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March 2014, News from Optimum Choices
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March Sale
International Sales of BioPreparation and BioSuperfood
BioPreparation Label Redesign
How to pick the healthiest pet food
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March Sale

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Because of the amazing demand for our "wholistic" consulting and revolutionary products, we have to limit every inquiry (e-mail and telephone) to 15 minutes in order to help all those in need. After the first 15 minutes we charge our normal consulting fee. Please make use of all the free resources available 24 hours/day, by clicking on the buttons in the left-hand menu of every product page. Thank you in advance.

International Sales of BioPreparation and BioSuperfood

To better serve its customers the manufacturer has decided to handle all international sales of BioPreparation and BioSuperfood from their newly opened London office. The office is run by Dr. Kiriac's daughter, Rodika Kiriac, so you are in good hands. For international sales, please go to one of the local representatives below [green buttons] or:


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BioPreparation Label Redesign

The BioPreparation labels were changed to make them more FDA compliant.

  1. Instead of listing the specific names of Spirulina pacifica, and Spirulina platensis separately, the labels now list Spirulina collectively as one.

  2. Hypromellose is now listed as a separate ingredient. It is used as an emulsifier, thickening and suspending agent, and an alternative to animal gelatin capsules. This makes BioPreparation vegetarian-friendly containing no animal ingredients.

  3. The “certification” statement on the label was taken off because the FDA would require certification for EVERY single batch be submitted to them. This would create an unreasonable paperwork nightmare. Rather than raise the price of your bottle, the manufacturer chose to take the advertising “claim” off the label. Rest assured that Dr. Kiriac still adheres to the same quality control he always has. For details, go to: Quality_Assurance.

The ingredients, formula and quality of BioPreparation have not changed, just the cosmetic appearance of the label.


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How to pick the healthiest pet food

By Margaret Auld-Louie

Did you know that even some premium pet food brands may have misleading marketing claims? When looking for the best food for your pet, it helps to know a little bit about how meats are labeled and what the terms really mean. Recently a customer complained to us that the chicken in Life’s Abundance canned cat food, which we offer, is raised in cages and not as high quality as some premium farm-fresh eggsbrands found in stores (which is not true, as we will explain). Actually, no meat chickens anywhere are raised in cages. Only egg-laying chickens are raised in cages. However, companies may use the term “cage-free” on their meat chickens for marketing purposes, though it doesn’t indicate any difference in how their chickens are raised vs. other chickens. One premium pet food company boasts that their poultry is 98% cage free, though this means nothing and is just a marketing ploy. Also, you should be aware that ALL chicken in the USA that is not labeled as either “organic” or “No GMOs” is fed GMO feed, because almost all corn and soy raised in the USA is now genetically modified (GMO). This matters because GMOs most likely have adverse health effects, which you can learn more by reading our March, 2010, e-newsletter article Are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Bad? or at : www.responsibletechnology.org/.

There are a lot of terms misused for marketing purposes when it comes to selling chickens. Did you know that “free-range” chickens are not raised outdoors? Almost all chickens raised for meat are raised indoors in barns, sometimes as many as 20,000 to a facility. Even organic chickens are densely packed into indoor barns. Unfortunately, what are labeled as “free-range” chickens only require a door to the outside, which typically is a tiny door leading to a concrete slab. There are no requirements for howtruly pastured chickens long chickens need to be outdoors so they typically spend most, if not all, of their time indoors in crowded conditions.

To get chickens that are raised outdoors, you must purchase what are called "pastured" or "pasture-raised" chickens. They might be raised in a dirt pen rather than a grassy pasture, but they will be raised outdoors. These are typically only available directly from farmers, as they are not mass-produced for stores. Those “natural” and “organic” chickens you see in health food stores are not pastured chickens, unless you see them specifically labeled as “pastured”. While you can now find eggs in stores from pastured chickens, we have not yet found any pastured meat chickens in stores.

In some parts of the country, such as Colorado (where we live), pastured chickens are very expensive and very difficult to come by, because of the climate (it’s difficult to raise chickens in a harsh climate with cold, snowy winters and hot, dry summers). As you can imagine, with such a short supply of pastured chickens, it would not be possible for a pet food company to find a large enough supply at a reasonable enough price to use them in their commercial pet food production. There must be a reasonably large supply of an ingredient for a pet food manufacturer to be able to use it in their products.

To make things even more confusing, when it comes to beef, bison (buffalo) and lamb, the term "free-range" can actually mean that the animals are raised and finished on pasture. To confirm this, though, you will need to talk to the farmer or manufacturer to verify that the animals are 100% grassfed/pasture-raised, and not just raised initially on pasture and then finished on grain in a feedlot. Even "organic" and "natural" beef is typically finished in feedlots and almost all bison is grain-finished, unless labeled as 100% grassfed.

Another misleading term used to market chickens is “hormone free” or “no hormones”. Since hormones are not permitted in the raising of chickens, this is also a meaningless term.

To summarize, if a pet food company is using any of the following terms to make you think their chicken is healthy, it doesn’t mean anything and is just fancy marketing:truly pastured chickens

  • Free-range

  • Cage-free

  • No Hormones

  • Natural

  • Vegetarian Fed—chickens are omnivores, so while this may mean that the chickens are not eating low-quality animal byproducts, they cannot be optimally healthy on a vegetarian diet. They eat insects, larvae and small animals when out on pasture.

