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February 2015, News from Optimum Choices
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When It’s Time to Cross the Rainbow Bridge
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When It’s Time to Cross the
Rainbow Bridge

Every pet parent must eventually face the hard decision when it is time for their pet to cross the proverbial Rainbow Bridge. We escorted our Chihuahua mix, Mikki, over the Rainbow Bridge last Thanksgiving. The following is a chronology of her last 18 months of geriatric and then hospice care. We finally decided by November, 2014, that her quality of life had degraded so much that she just did not enjoy being in a physical body anymore. We hope our sharing makes your decision easier.

17 years old/18 months left (5/2013): We took Mikki to the vet because she stopped wanting to eat her meals. In the past she had been a “food monster”,  gobbling up her meals in less than a minute. Blood tests showed high kidney values, indicating the onset of Chronic Renal Failure (CRF). We began administering subcutaneous (SubQ) fluids and adding kidney supplements to her diet. BioPreparation-f3+ was already being added at 2 capsules/day due to her age and arthritis, which is an advanced amount for her size (12 lbs.). When her eating did not improve on SubQ fluids, we hospitalized her for a day to give intravenous fluids. She was more lively after that but still not eating better. 

17 years old/17 months left (6/2013): To nourish Mikki’s kidneys and body, we have been giving the Chinese herbal formula Rehmania 6, Standard Process’ Renafood, Amino B’s (liquid amino acids & vitamin B supplement), Myristin (for arthritis), Moxxor green lipped mussel oil (for arthritis), polysaccharide peptide product ALPHA-G and BioPreparation-f3+, plus getting acupuncture treatments for her. It is still hard to get Mikki to eat her meals, especially with supplements in them. Margaret is hand-feeding canned food with supplements. Mikki will sometimes eat food on her own without supplements but the only way to get supplements into her is to hand-feed the food to her. Mikki is refusing all treats 95% of the time. Mikki is even refusing to eat people food at times, which is not like her. 

Mikki’s arthritis is also worsening and it is hard to get her going at the beginning of walks or get her to walk very far, so Margaret bought a doggy stroller for her. Margaret puts her in the stroller at the beginning of the walk and then takes Mikki out when she turns around to return home. Mikki really enjoys this routine and often runs home, like a “horse to the barn.” 

17 years old/ 16 months left (7/2013): Mikki has been walking better and more energetically. Today she readily ate sliced chicken treats and tonight she ate jerky and puffed lamb lung treats. We suspect everything is starting to help and perhaps the Zeel/Traumeel homeopathic is helping with her arthritis, in addition to the acupuncture treatments.  

17 years old/11 months left (1/2014): Mikki is becoming incontinent. She used I am not a happy camper in boots.to hold it 8-10 hours at night and at least 6-8 hours during the day when needed. Now she can only last 3-4 hours before she needs to potty. If we are not home she will go inside now. Mikki hates to go outside when it is cold to go potty. We set up a potty pad (synthetic grass) inside to encourage Mikki to pee when needed inside. It took us a while to train her but it sometimes works.  

17 years old/9 months left (2/2014): Mikki is refusing to eat and is walking really slow. She yelps in pain whenever we try to grab her underside next to a leg. We started giving her Tramadol for severe arthritis pain. Giving the Zeel/Traumeel homeopathic remedy seems to help. By now, the hand-feeding is more like force feeding. Margaret tips Mikki’s head back, stuffs food in, and continues holding her head back until she swallows. The only foods she will eat on her own are very tasty foods like steak or canned cat food, but we cannot mix her supplements into pieces of steak, and the cat food is too rich for dogs. We have tried every canned dog food available but Mikki does not like any of them enough to eat them on her own. Mikki seems to digest the food OK once it is into her. She just does not have much appetite, which is probably due to the kidney disease. She was on a raw food diet when she was younger but became unable to tolerate raw food in her old age (as can happen with elderly people or pets.) 

Mikki & Connie18 years old/7 months left (4/2014): We substituted disposable training pads (for puppies) on the floor for the potty pad because they are easier to clean up and Mikki is now missing the potty pad. Mikki needs to be walked every 2-4 hours now.  

18 years old/5 months left (6/2014): Not even acupuncture seems to help Miki now. She has low energy and is less willing to go for a walk. Mikki started having shaking fits. We squirt her with homeopathic remedies and give her Reiki treatments which seemed to calm her down and reduce the fit. Mikki frequently wanders aimlessly around the room. Sometimes she stops in a corner, like she is stuck or cannot decide where to go next. Then she starts up and continues. We started weekly red laser treatment by the vet to help ease her arthritis pain, since the Tramadol, Myristin and Moxxor do not seem to help much. The laser treatment helped and Mikki was walking better after it.  

18 years/4 months left (7/2014): Mikki started spotting (leaving small frequent pee spots) on walks. Mikki stopped using the training pads inside and now just pees on the floor whenever she needs to. We have to clean up quite a bit first thing every morning from the night before. The vet diagnosed Mikki with a urinary tract infection and prescribed antibiotics. The spotting dramatically improved for a few weeks, but then recurred. Mikki is vomiting weekly now.

Iris & Mikki competing
for THE chair.

