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Essential Oils

Teri Secret Essential Oils YouTube video

  1. Want to feel fantastic and excited about life.

  2. Want to have the energy to do all the things your want.

  3. Want to have a healthy, balanced immune system?

Our essential oils partner, Teri Secrest, explains how all this is possible in her free online webinar. Click the above YouTube video to get your ticket towards Freedom From Illness.

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Optimum Choices (an independent affiliate of Young Living Essential Oils) offers only therapeutic Grade A essential oils. For more information or to purchase these oils online, contact our essential oils expert and business partner, J.R. Roessl:

  • If you have a specific essential oil question, e-mail her at J.R. Roessl e-mail.

  • For personal essential oils questions and to order, call 917-861-5247, and tell her Optimum Choices sent you.

Essential Oils More than Aroma!

When you get an infection or break a bone, you go to a healthcare practitioner. If the temperature gets too extreme, you move. If a predator attacks, you flee or defend yourself. Plants, however, do not have this mobility. The ability to fight infections, heal a wound, cope with extreme environmental conditions and fend off an attacker must be encoded within a plant's DNA.

Essential oils are the aromatic volatile plant liquid the blood of the plant containing all these life essential properties in the DNA. They fight infections, initiate regeneration of cells, transport nutrients and contain hormone-like substances.

Drugs were originally refined plant extracts. Today, approximately 25% of prescription drugs are derived from plants. Essential oils' chemical structure is so similar to human cells that they are compatible with human protein.  This allows them to be readily accepted by the human body.

Thousands of years before Christ, ancient medicine men crushed plants and soaked them in vegetable oils breaking the plant's resin sacks containing these essential oils. Today we have modern steam distillation processes that extract the plant's healing properties.

Essential oils are different than your household vegetable oils. They are not greasy and will not clog your skin's pores.  Essential oils cannot go rancid and contain the same extensive therapeutic properties as the aromatic, volatile liquids from the original plants.

Essential oils are more than just aromas:

  • Medical scrolls from 1500 BC recognized Myrrh's ability in preventing bacterial growth, helping with infections and regenerating of skin tissue.

  • The Egyptians used essential oils for a ritual called, "Cleansing the Flesh and Blood of Evil Deities."

  • According to Biblical and Talmudic information cinnamon was used in incense to fight the plague and infections.

  • Rose oil is used in many religions to attain a high spiritual frequency level.

Essential oils are regulated by the fragrance laws and are not considered a nutrient or a supplement. By law, a bottle labeled "100% Pure Essential Oils" need only contain 5% essential oils with the rest being carrier oil.  The amount of essential oils per bottle can vary from 5% to 99% for these Grades B (food grade) or C (perfume grade) oils. Only Grade A the therapeutic grade essential oils contain nothing but the pure chemical essence of plants without solvents, carrier oils and other impurities.

Some manufacturers use a solvent-based distillation process that leaves a residue of chemicals within the pure essential oils. Grade B and C oils may still produce results on the human body, but one runs the risk of absorbing traces of chemical solvent, pesticides, and metallic traces from the distillation chambers and impurities from the carrier oil.

Try smelling several brands of store-bought essential oils.  The difference in fragrance is a measure of the amount of pure essential oils, the type of carrier oil added and the distillation process. Only Grade A oils smell the same all the time.

If you want therapeutic results, it is always best to use Grade A, therapeutic grade essential oils that are steam distilled from organic plants. Buy your essential oils from a reputable store or practitioner that knows the quality of the source plants and can verify the manufacturing process. Our supplier uses gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC/MS) to test every single batch (not just spot check) of essential oils they bottle. You can be sure every single essential oil Optimum Choices (an independent affiliate of Young Living Essential Oils) offers, are the purest in the world.

Teri Secrest Essential Oils YouTube video

Click YouTube video above to discover how to feel absolutely fabulous, full of energy and have vibrant health!


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