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After researching Humisol and experiencing the benefits ourselves, we have decided to carry Humisol as an immune-enhancing, life-sustaining "wholistic" product for today's immune system challenges (for both people and pets). If you are ready for a truly "wholistic" experience and want to...Humisol

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then read further.         

What is Humisol?
Why is Humic Acid Important?
How Does Humic Acid Work?
Humisol Ingredients
Suggested Guidelines
Our Humisol Experiences

How is Humisol Different than BioSuperfood and BioPreparation?


What is Humisol?

We all know how important vitamins and minerals are to our diet in order to stay healthy. Leading scientists are now calling humic acid the "missing link" in our food chain. In the Earth's geologic cycle, plants decompose and through intense heat and pressure deep within the Earth, create natural oil and gas deposits. During this process some of the DNA and organic compounds of plants do not convert into oil or gas. Instead, they are captured in shale to form rich deposits of Humus. Humus is the dark-brown organic component of the soil that is derived from decomposed plants after thousands of years of microbial decomposition. Humic acid is an all-natural, rich organic substance that is extracted from humus, and the primary ingredient in Humisol. Humic acid can be found naturally in the soil and surface water.

Humic acid was once a dietary staple, naturally found in the crops grown and food harvested. Humic acid could be extracted from the most fertile and nutrient rich soil in America. Unfortunately, our factory-farming methods today are more concerned now about increasing yield than nutrition. These modern-day practices using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, lack of crop rotation and other biodynamic farming methods, not only deplete our soils of minerals but also humic acid.

Freedom From Illness introduction

Russell's video introduces
Freedom From Illness

Why is Humic Acid Important?

Research suggests humic acid may be:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-viral: inhibits viruses from attaching to cells
  • Immune system enhancing
  • Assists in fighting free radical damage
  • Promotes cellular detoxification: chelates to toxins
  • Assists the body in purging bacteria, viruses, parasites and other pathogens
  • Provides nutritional support for the body to resist colds, flu and other infections

Nature meant humic acid, naturally occurring in our soil, water and food, to nutritionally support ALL the above "wholistic" processes in our body. Do these naturalviruses properties, once found in our soil and surface water, sound appropriate for today's immune system health challenges (for example, SARS, COVID-19, Ebola, H1N1, Bird and Swine Flu, etc.)?

How Does Humic Acid Work?

You often hear our immune system begins in our gut. Humic acid is an essential acid that aids digestion by nutritionally supporting healthy gut bacteria. Furthermore, humic acid binds to viruses to help flush them out of our bodies quickly by...

  1. Humic acid inhibits viruses from attaching to our cells by coating the receptor sites on the virusí surface, so that the virus cannot attach and virusestherefore cannot reproduce.
  2. Viruses have the ability to encapsulate themselves in an impenetrable protein barrier, where our body's defense mechanisms cannot reach them. Humic acid puts a coating around the virus and prevents the virus from adhering to healthy cells. The viruses then become vulnerable to attack by our body's own immune system.
  3. Humic acid also has the ability to alert our immune system to the virus or other pathogenic invader and regulate and strengthen the immune system. Humic acid has shown the ability to regulate the immune system and to suppress certain immune responses, while increasing others according to our body's needs. In essence, humic acid gives us Nature's important defense against viruses.

Humisol Ingredients

Humisol is 100% all-natural, hypoallergenic and contains NO dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar, chemicals, fillers, binders, artificial colors, artificial flavors, additives, preservatives and is NOT genetically modified (non-GMO).

  1. Derived and manufactured in the U.S.
  2. Free of major allergens: gluten, peanut, soy, egg and dairy.

Humisol Supplement Facts

Suggested Guidelines

  1. For good health maintenance: 1-2 caps/day depending on body weight, diet and health condition.
  2. For removal of toxins and pathogens: 2-4 caps/day depending on body weight, diet and health condition.
  3. For chronic conditions and severe symptoms: 6 caps/day depending on body weight, diet and health condition.

We suggest starting slowly at one capsule/day for the first week. Based on your observed results, work up to the manufacturer's guidelines above, as need and tolerated by your or your pet's body. Remember for optimal benefits, drink (or provide to your pet) plenty of fresh, clean, filtered, non-chlorinated water to facilitate the elimination of toxins: half your body weight in ounces per day.