18 years/3 months left (8/2014): Mikki was started on another course of antibiotics for the spotting. When one does not help, another is added, but it did not help any either. Also, her digestion was upset by the antibiotics, causing loose stools. We increased the probiotics to the maximum amount (4 scoops/day) and her digestion slowly improved after the antibiotics were completed. The vet wanted to do an ultrasound of the kidneys to diagnose the spotting but Mikki is too sick now to tolerate treatment for either a kidney infection or bladder blockage, so it does not make sense to spend more money on diagnostics. Mikki started having heavy panting fits. The vet cannot determine any possible cause for this other than pain. Squirting her with homeopathic remedies and giving her Reiki treatments help calm her down and reduce the symptoms. Mikki is vomiting more now.  

18 years/2 months left (9/2014): Mikki had a shaking fit one night. She would shake every 3-4 seconds and her eyes looked like they were in pain. Russell squirted her with the Zeel/Traumeel homeopathic remedy and did Reiki on her for 15 minutes. She finally calmed down (although did not completely stop shaking) and closed her eyes to go to sleep.

What are they looking at?

18 years/1 month left (10/2014):
Mikki has become so incontinent that she pees in her sleep and her rear end is always soaked because her rear end collapses on the floor when she pees, which is nearly constant now. We give her a bath but then an hour later her rear end is soaking wet again. So, we began using doggie diapers to keep her rear end dry. The diapers are difficult to keep on her—we have to tie them to her harness with string, and then they are so tight that it is harder for her to walk. If we put them on looser, they come off and she is dragging it around behind her, getting it caught on things.  

Mikki has started waking us up at night with barking when she is in distress. One night, she was still under the covers on her chair but her diaper was wet and full of poop. Another night, in her wandering downstairs, she went into the office and got her rear legs tangled up between the cord of Russell’s telephone headset on the floor and the office chair. She could not move. Russell untangled her and took her out to pee and then she was fine. Another night, she wandered into the bathroom but when she tried to exit she got behind the bathroom door and the wall. She was literally stuck in the corner because she did not know how to back up. Then on another night, her diaper came off and got caught on the TV table and she could not move.  

18 years/0 months left (11/2014): In mid-November, Margaret took Mikki in the car to the park, a 5 minute drive. Mikki used to love car trips and going to the park, but now Mikki is just shaking and miserable in the car and does not enjoy the park either. She does not like walks at all anymore, whether in the stroller or just walking directly from home. This is a big change from the summer, just a few months ago, when she still enjoyed these outings. 

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Mikki started refusing all food, even canned cat food and steak. A couple of weeks earlier, she was still gobbling up these foods. Margaret tried all her favorite foods but she was refusing everything, no matter how tasty. Margaret tried squirting her with BioPreparation in water but she just vomited that up. Mikki suddenly became extremely thirsty, going to her water bowl and lapping up a huge amount of water, but then she immediately vomited all the water and collapsed on the floor, unable to get up. This happened several times over the weekend. Also, she started having diarrhea in her diaper, which distressed Mikki. 

We looked at the long list of declining old age symptoms in the last few months:

  • Incontinent to the point of needing a diaper.

  • Heavy panting and shaking fits, probably due to pain.

  • Vomiting frequently.

  • Not wanting to go out for walks and does not enjoy car trips anymore.

  • Refusing people food.

  • Wandering around the house aimlessly and getting stuck in places.

  • Sometimes falls down on the floor and cannot get up by herself on our slippery tiled floor.

  • No longer seems to be here mentally or be interested in anything.

We concluded that Mikki’s quality of life was no longer good. We could see pain in her eyes. She no longer enjoys walks or people food. We consulted with vets who specialize in in-home euthanasia and one of them explained that kidney disease is a long, painful death, unlike some other diseases where the animal can be comfortable dying naturally. Even once the animal stops eating, as happened with Mikki, the dying can be painful and prolonged. The vet explained that kidney failure is like having a very bad case of flu, that the animals feel horrible, plus the toxicity affects their mind and causes the symptoms of senility that we have witnessed. Therefore, we made the difficult decision to do in-home euthanasia and escort Mikki over the Rainbow Bridge just before Thanksgiving in November, 2014.

Mikki R.I.P. 11-25-2014

Mikki Auld-Louie,
Adopted 04/11/2003 - 11/25/2014


This article is dedicated to pet dental health month, which is February every year. It is likely that our dog, Mikki, developed kidney disease due to her poor dental health that resulted in the loss of over half her teeth. Unfortunately, about 80% of dogs have periodontal disease by the age of 3. Toy breeds like Mikki are especially prone to poor dental health due to the small size of their mouth. Despite quarterly anesthesia-free teeth cleaning and a raw diet, Mikki had over half her teeth extracted due to disease. A few years ago, she quit breathing under anesthesia during a dental procedure so we were unable to remove any further diseased teeth after that. She did not tolerate home dental care (teeth brushing), but if your dog does, we highly encourage you to brush your dog’s teeth daily, in addition to feeding bones for them to chew on to clean their teeth.

For a list of graduates from the Well Animal Institute, LLC, who have completed their anesthesia-free dental cleaning course for pets, click the logo or text links below:

Well Animal Institute

Graduate Students in anesthesia-free teeth cleaning

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For those of you pet parents that want to memorialize your beloved pet, we can recommend purchasing an urn from Best Friend Services  (bestfriendservices.com). They offer a full range of breeds with their figurine urns, and provide excellent customer service, just as we strive to do at Optimum Choices. See below for the figurine urn we purchased:


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