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Berkey Water Filters


Healthy water for you and your pets

  • Are you spending a lot for bottled water?
  • Do you have a water filter but can't afford to replace the filter cartridges when needed?
  • Do you want to avoid having to attach hardware to your faucet?
  • Do you want to avoid plumbing work to connect a filter to your water line?
  • Do you want higher quality filtered water than most faucet filters provide?
  • Do you want to filter fluoride out of your water?

With a Berkey countertop water filter, you can get the highest quality water for the lowest price, without the hassle of mounting the filter to your faucet or water line. We bought a Berkey countertop filter for our home when we discovered that it created even higher quality filtered water than our Multi-Pure faucet-mounted filter. Because the Berkey filter uses gravity filtration, the water is in contact with the filters for a longer period of time than a faucet- or water line-mounted filter. We can taste the difference and our chiropractor's testing also showed the Berkey filtered water to be superior to our faucet-mounted filter. (For the optimal filtering of chemicals from your water, we suggest buying the carbon block filters with your Berkey, rather than ceramic filters.)

Berkey filters come in all sizes for all budgets and sizes of families, but they all use the same high-quality carbon block filters and gravity filtration system. If fluoride is a concern for you, you can add the optional fluoride filters underneath the filtering tank. No need to purchase an expensive reverse osmosis unit that wastes lots of water and may require high maintenance, to remove fluoride.

The Berkey filter is easy to use--just pour water into the top of the Berkey filter unit and it slowly trickles down through the filters into the holding tank below. For the fastest filtration, buy a unit that can accommodate 4 or more filters, as we did. On the rare occasions when we run out of water in the lower holding tank, we can quickly make more with our four-filter unit.

Because the Berkey filters last so long (up to 3,000 gallons), your cost per gallon is lower than the majority of water filter solutions on the market. Berkey filters will last for several years. One gallon of Berkey water costs just 1.7 cents! How much are you paying for bottled water or for filters for your water unit? Save money and improve your health with a Berkey water filter.

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Berkey Water Filter


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