Our Humisol Experiences

Like all the products we offer, we always research and test them on ourselves and/or our pets before offering them to our clients.

Humisol and Detoxing Residual Flu-like Symptoms

Russell was experimenting with our new anti-aging product iHeRQles. The starting loading dosage is 4 squirts/day for the first month, then increasing or decreasing as needed. Knowing he has a sensitive body, Russell started at one squirt/day for the first week. He increased it to 2 squirts/day the second week. When he increased to 3 squirts/day the third week he experienced flu-like symptoms of fatigue, achy joints and body every night starting around 6:00 PM. As this happened during the COVID-19 pandemic, he immediately got worried that he caught COVID. However, from his 70+ years of "wholistic" experience he knew detoxing from a potent new product was also a possibility. He immediately stopped taking the new product iHeRQles and after 3-4 days the flu-like symptoms subsided. What a relief to know the flu-like symptoms were not caused by the COVID virus. For the next 1-2 months, Russell tried to increase his intake of the iHeRQles from 1>2>3 squirts/day but every time he took more than 2 squirts/day, the flu-like symptoms came back. Now seemed like a good time to test this new Humisol product he was introduced to by one of our great and trusted manufacturers of Cellular PSP.

Russell started taking one Humisol capsule every night around 5-6:00 PM, along with 2 squirts/day of iHeRQles. After the first week the flu-like symptoms did not come back. He kept taking one Humisol capsule/day and increased to 3 squirts/day iHeRQles. The flu-like symptoms still DID NOT come back at night. Now Russell could tolerate 3+ squirts/day of the new iHeRQles product, as long as he continued to take Humisol. Humisol works!

When Russell subsequently got a dry, scratchy throat, achy body and fatigue at night, he increased Humisol to 2 caps/day and within one week his symptoms again went away. Russell proved to himself the lack of humic acid in our basic diet and by supplementing with Humic acid when feeling sick, he uncovered one "wholistic" key to Freedom From Illness.

Humisol and Valley Fever in Dog

Pets are family members too

Pets are family members too!

I have an Irish Wolfhound mix, 10 years old, 60 lbs., with Valley Fever (caused by a fungus prevalent in the SW U.S.) and thyroid issues. We were giving Desert Defense for Dogs Original Formula, ľ-cup kefir and your BioPreparationF3+. His fur thickened up and he itched less but he still had Valley Fever symptoms.

I started giving him your Humisol and after 1.5 months he gained weight. Granted Iíve been feeding him more but for a long time he just wouldnít gain weight. He looks much better now. He also seems to have more energy. He wants to run more on our walks around the golf course.

The last thing I noticed and donít know if it has anything to do with now taking Humisol is, that the fur on his back legs now sticks straight out like he stuck his toe in an electric socket! He has very wiry fur (Irish Wolfhound genes) but now it seems softer especially on his back legs.
Finn got his lab results back today:

  • Coccidioides IgG antibody = positive
  • Coccidioides IgM = negative
  • Immunodiffusion Titer = AB Present @ 1:4

He is down to 1:4!!! I donít know if the Humisol did it or it was the BioPreparationF3+ or a combo but we are happy! Thanks, óG.B.

How is Humisol Different than BioSuperfood and BioPreparation?

Humisol is humic acid extracted from naturally decaying deposits. It is a targeted natural supplement, unlike algae, which is whole superfood at the bottom of the food chain and native to all plant's, animal's and human's diet. We, therefore, consider Humisol to be a functional bio-active food supplement rather than a pure whole food product, like BioPreparation and BioSuperfood. The difference might seem like semantics but we feel Nature's complete and original whole food algae, being a universal food for ALL plants, animals and humans, would be our first choice to activate the body's own natural ability to heal. We always recommend using whole food products first over any type of supplement. With over 15,000 individual nutrients, algae support every single gland, organ and body system in ALL living beings and plants.

With that said, based on our and our clients' first-hand experiences, Humisol seems to work in a similar way as BioSuperfood for people and BioPreparation for pets, in that they all provide cellular nutrition at the DNA level of cells. This deep holistic action is much different than ordinary "holistic" supplements (like a Vitamin C pill or fish oil capsule) that just treat the symptoms and of course drugs. Keep returning to this page for more client experiences.

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