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March 2021-Wholistic Tip of the Month
Welcome to the monthly Freedom From Illness wholistic tips newsletter from Russell Louie and Margaret Auld-Louie at Optimum Choices. To receive this newsletter by e-mail or to unsubscribe, see the footer at the very bottom.


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Pet Food Recalls
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Pet Food Recalls

Important January 11, 2021, UPDATE below.

The pet food recalls continue. FDA Alert: Certain Lots of Pet Food from Multiple Brands Recalled for Aflatoxin. From the FDA website: specific pet food products manufactured by Sunshine Mills under several brand names, may contain unsafe levels of aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is produced by the Aspergillus flavus mold, which can grow on corn and other grains. At high levels, aflatoxin can cause illness and death in pets. Symptoms may include sluggishness, loss of appetite, vomiting, jaundice (yellowish tint to the eyes or gums due to liver damage), and/or diarrhea. In severe cases, this toxicity can be fatal. In some cases, pets may suffer liver damage but not show any symptoms. Brands include, Family Pet Meaty Cuts®, Heartland Farms®, Champ®, Field Trial®, Good Dog, Hunter’s Special®, Old Glory®, Paws Happy Life®, Pet Expert, Principle, Retriever®, River Bend, Sportsman’s Pride®, Sprout®, Thrifty®, Top Runner® or Whiskers & Tails. For a complete list, with Lot Numbers, go to the FDA web page: Sunshine Mills, Inc. Expands Previously Announced Voluntary Recall of Certain Pet Food Products Due to Potentially Elevated Levels of Aflatoxin.

JANUARY 11, 2021 UPDATE: After more than 70 dogs have died and 80 have gotten sick after consuming Sportmix pet food, the FDA has expanded the pet food recall to all pet foods containing corn manufactured by Midwestern Pet Foods. This food has an expiration date on or before July 9, 2022. The updated list of recalled pet food products (as of January 11, 2021) includes lots of the following pet food products, if the date/lot code includes an expiration date on or before "07/09/22" and includes "05" in the date/lot code, which identifies products made in the Oklahoma plant:

  • Pro Pac Adult Mini Chunk, 40 lb. bag

  • Pro Pac Performance Puppy, 40 lb. bag

  • Splash Fat Cat 32%, 50 lb. bag

  • Nunn Better Maintenance, 50 lb. bag

  • Sportmix Original Cat, 15 lb. bag

  • Sportmix Original Cat, 31 lb. bag

  • Sportmix Maintenance, 44 lb. bag

  • Sportmix Maintenance, 50 lb. bag

  • Sportmix High Protein, 50 lb. bag

  • Sportmix Energy Plus, 44 lb. bag

  • Sportmix Energy Plus, 50 lb. bag

  • Sportmix Stamina, 44 lb. bag

  • Sportmix Stamina, 50 lb. bag

  • Sportmix Bite Size, 40 lb. bag

  • Sportmix Bite Size, 44 lb. bag

  • Sportmix High Energy, 44 lb. bag

  • Sportmix High Energy, 50 lb. bag

  • Sportmix Premium Puppy, 16.5 lb. bag

  • Sportmix Premium Puppy, 33 lb. bag

Lot code information may be found on the back of bag and will appear in a three-line code, with the top line in format "EXP 03/03/22/05/L#/B###/HH:MM" For more updated details go to: FDA Alert

Want to avoid all these recalls? The best "wholistic" suggestion to prevent danger to your pet is -- STOP feeding dry kibble pet food. In our "wholistic" opinion, dry kibble pet food containing grains is the least nutritious form of food to feed a carnivore. It is nutritionally equivalent to feeding meat-flavored cookies to your child. Furthermore, a majority of all pet food recalls is with dry food. Canned food, freeze-dried food and raw food have a much lower percentage of recalls. For the latest recalls, go to:

Dog Food Recalls or FDA website

To read more on our "wholistic" philosophy on pet food, go to the following links:

Pet Food Recall
Holistic Pet Food

For a very revealing report on pet food, click the link:

What Pet Food Companies
Don't Want You to Know


Today's Science Catches Up With Yesterday's Holistic Wisdom

We just love when today's "modern-day" scientists prove what we already knew worked holistically 30 years ago? In a recent article, Scientists Find Blue-Green Algae Chemical blue-green algae cellswith Cancer Fighting Potential, scientists state they have discovered a compound called gatorbulin-1 (GB1), from a cyanobacteria algae species in south Florida, which may have significant anti-cancer activity. Scientists were interested in the cyanobacteria's biomedical defense and communication compound properties, to see if gatorbulin-1 (GB1) from this blue-green algae, had significant anti-cancer activity with the potential to be developed into a new chemotherapy drug. Researchers were interested in GB1 because it targets a protein in cells called tubulin. This protein, that cells require during cell division, is used to build their inner framework of cells. While there are already chemotherapy drugs that target tubulin, Dr. Hendrik Luesch and collaborators in Spain showed that GB1 is special because it interacts with tubulin in a new way. Now Dr. Hendrik Luesch (medicinal chemist and director of the Center for Natural Products, Drug Discovery and Development at the University of Florida) and Dr. Valerie Paul (chemical ecologist and head scientist at the Smithsonian Marine Station) and their team, want to see if GB1 has real-world potential to become a cancer-fighting green algae cellsmedicine.

