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Freedom From Illness:
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March 2018

Welcome to the monthly Freedom From Illness wholistic newsletter from Russell Louie and Margaret Auld-Louie at Optimum Choices. To receive this newsletter by e-mail or to unsubscribe, see the footer at the very bottom.


March Sale
Nano-Enhanced Hemp (CBD) Oil

Pet Food Recalls
Nothing Works…Homeopathics, Essential Oils, Colloidal Silver
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March Sale

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Current News

Because of our low, mail order, Internet prices and the amazing demand for our "wholistic" consulting and revolutionary products, we limit every inquiry (e-mail and telephone) to 15 minutes in order to help all those in need. After the first 15 minutes we charge our normal consulting fee. Please make use of all the free resources available 24 hours/day, by clicking on the buttons in the left-hand menu of every product page (Ingredients, Usage, FAQ, etc.). Thank you in advance.

Nano-Enhanced Hemp (CBD) Oil

Margaret and I continue our personal testing of a new product, Hemp OilPrimeMyBody (PMB) Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil. So far Russell has had good results in reducing brain fog, anxiety, depressive thoughts, afternoon brain and body fatigue and increased energy, optimism, creativity and daily stamina. He has also gotten good results in reducing a bursa sac swelling on his knee and encouraging results in reducing a huge lipoma.

You have probably heard of CBD oil or cannabidiol oil, that works on the human and animal endocannabinoid system. These phyto cannabinoid diols help our bodies better fight and resist outside invaders and also assist in repairing the mind and body. Early CBD research reports the following benefits:

  1. Calms the mind and body.
  2. Promotes bone growth.
  3. Inhibits cancer cell growth.
  4. Reduces inflammation and seizures.
  5. Reduces anxiety, pain, muscles spasms.
  6. Provides immune function support-may help calm an overactive immune system and balances autoimmune conditions.
  7. Slows bacterial growth and helps balance negative bacteria growth in the body.

Three things make this PMB product unique:

  1. PMB encapsulates the CBD compounds in phospholipids that compose the liposome shell, which feed the cell membranes. This ensures the most efficient function for the absorption of nutrients in order to bypass the digestive processes that normally degrades or limits compound absorption (as in drugs and isolated supplements).
  2. PMB only uses nanoenhanced, 50-100 nm size, CBD particle for better absorption.
  3. PMB uses a quick-absorbing sublingual (under the tongue) delivery system. This is far superior to standard CBD liquids taken orally and absorbed in the digestive tract.

The end result is a PrimeMyBody CBD compound that was demonstrated to have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, deposit their cargo intracellularly and enhance lymphatic circulation of nutrients. The manufacturer claims a 5-10X increased uptake and bioavailability over other, even pharmaceutical-grade, CBD products.

Stay tuned for more test results. We always test new products personally before offering them to our clients.

Freedom From Illness Project

If you or a family member (including furry children) have experienced amazing benefits from our holistic products and expertise, please consider paying-it-forward by helping us holistically educate more people and save more pets. Please click on our photo below or go to this link:


Pet Food Recalls

The pet food recalls continue. The best "wholistic" suggestion to prevent danger to your pet is - STOP feeding dry kibble food. In our "wholistic" opinion, dry kibble food is the least nutritious form of food to feed a carnivore. Furthermore, a majority of all pet food recalls is with dry food. Canned food, freeze-dried food and raw food have a much lower percentage of recalls. For the latest recalls, go to:

Dog Food Recalls or FDA website

To read more on our "wholistic" philosophy on pet food, go to the following links:

Pet Food Recall
Holistic Pet Food

For a very revealing report on pet food, click the link:

What Pet Food Companies
Don't Want You to Know


Nothing Works…Homeopathics, Essential Oils, Colloidal Silver

Recently, a client reported an eczema spot on their 7 year BioSuperfood-f3old son’s face disappeared after taking BioSuperfood-f3 for a month. This was after the spot did not respond to homeopathics, essential oils and colloidal silver. Is this because BioSuperfood is such a “miracle” product that can do what no other products can do? Perhaps, but let me share my “wholistic” perspective.

Homeopathy, essential oils and colloidal silver are all great natural products that we, our clients and our fellow holistic practitioners have had good success with. Homeopathy is the leading alternative treatment used by physicians in Europe and in some countries it is health insurance-approved. Essential oils are the lifeblood of plants and Nature’s medicine chest. Colloidal silver has been used for all kinds of infections (but use caution). Why did all these complementary therapies not work but BioSuperfood did?

