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June 2019
Welcome to the monthly Freedom From Illness wholistic newsletter from Russell Louie and Margaret Auld-Louie at Optimum Choices. To receive this newsletter by e-mail or to unsubscribe, see the footer at the very bottom.


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Pet Food Recalls
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Watch for our NEW website launching soon. More user-friendly, easier navigation menus, holistic blog, more efficient shopping cart and many more state-of-the-art web site features.

June Sale


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Our Colorado winter snowpack is averaging 437% of normal statewide. This means our summer water supply is good but there will be a chance for flooding as the snow melts. All this extra moisture this year has resulted in our largest wild poppy crop ever, in our backyard. From now until next month's e-newsletter is published, get a 5% discount off your entire order. Enter "5POPPY" (the number "5" and the word "POPPY" with no spaces) in the Discount Coupon box in our shopping cart.

Press the green [Recalculate] button in the lower left corner of our shopping cart to see this discount calculated in your total. This discount may not be combined with our autoship, volume, referral bonus, professional or other discounts.

HINT: for maximum savings, order any Starter Pack (three bottles) of BioPreparation, BioSuperfood and/or ALPHA-G for a 5% discount AND in addition, get the 5% monthly discount above, for a total of 10% off the full retail price of a single bottle. No other discounts can be applied.

HINT: if you miss our monthly e-newsletters containing the current month's discount code, go to our home page and select the green [Newsletters] button in the center table. Then click the appropriate year and subsequent month buttons to view our current month's e-newsletter and "secret" discount code.

Current News

Because of our low, mail order, Internet prices and the amazing demand for our "wholistic" consulting and revolutionary products, we limit every inquiry (e-mail and telephone) to 15 minutes in order to help all those in need. After the first 15 minutes we charge our normal consulting fee. Please make use of all the free resources available 24 hours/day, by clicking on the buttons in the left-hand menu of every product page (Ingredients, Usage, FAQ, etc.). Thank you in advance.

Freedom From Illness Project

If you or a family member (including furry children) have experienced amazing benefits from our holistic products and expertise, please consider paying-it-forward by helping us holistically educate more people and save more pets. Please click on our photo below or go to this link:


Pet Food Recalls

The pet food recalls continue. The FDA has expanded its investigation of the elevated levels of Vitamin D in dry dog foods, which can be toxic and cause serious health problems.

01/31/2019  Hill's Pet Nutrition voluntarily recalled select canned dog food products due to potentially elevated levels of vitamin D. These recalled products were distributed to retail stores and veterinary clinics nationwide. For more information, go to the FDA web page, Hill's Pet Nutrition Voluntary Recall.

Currently, there are eight brands and twelve different diets that have been recalled. The FDA found an alarming 70 times the intended amount of vitamin D. To learn more about this recall, please read Life's Abundance blog post. None of our Life's Abundance pet food is affected by this recall.

The best "wholistic" suggestion to prevent danger to your pet is -- STOP feeding dry kibble dog food. In our "wholistic" opinion, dry kibble dog food is the least nutritious form of food to feed a carnivore. Furthermore, a majority of all pet food recalls is with dry food. Canned food, freeze-dried food and raw food have a much lower percentage of recalls. For the latest recalls, go to:

Dog Food Recalls or FDA website

To read more on our "wholistic" philosophy on pet food, go to the following links:

Pet Food Recall
Holistic Pet Food

For a very revealing report on pet food, click the link:

What Pet Food Companies
Don't Want You to Know


STOP Supplementing Symptoms

Some people read one of our happy testimonials for regenerative anemia and want to know if they can use the same product for non-regenerative anemia. Others read our successful hyperthyroid (overactive thyroid) testimonial and want to know what they need for their hypothyroid (underactive thyroid) condition. If using drugs or isolated supplements that just treat the symptoms, one would probably need two different products for each scenario. In other words, one would take the red pill for an underactive condition or the blue pill for an overactive condition. This is clearly the product doing the work, as in supplementing the symptoms. While this approach may be needed for critical and debilitating conditions, after the urgency has been neutralized we would suggest taking further “wholistic” action to normalize ALL the glands and organs in order to balance the WHOLE body. This would provide a more permanent solution to allow the body to stand on its own using whole food products, rather than be dependent on drugs and Mikki dog & Connie catisolated supplements, which are not completely balanced.

Are you or your pet...

  1. Spending a fortune on isolated supplements and wish you could cut back without sacrificing your health?

  2. Taking over a dozen supplements and do not know if any of them are working?

  3. Taking multiple remedies for the same illness or health condition?

  4. Experiencing symptoms that have come back after you discontinue a supplement?

  5. Having side effects or reached the toxic level for a supplement or drug, without getting much relief?

If you answered 'YES', to any of the above questions you may be just supplementing the symptoms. The next paradigm in holistic healthcare will utilize less isolated supplements and more whole foods or whole food products to maintain wellness. Taking isolated supplements is analogous to the little Dutch boy who put his finger in the dike to stop the water leak and save the town from flooding. Sure, he is a hero but the problem is he has to keep his finger in the dike forever or until a more permanent solution is found. Most supplements just satisfy a nutritional deficiency and do nothing to correct the original imbalance or “wholistically” balance the body from within. The body becomes dependent on the supplements to eliminate the symptoms and true “wholistic” health is never achieved. One must continue to take the drug or isolated supplements, sometimes in ever increasing dosages. When side effects occur or the toxic level is reached, the doctor prescribes a different product that works in a "different" way. So, taking some supplements is simply using a natural product in an allopathic Western medicine way to treat the symptom. Instead, try our whole food products, BioSuperfood for people of BioPreparation for pets.

BioSuperfood (for people) and BioPreparation (for pets) are whole super food products containing over 75,000 individual nutrients. Both products nourish ALL the glands of the WHOLE body. When the body/brain are energized and working in synergy, the natural ability of the body to heal can take over. So, regardless of the "official" diagnosis by a doctor, no matter whether the gland, organ or blood value is too low or too high, we would always start with our basic whole superfood products to awaken the genius within. Discover more details on this truly “wholistic” concept, on our web pages:

Vitamin C
Whole Food Products vs. Vitamins and Supplements

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