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November 2008, News from Optimum Choices, LLC
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November Sale

Economic $timulus $ale

BSF-f2 Starter PackWith the economic uncertainty prevailing in everyone's mind, we don't want your health to be sacrificed. Worry and anxiety burn up critical nutrients that your body needs to have a strong immune system, balanced moods, mental clarity and restful sleep. One tends not to eat right when they are worried. To help you stay on the holistic path, we are offering our own Economic $timulus $ale, to help you through these uncertain economic times.

BioPreparation Starter PackBuy any Starter Pack (three bottles of the same product, same formula) and get 45% off the third bottle.  For a limited time, type in "ESS45%" in our shopping cart (in the Special Instructions box on the second page) or mention it in your phone order or e-mail. Your discount will not show up in the shopping cart total but will be taken before your credit card is charged. This sale is only offered to our customers who read our monthly e-newsletter and not available to the general public. Sale may be discontinued at any time without further notice. This is our way of saying thank you to our clients for their loyalty and please don't neglect your health in these "interesting times".


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Here are some animal resources by trusted associates of ours.


5 Weeks to Wellness for Pets class

Alecia EvansThis incredible class will share with you a decade of Alecia's professional experience in how to help your animals heal and keep them healthy naturally.

Are you ready to arm yourself with powerful and practical knowledge of how to keep your pet in tip-top shape for the rest of their lives? Are you ready to transform your petís health from the very first day of class? Then click on the button below to sign up for the best investment in your petís health you will ever make.

5 Weeks to Wellness class  Tell Alecia, Optimum Choices sent you.

Dates 1: Tuesday November 18, 26 December 2, 9, 16
Dates 2: Tuesday January 13, 20, 27 February 3, 10
Time: 5:30pm (Pacific) 6:30pm (Mountain) 8:30pm (Eastern)
Location: Your home or office phone or computer
For more information, please contact: info@5weekstowellnessforpets.com
Or call: 970-948-5418
Alecia Evans
Animal Wellness Consultant

We have known Alecia Evans since 2003 and appreciate her compassionate and intuitive style. She was responsible for saving Cali's life from IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia), a 70% fatal disease. Click here to read Cali's testimonial.



Helping the Home Alone Fido-DVD

Understanding and Managing Home Alone Problems With Your Dog

Does your dog have difficulty being left home alone? Does he bark too much, soil in the house, become destructive or escape from your yard? Do you worry that your dog is distressed or bored when home alone or do you think your dog misbehaves because heís mad youíve left him?

NOW you can get the help you need! In this innovative DVD program, youíll discover the REAL reasons for your dogís home alone behaviors and what YOU can do to help your Fido be good when home alone.

This is a two-disc program. A DVD and a BONUS CD with more than 28 pages of printable notes, worksheets and resources to help you with your home alone dog.

Dr. Suzanne Hetts and Dr. Dan Estep
Animal Behavior Associates, Inc.
DVD Program: $23.95 includes domestic shipping
Tel: 303-932-9095
FAX: 303-932-2298
Email: info@AnimalBehaviorAssociates.com
Click button below to order directly from Animal Behavior Associates, Inc.:

Click on the image at the bottom of the page

and then scroll down to the Helping the Home Alone Fido DVD product.


We personally know Suzanne and Dan and highly recommend their work.



Reduce Doctor and Vet Bills:
No Insurance, No Problem
by Russell Louie

In these uncertain economic times, it is prudent to do whatever we can to lower our present and  future doctor and vet bills. In the past, one would use a previous diagnosis or undergo expensive diagnostic tests (e.g., blood work, x-rays, ultrasound, biopsy, etc.) in order to determine which drug, supplement or "holistic" remedy to take in order to alleviate one's symptoms or those of our beloved pet. Diagnostic tests were needed because all drugs and almost all supplements, just treat the symptoms or a very specific disease. For those uninsured, expensive diagnostic tests were simply not done and one guessed as to which supplement or "holistic" remedy to use. I would like to offer you a new paradigm in true holistic health.