Flashback to the early 1970's, the Academy of Science and later the Ministry of Nutrition of the former Soviet Union, began research into nutrient-rich blends of algae, coined bio-algae concentrates (BAC). As principal scientist for the Academy of Science, a young Dr. Michael Kiriac was tasked with getting rid of the cancer epidemic in their livestock (food supply). Many combinations of bio-algae concentrates (BAC) were studied and tested in large animal populations and were also used in the real-life production of millions of chickens, thousands of pigs, minks and dairy cows and continued long after the 1990 breakdown of the former Soviet Republic. BAC were tested extensively with over twenty animal species, including rats, rabbits, birds, fish, cats, dogs, goats, and horses. Dr Kiriac's cancer research successes are undeniable proof of concept due to the number of animals involved. Review the video summaries below:

Bio-Algae Concentrates—click on photos for short videos
Dr Kiriac's family cancer history

Dr Michael Kiriac's family
history of pancreatic cancer

Cancer in animals algae research

Animal algae research


Chernobyl's amazing results

Chernobyl's amazing results

Bioreactor cancer in animals success

Cancer success in
20+ animal species

Although not FDA-approved (the studies are written in Russian and to repeat them would cost millions of dollars), these blind study cases provide compelling evidence for the benefits of using BAC. We and our clients have been taking Dr Kiriac's commercial bio-algae concentrates (BAC) products, BioSuperfood for people and giving BioPreparation to our pets, since 2002. Uncover some of our clients' cancer success stories on our web page, Cancer-Holistic Perspective. What is the difference between today's scientists focusing on GB1 as a potential real-world, cancer-fighting medicine and Dr. Kiriac's bio-algae concentrates? First the similarity.

Dr. Kiriac also discovered another algae species that had tremendous anti-tumor, anti-cancer fighting properties, red cellsAstaxanthin. But his research uncovered the fallacy of relying only on one compound to fight cancer. The first principle of Western allopathic medicine is to introduce a substance into the body to produce an effect. This is clearly the product doing the work. But when one introduces a substance into the body at a higher amount than Nature intended, this tends to produce side effects and toxicity. This is the disadvantagedrugs of all Western cancer treatment, conventional drugs and some isolated supplements. So, in Dr. Kiriac's holistic wisdom, he continued his research until he found a bio-algae concentrates (BAC) blend that not only addressed the cancer tumor but also nutritionally supported the body's own natural ability to neutralize the systemic cancer condition. Unless one addresses this latter state, all cancer will eventually return.

Even if one uses strong Western cancer drugs and the tumor symptoms do not reappear in the first six months, we are doctor with prescriptionbetting the cancer condition is not gone. Then 1,2,3… years later when cancer symptoms (tumor) reappear the Western doctor says the cancer came back. We would holistically say the cancer never was gone but the body/brain was still producing cancer cells at such a slow rate that no apparent symptoms were present to Western doctors. We believe unless one holistically changes their (or their pet's) diet, lifestyle and eliminates all potential cancer triggers, the cancerous condition remains. This is the absolute genius of Dr Michael Kiriac's final bio-algae concentrate formulas: they not only contain anti-tumor, cancer-fighting Astaxanthin (red) and Dunaliella (orange) microalgae species but also Spirulina pacifica and Spirulina platensis (blue-green) microalgae species into a completely balanced, synergistic blend to support the body's/brain's job in eliminating the systemic side of cancer. This is the body/brain doing the work and NOT the product, as opposed to drugs and isolated supplements that just treat the symptoms. As whole superfood products (like oranges and salmon) both BioSuperfood for people and BioPreparation for pets have zero toxicity, no side effects and no contraindications with any know Western drug or cancer treatment. So, by feeding the anti-tumor and cancer-fighting properties of certain compounds to the body's (brain's) entire immune system, one is giving the best possible chance of making a complete recovery towards total "wholistic" wellness.

Are you holistically proactive or medically reactive? Do you wait for symptoms to show up or blow up, before taking holistic action? Do you want to wait for FDA-approved, anti-cancer algae products to be medically proven and commercially available? Or do you believe Dr. Kiriac's bio-algae concentrates successful cancer in animals research and work with people at Chernobyl (30 years ago) is enough empirical proof for you and your family (including furry children) to enjoy Freedom From Illness? The choice is up to you.


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