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December 2008, News from Optimum Choices, LLC
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December Pet Sale
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Do Cheaper Supplements Really Save Money?
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December Pet Sale—Pets Deserve Presents too!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Eid ul-Fitr or the Winter Solstice, don't forget your pet. To celebrate the season of giving, Optimum Choices will give your pet a FREE gift with every order of BioPreparation (BioSuperfood for animals) through December 31, 2008. If you have a dog, we'll send you a sample bag of Active Care's Healthy Joint Chews. If you have a cat, we'll send you one of two cat toys. Please specify which species (dog, cat or both) in the Pet/People Info box of our Shopping Cart.

Healthy Joint ChewsActive Care Healthy Joint Chews for Dogs
This is a healthy dog chew supplying the chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine HCl in the form nature intended (not a supplement) for your companion animals. All-natural treat made from natural bovine cartilage with no man-made ingredients. Contains NO carbohydrates (starch fillers), binders, propylene glycol, preservatives or synthetic ingredients. Dogs love the taste of these chewy treats and they won't gain weight. For older pets with arthritis or hip dysplasia and for younger pets to help prevent it. Good for all ages. Our Chihuahua loves them (we recommend soaking these chews for smaller dogs).

Cat toy giftsCat Toys
Furry mouse or catnip 'birdie'. Unless you have a strong preference,
please let us pick the toy for your cat.



Some of our customers report their pet to have:

  • Increased energy

  • Better moods

  • More playfulness

  • More flexibility

  • More affection

after starting BioPreparation

Oops! Too much energy!  

Celebrate the return of the Fountain of Youth with your pet!

Holiday People Sale

  • Order $350 or more of BioSuperfood or BioPreparation and get one BSF-f2 (60-capsules, $27 value) or one BP-F2+ (60-capsules, $25 value) FREE! Please specify which product (BSF-f2 or BP-F2+) you would like as your free gift in the Special Instructions box on the second page of our Shopping Cart. Your free gift will not show up in your shopping cart total or receipt. Cannot be combined with ESS45% sale.
    Makes a great introductory gift.


  • Order $450 or more of BioSuperfood or BioPreparation and get one BSF-f3 (60-capsules, $47 value) or one BP-F3+ (60-capsules, $45 value) FREE! Please specify which product (BSF-f3 or BP-F3+) you would like as your free gift in the Special Instructions box on the second page of our Shopping Cart. Your free gift will not show up in your shopping cart total or receipt.  Cannot be combined with ESS45% sale.
    Makes a great introductory gift.

You must type in "Holiday Sale" in the Special Instructions box of the shopping cart or mention "Holiday Sale" in your e-mail or phone order to get these special people offers. Your free bottle will not show up in the shopping cart but will be added to your order before it is sent out. Please specify which product (BSF-f2, 60-capsules; BP-F2+; BSF-F3, 60-capsules; or BP-F3+) you would like as your free gift in the Special Instructions box on the second page of our Shopping Cart.  Cannot be combined with ESS45% sale.

Sale good thru midnight MST, December 31, 2008.


Current News



5 Weeks to Wellness for Pets class
—great gift or investment in your pet's health

Alecia EvansIt's not too late to sign up for Alecia's January 13, 2009, first class. This incredible class will share with you a decade of Alecia's professional experience in how to help your animals heal and keep them healthy naturally.

Are you ready to arm yourself with powerful and practical knowledge of how to keep your pet in tip-top shape for the rest of their lives? Are you ready to transform your pet’s health from the very first day of class? Then click on the button below to sign up for the best investment in your pet’s health you will ever make.

5 Weeks to Wellness class  Tell Alecia, Optimum Choices sent you.

Dates : Tuesday January 13, 20, 27 February 3, 10
Time: 5:30pm (Pacific) 6:30pm (Mountain) 8:30pm (Eastern)
Location: Your home or office phone or computer
For more information, please contact: info@5weekstowellnessforpets.com
Or call: 970-948-5418
Alecia Evans
Animal Wellness Consultant

We have known Alecia Evans since 2003 and appreciate her compassionate and intuitive style. She was responsible for saving Cali's life from IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia), a 70% fatal disease. Click here to read Cali's testimonial.


