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January 2017

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Pet Food Recalls
When Can I Stop Eating Oranges and Drinking Water?
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January Sale

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Happy New Year. As we reviewed 2016 with many clients and colleagues, we all would like to forget 2016 and start out with new goals, new intentions and new healthy habits to get NEW results in 2017. From now until next month's e-newsletter is published, get a 5% discount off your entire order. Enter "5NEW" (the number "5" and the word "NEW" with no spaces) in the Discount Coupon box in our shopping cart.

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HINT: for maximum savings, order any Starter Pack (three bottles) of BioPreparation, BioSuperfood and/or ALPHA-G for a 5% discount AND in addition, get the 5% monthly discount above, for a total of 10% off the full retail price of a single bottle. No other discounts can be applied.

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Because of our low, mail order, Internet prices and the amazing demand for our "wholistic" consulting and revolutionary products, we limit every inquiry (e-mail and telephone) to 15 minutes in order to help all those in need. After the first 15 minutes we charge our normal consulting fee. Please make use of all the free resources available 24 hours/day, by clicking on the buttons in the left-hand menu of every product page (Ingredients, Usage, FAQ, etc.). Thank you in advance.

Freedom From Illness Project

If you or a family member (including furry children) have experienced amazing benefits from our holistic products and expertise, please consider paying-it-forward by helping us holistically educate more people and save more pets. Please click on our photo below or go to this link:



Pet Food Recalls

The pet food recalls continue. The best "wholistic" suggestion to prevent danger to your pet is — STOP feeding dry kibble dog food. In our "wholistic" opinion, dry kibble dog food is the least nutritious form of food to feed a carnivore. Furthermore, a majority of all pet food recalls is with dry food. Canned food, freeze-dried food and raw food have a much lower percentage of recalls. For the latest recalls, go to:

Dog Food Recalls or FDA website

To read more on our "wholistic" philosophy on pet food, go to the following links:

Pet Food Recall
Holistic Pet Food

For a very revealing report on pet food, click the link:

What Pet Food Companies
Don't Want You to Know



When Can I Stop Eating Oranges and Drinking Water?

While the title may seem absurd when asking about food and water (staples of life), this is a very common question when asking about isolated supplements and, of course, drugs. With isolated supplements and drugs, one wants to stop taking them as soon as the symptoms disappear to save money, avoid long-term side effects and creating a dependency on the products. This is based on the Western medical principle of supplementing the symptoms with high doses of active ingredients to get rid of the symptoms quickly. Unfortunately, as soon as the symptoms are gone, one gets the false impression that the illness is resolved and the body is balanced. One gets a rude awakening when the isolated supplement or drug is discontinued and the symptoms return. Read our Vitamin C web page for more details.

While our whole superfood products, BioSuperfood and BioPreparation, look like an isolated supplement (green microalgae powder in a capsule) they are actually whole food dietary products (like an orange) and NOT isolated supplements. To help one understand the difference and get maximum benefits, here are a few holistic facts on how they are different than isolated supplements.

  1. Content of nutrients—isolated supplements have high doses (500, 1,000, 2,000 mg) of just active ingredients targeted to the symptoms to get results quickly. On the other hand, whole superfood products have thousands of individual nutrients in small food-grade quantities (often less than 100 mg) to nourish and balance the WHOLE body.
  2. Targeting the symptoms—isolated supplements generally target one gland, organ or body system that exhibits the symptoms. Instead, whole food products nourish and balance ALL the organs of the WHOLE body. This is literally awakening the body’s natural ability to heal, rather than the product (supplements or drug) doing the healing.

In support of the above and to encourage you to keep taking or giving to your pet our whole superfood products, here are some holistic facts. Remember the food chain discussed in biology class? Most people remember the upper Kingdoms as:

  1. Plants

  2. Animals

    a. Herbivorous animals (cows, sheep, pigs, deer, etc.) eat the plants.
    b. Carnivorous animals (canines, felines, snakes, falcon, etc.) eat the herbivorous animals and some plants.
    c. Omnivores (humans) eat plants, carnivorous and herbivorous animals.

Many people forget the importance of the lower Kingdoms:

  1. Bacteria (sometimes split into two Kingdoms)

  2. Protista (means the very first)—includes unicellular (one-celled) and multicellular organisms, including algae, that are not part of the Fungi, Plant or Animal Kingdoms)

  3. Fungi

Because of the order in the food chain, all the upper Kingdoms of Plants and Animals are dependent on the lower Kingdoms of Bacteria, Protista (including algae) and Fungi for certain nutrients, basic biological functions and thus survival. Nature meant the plants and animals to use algae as food, since algae are in every natural body of water, in the soil and on plants. These microscopic, one-celled organisms literally contain thousands of nutrients (over 15,000 in BioSuperfood and BioPreparation) necessary for life. When we and our pets eat cooked or processed foods and drinkNO dry kibble pet food only chlorinated tap water, we deny ourselves and our pets Nature’s vitamin chest. No wonder we get sick and our pets have nutrient-deficient and imbalanced bodies. So, by continuing to take or give bio-algae concentrates (BioSuperfood and BioPreparation) even after the symptoms are gone, we are supporting our (and our pet’s) wholistic wellness the way Nature intended.

Medicine men from indigenous cultures dried algae cakes and saved them for the sick, elderly and pregnant women. They knew that algae were a rich concentration of nutrients, contains nutrition not available elsewhere and was therefore valuable for not just the sick but also the elderly and pregnant women who need more nutrition than the average person.

Another reason not to stop as soon as the symptoms are gone, is that the body may not have regenerated all the damaged cells and rebuilt the dysfunctional gland or organ yet. This is one of the biggest mistakes we see in using drugs and isolated supplements to “fix” IBD, other digestive imbalances and degenerative conditions (such as cancer, auto-immune conditions and any type of glandular imbalance). It normally takes a healthy body, that is correctly absorbing nutrients, 6 months to regenerate every single intestinal cell in the cellular death/rebirth cycle. One must give an imbalanced body with IBD (that is not absorbing nutrients well) much longer than 6 months to do the same rebuilding process. When one gives up before 6 months after a product does not totally eliminate the digestive symptoms, one may be missing out on future benefits.

So when people ask, “When can I stop taking your bio-algae concentrate products, BioSuperfood and BioPreparation?” we tell them never, if you want to keep your and your pet’s body in balance and maintain “wholistic” wellness. Once the symptoms are gone and the body has had a reasonable chance to regenerate cells and rebuild the imbalanced glands and organs, one may choose to reduce the high beginning amount down to a health maintenance level. But we would recommend not stopping either BioSuperfood (for people) or BioPreparation (for pets), any more than we would recommend stop eating oranges or drinking water (necessary for life), when the symptoms are gone. Algae are superfoods that Nature meant all humans and animals to consume for life to maintain wellness.

If you want new results in 2017, you will have to believe in a new wholistic paradigm and try new holistic methods to get new results you have never gotten before. 

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When Can I Stop Eating Oranges and Drinking Water? Holistic Education: are you disappointed when symptoms return after discontinuing a supplement or drug? Learn why whole superfood products are superior to isolated supplements and drugs, which just treat the symptoms.


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