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Connie in her chair
Connie when she was fat Connie on "her" chair
Connie next to Mikki
Connie & Mikki sharing the bed.
Connie now tolerates having a dog in the house.
Connie doesn't know that Mikki is underneath
the covers next to her.
Molly using scratching post Molly sleeping on copier
Stuck inside during blizzard Connie waiting for Molly to finish eating


Connie was a stray who adopted us around 1990. We found out in October, 2002 (age approximately 16 years) that she was hypothyroid, an unusual condition for cats, which accounted in part for her obesity. We thought it was just from her overeating when we had to leave dry food down all the time for an elderly, sick cat who died in July, 2002. We started giving Connie bio-algae concentrates in the fall of 2002 and by January 2003, her thyroid values were normal. We also switched her from dry kibble to canned and then raw food, starting in fall 2002. It took us over one year to transition to raw food but our patience paid off. This helped Connie slim down from a high of 16 lbs to 11 lbs, though she has gained some of that weight back due to inactivity (caused by severe arthritis). Even our holistic vet was amazed that we could get such a senior cat to reduce in weight.


We continued Connie on bio-algae concentrates to help prevent kidney disease and cancer. Our previous 2 cats died of kidney disease at age 17 and it has become quite common in domestic cats—even middle-aged cats are getting it now. We have learned that the main causes of kidney disease in cats are feeding a cooked diet lacking enzymes, particularly dry kibble, which is too high in carbohydrates for cats, and routine vaccinations. The feline distemper vaccine is now suspected of causing kidney disease because it contains feline kidney cells and could be setting up an autoimmune reaction with the cat's own kidneys. Vaccinations in general can be bad for the cat's overall health, particularly when given yearly, so on our holistic vet's advice, we no longer vaccinate our animals yearly. Connie was only vaccinated once by us, for rabies, and nothing since then. So, we attribute her long life, in part, to her not being over vaccinated.
Click here for more information on vaccines.


Cats can be hard to switch to raw food and it took about a year with Connie. She also had digestive upsets with raw food that have now finally resolved after treatment by veterinary intuitive Donna Starita and medical intuitive Madhu O'Toole. Connie will now eat 100% raw food, but we still give her canned food as well, to hide her supplements in. We feed her Artemis, which contains only meat, organs and fish--no vegetables or grains (which cats don't need anyway), Evanger's, ZiwiPeak, Weruva and Tiki Cat canned cat foods. At one point, Connie tested hyperthyroid, a common condition for elderly cats, however, with a combination of supplements (bio-algae concentrates and Standard Process Thytrophin PMG) and homeopaths, we normalized her thyroid and it tested normal again. We avoided the radioactive iodine treatment and Tapazole drug our vet recommended. Note that we used bio-algae concentrates to normalize her hypothyroid and hyperthyroid conditions. That's one of the benefits of using a truly holistic product, in addition to having no side effects. There is not one pill to correct a low thyroid and another pill to correct a high thyroid condition as in allopathic medicine. Bio-algae concentrates excel at normalizing any glandular or hormonal imbalance whether too high or too low.


Connie had severe arthritis, which x-rays show is mainly in her left knee. This is unusual for a cat so the vet thinks she must have ruptured her knee ligament at some point due to her obesity (so don't let your animals become obese!). She was too old for surgery on her knee so we tried
various treatments, both holistic and conventional to alleviate her pain.
(Click here for a detailed list of arthritis options we tried.) Unfortunately, one of our attempts (using the NSAID drug Metacam) resulted in acute kidney failure (a known side effect in 30% of cats). Connie spent 4 days on IVs in the hospital recovering from that (in May 2006) and was administered subcutaneous fluids every few days due to the kidney damage. Prior to the Metacam, her bloodwork showed perfect kidney values at age 20. Other than her arthritic pain, she did very well for her age. The only remedies, holistic or conventional, that we have found effective for her arthritis is Connie in her cavebio-algae concentrates and acupuncture. She slimmed down to a respectable 11-12 pounds, had a soft, silky, glossy coat, and she still ate well and enjoyed petting. In spite of Chronic Renal Failure (which she didn't have until the age of 20 after we tried Metacam), she had not lost any muscle mass or tone. All her holistic vets were amazed that our 20+ year old cat with CRF (kidney disease) is in better shape and has a better coat (from the complete suite of Omega 3, 6, 9 and GLAs oils in bio-algae concentrates  than their other client's cats much younger but on a dry kibble diet.


(07/28/07) Final update: At about 21 years, Connie finally decided it was time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. She became very picky about what she would eat 48-hours prior. Then 24-hours prior she ate or drank very little. At 1:00 AM she was started gasping for air and by 3:00 AM she took her final breath with her head cradled in one of my hands while the other was stroking her administering Reiki energy.

Every animal guardian whose pet has been on bio-algae concentrates and passed away has told us the same story. They thought their pet was in less pain, had minimal suffering and when it was time for the end of their life it seems the animal's body just shut down naturally system by system. It all happened very quickly within 24-48 hours. The animal stops eating, then stops drinking, then soaks up all the TLC you give it as it looks lovingly back at you to thank you for all you've done and then prepares itself for its afterlife. Some animals even pass over to the Rainbow Bridge in their sleep like the natural death some elderly wild animals experience. Even if bio-algae concentrates does not "cure" them, this gift we give them at the end of their life is equal to the unconditional love they gave us during their lifetime. This could be one of the wonderful unadvertised "side-effects" of bio-algae concentrates.


Molly was a neighborhood stray cat that we started feeding in November 2000. Too wild to stay indoors, she roamed the neighborhood and showed up at our house, usually twice a day, for breakfast and dinner. If the weather was really bad out (snowy), then she would come inside for a while to sleep but she really preferred to live outside. She also didn't like staying in our house because she was afraid of our dog and other cats. Sometime in 2008 she became ill with FIV (kitty "AIDS", not uncommon in outdoor cats) and was adopted and moved inside by a neighbor who already had an isolation room set up for another cat with FIV. So she will spend her last remaining time in comfort and safety.




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