Helping the Home Alone Fido-DVD
great stocking stuffer

Understanding and Managing Home Alone Problems With Your Dog

Does your dog have difficulty being left home alone? Does he bark too much, soil in the house, become destructive or escape from your yard? Do you worry that your dog is distressed or bored when home alone or do you think your dog misbehaves because he’s mad you’ve left him?

NOW you can get the help you need! In this innovative DVD program, you’ll discover the REAL reasons for your dog’s home alone behaviors and what YOU can do to help your Fido be good when home alone.

This is a two-disc program. A DVD and a BONUS CD with more than 28 pages of printable notes, worksheets and resources to help you with your home alone dog.

Dr. Suzanne Hetts and Dr. Dan Estep
Animal Behavior Associates, Inc.
DVD Program: $23.95 includes domestic shipping
Tel: 303-932-9095
FAX: 303-932-2298
Email: info@AnimalBehaviorAssociates.com
Click button below to order directly from Animal Behavior Associates, Inc.:

Click on the image at the bottom of the page

and then scroll down to the Helping the Home Alone Fido DVD product.


We personally know Suzanne and Dan and highly recommend their work.


Do Cheaper Supplements Really Save Money?
By Russell Louie

During these economic times it is so tempting to try and get by with cheaper products. I know everyone's situation is different but in the long term, this tactic ends up costing more money. Last month, we talked about a customer who would not buy premium pet food or supplements for her 100 pound, 10+ year old Golden Retriever because of the cost. Then she ended up spending over $600 on a vet exam, steroid injection and prescription food because her arthritic dog literally could not get up to go outside to the bathroom. What holistic product could she have purchased for less than $50/month?

Recently, a customer who had been feeding a raw food diet and BioPreparation to their 2 year old Dry kibblepoodle switched to dry kibble and cheaper supplements. Now their dog had a bout of loose, bloody stools. After two rounds of antibiotics, the condition seems to be under control. But she now has to feed a home-made diet of raw hamburger, pumpkin, rice or oatmeal and digestive enzymes. Would $50/month and a good premium food diet cost less?

Let me give an example most people can relate to. Say one tries to use the cheapest, no-name brand gasoline to save money. For the first six months everything seems fine and you are saving money. Then your car becomes hard to start, sputters and hesitates when going uphill. You take your car to your mechanic and he tells you the sparks plugs are all gummed up, the engine's timing is off and needs a tune-up and the fuel filter is clogged. He asks you, what have you changed in the last year to cause this, since your car didn't used to be this bad. The only thing you changed was buying that cheap, no-name brand gasoline. The difference is, the brand-name gasoline has cleaning detergents in it to prevent deposits from forming, the higher octane brand-name gasoline burns hotter and is more efficient in your engine for accelerating up hills and the brand-name gasoline station has standards requiring them to change their pumps' filters at regular intervals for cleaner gasoline. Brand-name stations also do not let their gasoline storage tank drop below a certain level to avoid dredging up the sludge that inevitably settles at the bottom of their storage tank (resulting in a clogged fuel filter). All these conditions make brand-name gas cost more but in the end it is safer, more efficient and better for the health of your car. Whether it's worth it to save money in the short term by buying the cheapest gas available, is up to each individual. I'll bet the savings in gas is less than what the mechanic charges for a major tune-up and replacement parts.

I am not judging any of our customers for trying to save money. Everyone must do, what they have to do, in their individual situation. In these uncertain economic times, it is worth evaluating what you are investing your money in. Why not invest in something that you have total control over, that will continue to pay dividends (no matter how low the financial market goes) and that no one can take away from you: yours and your pet's health. The government can't tax it, the banks can't lock it up and the returns will continue to accumulate as long as you continue to invest.

Here's to your holistic health and economic wellness.



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