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Freedom From Illness:
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June 2018

Welcome to the monthly Freedom From Illness wholistic newsletter from Russell Louie and Margaret Auld-Louie at Optimum Choices. To receive this newsletter by e-mail or to unsubscribe, see the footer at the very bottom.


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Nano-Enhanced Hemp (CBD) Oil

Pet Food Recalls
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June Sale

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Current News

Because of our low, mail order, Internet prices and the amazing demand for our "wholistic" consulting and revolutionary products, we limit every inquiry (e-mail and telephone) to 15 minutes in order to help all those in need. After the first 15 minutes we charge our normal consulting fee. Please make use of all the free resources available 24 hours/day, by clicking on the buttons in the left-hand menu of every product page (Ingredients, Usage, FAQ, etc.). Thank you in advance.

Nano-Enhanced Hemp (CBD) Oil

Margaret and Russell have finished their personal testing of a new product, Hemp OilPrimeMyBody (PMB) Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil. Russell got benefits in reducing brain fog, anxiety, depressive thoughts, afternoon brain and body fatigue from his concussion (mild Traumatic Brain Injury-mTBI). He also has realized increased energy, optimism, creativity and daily stamina towards his continued mTBI recovery. He also got good results in reducing a bursa sac swelling on his knee and Hemp Oilencouraging results in reducing a huge lipoma.  PrimeMyBody's (PMB) Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil. contains cannabidiol oil or CBD oil, that works on the human and animal endocannabinoid system. These phyto cannabinoid diols help our bodies better fight and resist outside invaders and also assist in repairing the mind and body. Early CBD research reports the following benefits:

  1. Calms the mind and body.
  2. Promotes bone growth.
  3. Inhibits cancer cell growth.
  4. Reduces inflammation and seizures.
  5. Reduces anxiety, pain, muscles spasms.
  6. Provides immune function support-may help calm an overactive immune system and balances autoimmune conditions.
  7. Slows bacterial growth and helps balance negative bacteria growth in the body.

Three things make this PMB product unique:

  1. PMB encapsulates the CBD compounds in phospholipids that compose the liposome shell, which feed the cell membranes. This ensures the most efficient function for the absorption of nutrients in order to bypass the digestive processes that normally degrades or limits compound absorption (as in drugs and isolated supplements).
  2. PMB only uses nanoenhanced, 50-100 nm size, CBD particle for better absorption and quicker assimilation.
  3. PMB uses a quick-absorbing sublingual (under the tongue) delivery system. This is far superior to standard CBD liquids taken orally and absorbed in the digestive tract.

The end result is a PrimeMyBody CBD compound that was demonstrated to have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, deposit their cargo intracellularly and enhance lymphatic circulation of nutrients. The manufacturer claims a 5-10X increased uptake and bioavailability over other, even pharmaceutical-grade, CBD products.

You can order now a full-size, 50 ml, Hemp Oil bottle on our branded PMB website, Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil. Soon, we will publish an entire Hemp Oil web page explaining the benefits of CBD oil, what makes this nanoenhanced product yield 5-10X the benefits of ordinary CBD extracts and concentrates and how it works naturally and holistically in our and our pets bodies. We also will have 10 ml trial-size bottles to offer on our web page, especially good for pets. If you cannot wait for our web page, click this link to download a 9-page PDF flyer, Hemp Oil Flyer. Please contact us with any questions: info@OptimumChoices.com.

Freedom From Illness Project

If you or a family member (including furry children) have experienced amazing benefits from our holistic products and expertise, please consider paying-it-forward by helping us holistically educate more people and save more pets. Please click on our photo below or go to this link:


Pet Food Recalls

The pet food recalls continue. The best "wholistic" suggestion to prevent danger to your pet is - STOP feeding dry kibble food. In our "wholistic" opinion, dry kibble food is the least nutritious form of food to feed a carnivore. Furthermore, a majority of all pet food recalls is with dry food. Canned food, freeze-dried food and raw food have a much lower percentage of recalls. For the latest recalls, go to:

Dog Food Recalls or FDA website

To read more on our "wholistic" philosophy on pet food, go to the following links:

Pet Food Recall
Holistic Pet Food

For a very revealing report on pet food, click the link:

What Pet Food Companies
Don't Want You to Know


Do you want a better connection with your pet? Do you want to understand your pet's good/bad behavior? Would you like to encourage your pet to do more appropriate and less inappropriate behavior? Here is a guest author who can answer these questions. We have known Ashara for over 25 years and highly recommend her intuitive, compassionate animal work.

