispositions. We did the "wholistic" best we could by transitioning to a raw food diet, gave minimal vaccines,Margaret & Simba gave our holistic whole superfood products (BioPreparation, PSP and Moxxor), used Western allopathic medicine (radioactive I-131) treatment at age 8 when needed and got 7 more wonderful years with Simba. So, we are enjoying every last day with Simba (who is not eating much) and on pain killers, appetite stimulant, steroids and given subcutaneous fluids. He even enjoyed chasing a rabbit in our backyard, while on a leash yesterday. Mighty Simba is still King of his jungle for as long as he chooses.

Don't wait for symptoms to show up or blow up. Take proactive holistic measures as soon as you adopt a pet, instead of being medically reactive after something serious is diagnosed.

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