So what terms do mean something? We suggest looking for the following in the chicken you eat or feed your pets:

  • Organic—if you can’t get pastured chicken, the next best thing is organic since they will be fed organic food (which means no GMO food) and cannot be given antibiotics starting with their first day (might be given antibiotics in the egg.)

  • No GMOs—if you can’t get organic chicken, then look for chicken marketed as “Non GMO Project Verified”, meaning the chickens have not been fed corn, soy or other grains containing GMOs (genetically modified organisms.)

  • No Antibiotics—if you can’t get organic chicken, at least look for antibiotic-free chickens that are raised without antibiotics including in the egg. Chickens are fed antibiotics to make them grow faster, but this leads to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which are dangerous to people.

For further explanation about what the terms on chicken labels mean, see this article by Consumer Reports:
www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2014/02/the-high-cost-of-cheap-chicken/index.htm. Even the quality of pastured poultry can vary depending on the quality of the supplemental feed. To learn more about chicken marketing, including pastured chickens, see this excellent article:

When reading pet food labels, besides looking for the best quality chicken, what else should you look for? Look for what other ingredients are in the food. If you are buying food for your cat, keep in mind that cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they must have meat to survive. They do not have any requirement for carbohydrates or vegetables. But most cat foods contain those ingredients to reduce the price or give the illusion that the food is healthy (people think vegetables are healthy for everyone.) Pet foods often have grains added to reduce the cost, such as wheat, barley, corn, oats, rice or millet. Or soy may be added to foods increase the protein percentage, though dogs and cats cannot digest it very well (and non-organic soy is GMO.) But even if the food is grain-free, it may be high in other starches such as peas, tapioca or potatoes. Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM, feline nutrition expert, states that peas are too starchy for cats and should be avoided. Look at the labels of most grain-free canned cat foods and you will usually see one of these alternative starches. The manufacturers add them to cut the cost of the product.

Many holistic vets also suggest avoiding fish for cats, which can be found in many canned cat foods, even most premium brands. Feline nutrition expert Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM, explains: Why Fish is Dangerous for Cats on her website. Fish is added to canned cat food to make it more palatable to cats. They are probably attracted to the stinky smell and Omega 3 oils, since wild cats eat reptiles that are high in Omega 3’s. There are healthier ways to add Omega 3 oils to your cat’s diet, such as Moxxor. Dr. Hofve thinks so highly of the benefits of Moxxor for pets that she sits on their veterinary advisory board.

So, getting back to the question about the quality of Life’s Abundance canned cat food, why does Optimum Choices offer it? The Life’s Abundance line of pet foods has all been formulated by Dr. JaneLife's Abundance Instinctive Choice cat food Bicks, who is a holistic veterinarian. As such, she is aware that cats are carnivores and thrive best on a meat-based, carbohydrate-free diet. Obviously the Life’s Abundance cat kibble contains carbohydrates, because it’s physically impossible to make a kibble without carbohydrates. They need to offer a cat kibble to meet customer demand, though it is not the best option to feed cats. But the Life’s Abundance canned cat food is one of the best products on the market. Several years ago we were asked by a local rescue organization to recommend a premium canned cat food for one of their cats that had medical issues and needed a high quality canned food without fish. They said they could not afford Life’s Abundance. So we went to all the high-end pet supply stores in the area that carry the latest in premium pet foods and read labels. We were shocked to realize that there was nothing as good as Life’s Abundance. The vast majority of foods had fish added. Those that did not typically had starches or vegetables added to cut the cost.

When we look at the label for Life’s Abundance Instinctive Choice canned cat food, we see that it only contains organic chicken, chicken liver, chicken broth, turkey, chicken meal, shrimp and fish oil. No carbohydrates (starches), vegetables or fillers like cheaper brands. Some guar gum is added to thicken the broth. Guar gum is one of the safest-possible food additives used as a thickener. To see an analysis of its safety, read:

Although Life’s Abundance is not 100% organic, the first ingredient is organic chicken (which means the chickens are not fed GMO-containing feed, a very important health issue). Producing a 100% organic our 3 catscanned cat food would likely make the product cost-prohibitive for most consumers. If you look at the organic pet foods in stores, you will probably notice that they have added starches and/or vegetables to reduce the cost since organic meat is so pricey. Rather than adding fish to improve palatability, Life’s Abundance adds shrimp, which is healthier for cats and full of nutrients. Dr. Jean Hofve, the noted feline nutritionist and co-author of The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care, recommends and sells Life’s Abundance cat food. We use it with our cats. We supplement their raw diet with Life’s Abundance canned food, to reduce costs and help ensure they receive a balanced diet. While our most finicky cat will not always eat it, our other two cats are always happy to gobble it up. It is not only one of the healthiest but also one of the tastiest canned cat foods on the market.

Next time you go shopping for pet food, keep in mind the tips in this article so you can evaluate the manufacturer's claims and sort out the marketing hype from the facts. For even more details on what to look for in a truly "wholistic" pet food, read our e-Book: Save Your Dog or Cat.

Save Your Dog or Cat e-Book

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