It's all About L-O-V-E(™)

by Ashara Morris

We make a lot of assumptions with our pets. Let's stop, take a breath, and look at a behavior or situation from the perspective of L-O-V-E(™). By doing this, you will be more present to the problem and will consider alternatives to the usual "Buddy is a pain in the neck" thought process — although you may think that, too, before you get started! I know I have, more than once. And even with all my practicing, I still have to stop myself now and then and reflect on L-O-V-E(™). It takes time to really get the concept into your bones. This short overview will give you an idea, using the behavior of peeing on the floor, of how this system can work for you.

Let Go of Judgments and Demands

When Fluffy pees on the floor for the 3rd day in a row, you start to get really frustrated. Again??? WHY is Fluffy doing this? Is she just being difficult? This is such an inconvenience, I think I should just put her in the back yard and not let her in any more. She needs to be punished!

These thoughts may be a direct reflection of how we look at ourselves when we "mess up". "I'm so stupid. My boss is going to fire me (put me in the back yard). I need to be punished for not being on top of this." But wait. Let's look at this from the perspective of L-O-V-E(™).

Take a breath

First off, take a step back, and take a breath. Clean up the mess, and while you’re doing that, breathe into it. Start reflecting on what it is that is pushing your buttons. And then start employing the system. Remember that it may take more than a day to get all the input you need.


Listen to your animal. You can do this two ways, and I recommend you do both. Before your pet messes on the floor, is s/he whining, meowing, purring? Look for physical noises. He may be trying to tell you in whatever way is open to him that all is not well in his world.


What is your pet doing before the peeing occurs? You may need to reflect back more than just a few minutes. Is she restless? Lackluster? Coming to you with a "help me" look on her face, and maybe you asked her to wait a minute and that was too long. (This has happened to me. Our Malamute Niko forgets to ask to go out until past the point of being able to hold it. When he asks to go outside, he means NOW. I made the mistake of asking him to wait one day, and then took too long getting to the door—probably 5-10 minutes, which in his world is a lifetime. I cleaned up the mess in the living room knowing I had not Listened or Observed well enough.)


Once you've listened and observed, Value what your pet is telling you. You may not agree with the assessment (like me and Niko, when my assessment was "you can wait a few minutes" and his was "well, not really."), but you need to value it. Our pets are honest; if we remain trustworthy, they will open their hearts and tell us what is on their minds and hearts, in the best way they can. We need to appreciate and value their effort.


How can we solve the problem? In the case of Niko, I have become more cognizant of his behaviors when he has to go out, and I respond to them more quickly, even if it's an inconvenience. I know he is not intentionally trying to make my life difficult. In fact, he is trying to make it easier, by not asking every half hour to go outside. So he holds it as long as he can, and then he asks. The least I can do is get on the ball and let him out. Another thing we’ve done is let him out BEFORE he asks—he loves to be outside anyway, and to him, it's a bonus to be allowed outside to run around when he hasn't specifically asked—we're respecting and honoring his need to be outside and run, and he helps us by being much more obvious when he really needs to go out NOW.

Now, Practice This Concept

Practice L-O-V-E(™) with one of your pets. If there is a behavior you want to work on, focus your attention and L-O-V-E(™) on the pet around that behavior. Listen to their voices; Observe their behavior; Value the information you're being given; and then Expand into a solution.

In Conclusion, using L-O-V-E(™) as an entry into your pet's world helps you to still your own preconceptions, get curious, and embrace what your pet is truly trying to tell you. This will help you with stillness in your mind and the curiosity we all need to be effective Pet Parents.

If you want to know more about the L-O-V-E(™) system and how it works, contact the author, Ashara Morris, at ashara@harmonysheartcoaching.com. Ashara Morris is a certified EGC Method(®) coach and powerful animal communicator. Along with her husband, dog, cats and equine healing herd, she lives and works amongst the pine trees and wildlife near Elizabeth, Colorado. Visit HarmonysHeartAnimals.com for more information about workshops, training programs and private sessions.

We wonder if this works with children too?


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