Based on our 80+ years of holistic living, our definition of holistic means to treat the WHOLE body and not one specific organ, gland, symptom or disease. In our opinion, taking digestive enzymes for the stomach, glucosamine for arthritis, an herb to lower cholesterol and a glandular supplement to "fix" the thyroid is NOT holistic. One is simply treating the symptoms. Most of the time these supplements and remedies only work temporarily to reduce symptoms or worse, produce side effects. One went to the doctor or vet, got expensive lab tests and was prescribed a drug or "holistic" vitamin, supplement or herb to alleviate the specific symptom or disease. Up until now, one did not have any other choice. There simply wasn't a therapeutic holistic product that really worked on everything. What if there was one single holistic product that could improve digestion, reduce pain and inflammation from arthritis, lower your cholesterol and balance a hypo- OR hyperthyroid condition; do you think it would be worth it? Could you save a bunch of money by eliminating a dozen (or more) supplements with just Nuclear cooling towersone holistic product that helped all symptoms? If you didn't have health insurance, would you be happy to avoid all those expensive diagnostic tests and buy just one product that addresses all your symptoms? Out of the ashes of Chernobyl and as a result of 20+ years dedicated research to find a cure for the cancer epidemic in animals in Russia, BioNutrition's BioSuperfood for people and BioPreparation for pets can help all the above conditions and more.

To illustrate the above economic benefits, we will use one of our customer's stories. A customer had a 10+ year old Golden Retriever that weighed over 100 pounds. Obviously, it was overweight as it waddled when it walked. We tried to convince the guardian to buy a premium food (containing more meat and less carbohydrates) and add our BioPreparation product to help the body address any arthritic symptoms. But she said she couldn't afford it. Within six months she called us back saying she had to literally carry her dog to the emergency vet's office because her dog could not get up to go to the bathroom outside. With the steroid injection, drugs and prescription food she purchased, she spent over $600 for that one visit. Dividing that one visit by 12, comes out to be $50/month. Could she have spent $50/month extra on premium food and BioPreparation and avoided that one vet visit for her overweight senior dog? We think so. BioPreparation would not just provide antioxidants for decreased inflammation and pain but it would also holistically balance the glands and organs to help the body lose excess weight and eliminate toxins. Having less weight to carry, would slow down the degenerative arthritic process and make the dog more mobile.

Here is a people story. A customer was at a holistic fair and decided to stop by the Pharmanexģ booth and do the BioScan (Pharmanexģ BioPhotonic Scanner) that scans for antioxidant levels in the body. The higher the level, the better able your body is to cope with the free radicals ravaging our body on a daily basis. She had done this previously to starting BioSuperfood and scored in the middle Off the chartsor above average range, but this time (after BioSuperfood) she was off the charts at 78,000, which is very, very high. She states, "Iím sure BioSuperfood made the difference because I cut out almost all supplements. I think he said the highest score ever was 86,000 and that was the owner of the company." Can you imagine eliminating almost all your supplements and still measuring in the highest antioxidant range? The customer originally started on BioSuperfood because she was feeling tired all the time, had leg cramps and wanted to detox from heavy metals, not to improve her antioxidant score. But her amazing antioxidant test score came after eliminating almost all of her previous supplements. Rather than treat the chronic tiredness, leg cramps and heavy metals in her body with three specific "holistic" supplements, she chose a new paradigm in holistic health by using our whole food nutraceutical product, BioSuperfood. She saved money by not performing expensive diagnostic tests to determine which supplements were needed, as well as buying only one product, BioSuperfood, versus at least three separate products for each symptom.

BioPreparation and BioSuperfood are not supplements (technically it is a whole food product) but are truly a holistic revolution. BioPreparation/BioSuperfood are Nature's vitamin chest in a capsule (literally containing over 5,000 individual nutrients). Save money, buy fewer supplements and simplify your life. No doctor or vet exam is needed, no expensive diagnostic (lab) tests are done and no health insurance required. BioPreparation has even saved the lives of pets when a vet could not determine why the pet was dying or make an "official" diagnosis. See Saved Lives testimonials.

BioSuperfood   BioPreparation

One must practice true holistic health every day and not just take whole food products (or supplements) when one has symptoms. STOP supplementing the symptoms and holistically boost up ALL the body's systems, balance ALL the glands and organs and experience true holistic health, not just the absence of disease. Wake up the body's natural ability to heal and watch the symptoms disappear. Make a quantum leap in holistic health and experience a new paradigm in wellness!




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