  1. Just like pharmaceutical drugs and isolated supplements, each body has individual needs and there is not one product that “cures” all.

  2. Just like pharmaceutical drugs and isolated supplements, the wrong product could be chosen because of incomplete information or an inaccurate guess by a healthcare practitioner.

  3. There are other hidden causes for the symptoms that the healthcare practitioner has not taken into consideration.

  4. None of these products are whole food products containing full-spectrum nutrition needed to nourish ALL the glands and organs of the WHOLE body, therefore, the body could still be nutrient depleted.

  5. The body is so energy depleted there is not a sufficient level of function in the glands/organs or life force left in the body for these natural remedies to fully work.

I will address points 4-5 above but first, here are some reasons why a body could be so depleted that these natural remedies might not work:

  1. Years and years of a chronic illness have depleted the function of glands and organs past their limit (say under 50%) where they can recover and be regenerated by the body.

  2. Many years or massive acute doses of drugs have left a toxic liver and kidneys, such that the body's glands and organs cannot detoxify themselves adequately.

  3. The body is so overloaded with daily toxins, wastes and environmental triggers (such as pollutants, petrochemicals and EMF waves) that natural remedies are ineffective and not enough to restore balance.

  4. The subject has eaten such a poor nutritional diet that all the glands and organs are nutrient deficient, out of balance and not functioning well enough to be able to rebuild and regenerate themselves. Single isolated supplements (such as Vitamin C, fish oil, adrenal glandulars, milk thistle, etc.) just treat the symptoms and NOT the WHOLE body (especially the brain).

  5. The life force or Chi in the body is not sufficient for the natural remedies to take full effect.

If any of the above scenarios apply to you or your family (including 4-legged children) and you find other “holistic” products not working, here is what you can do. Start taking our bio-algae concentrates product BioSuperfood for people or give BioPreparation to your pet. Here are the scientific reasons why.

Algae are literally a film that coats the Earth, in every natural body of water and in the soil. Algae are at the bottom of the food chain and therefore, Nature’s original, most complete, whole food for the entire Plant and Animal (including human) Kingdoms. Since each single alga species contains thousands of nutrients, they are literally nature’s vitamin chest in a capsule. BioSuperfood and BioPreparation contain (in 4 microalgae species) over 5,000 individual nutrients. When algae are lacking in our or our pet's diet (as in the sanitized modern diet of cooked food, chlorinated water and pet food), our and our pet’s health may suffer from the missing nutrients.

For example, Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) is usually found in early mother’s milk. GLA stimulates the newborn’s Primrosesimmune system. So how do adult animals get GLA if they need to stimulate their immune system? GLA is present in borage seeds, black currant, and evening primrose but how many (people and pets) eat these foods? The next largest food source (not isolated supplement) of GLA to mother’s milk is algae. There is no other food that can nourish plants, herbivores, carnivores and omnivores like algae. Algae occupy a unique role in the food chain for all plants, animals and humans. No other food (and certainly no isolated supplement, homeopathic, essential oil or colloidal silver) can make this claim. Algae are not just “pond scum.” Read our Vitamin C web page to learn why just taking a Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) pill is not enough to eliminate scurvy. Read the following newsletter articles to learn why full spectrum nutrition from whole food products is better that just supplementing the symptoms with isolated supplements:

Full Spectrum Nutrition
Magic of Full Spectrum Nutrition

But it is not just the fact that our bio-algae concentrates contain over 5,000 individual nutrients to nourish and balance the WHOLE body. Most holistic practitioners that test BioSuperfood and BioPreparation comment on how much vital energy and life force these products have. Below is a Kirlian photograph of one capsule of BioSuperfood stood on its end. Note the three distinct energy levels — a solid light center at the core, radiating linear lines emanating from the core and then a much finer set of random energy lines reaching out into space. This literally looks like a photo of the primary source of energy in our galaxy—the sun.

Kirlian photo of BioSuperfood capsule

Kirlian photo of
BioSuperfood capsule

So, by taking BioSuperfood ourselves and giving BioPreparation to our pets, we are supplying not only the whole food, full-spectrum nutrition Nature designed our bodies to get in the wild but also the life force energy (chi) that is inherently in all wild grown food (plants and animals). Both of these factors may contribute to restoring and replenishing the life force in depleted glands and organs, to at least a minimum threshold, so that homeopathics, essential oils and colloidal silver can work.


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