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Freedom From Illness
Pay-It-Forward Plan

In ancient China doctors got paid when the patient remained well, not to “cure” them when they got sick. If the patient was sick, the doctor was delinquent in their duties or the patient was not complying with the doctor’s wellness advice. This is opposite to our Western medical paradigm, where we only go to (and pay) doctors when we or our pets get sick. In order to change this illness paradigm into a “wholistic” wellness paradigm, Optimum Choices has created our Freedom From Illness Pay-It-Forward Plan.

Instead of using the Western medical paradigm of supplementing the symptoms, we educate people on truly “wholistic” principles to approach Freedom from Illness. The core “wholistic” principle is to nourish and balance ALL the glands and organs of the WHOLE body, rather than addressing the individual symptoms with isolated supplements. A well-nourished, healthy, balanced body has no need for symptoms. In this way, we wake up the body’s natural ability to heal. Ideally, this is done before symptoms blow up or show up. However, since most people were educated only in the Western medical paradigm, most of our clients (both people and pets) come to us already in the dis-eased state. That is when we begin the process of re-educating our client by figuratively teaching Chinese and/or Russian health philosophy in order for them to understand the difference between the Western medical paradigm and our “wholistic” wellness paradigm of Freedom From Illness. We spend hours on the telephone, corresponding by e-mail and publishing holistic white papers explaining how whole superfood nutrition is the key to balancing the body’s systems and normalizing ALL the glands and organs (especially the brain) of the WHOLE body. By investing this time in our clients (both people and pets) to keep them healthy, we hope our efforts are appreciate and you are willing to pay-it-forward in order to help re-educate more people and save more pets.

Pets are family members too

Iris in her grass.

Pets are family members too!

  1. If you are a new client, please select the Mini-Consult With Product Purchase ($15) option (along with the product bottle you need) if you are asking about 1-2 family members (or pets), your health issues are simple and you are sending a brief health history for review (under 15 minutes). If you are asking about 3+ family members, you have chronic or complex health issues and you are submitting a very detailed list of products taken or extensive health history, then purchase the product bottle first and then select an additional 15-Minute Holistic Consultation for $25. This will get your product ordered and our first holistic suggestions sent by e-mail and your wholistic re-education started. We will provide ongoing technical product support, answer subsequent questions on how our products work and give you suggestions in how to get maximum benefits.
  2. **In lieu of any additional holistic consulting fees, you agree to make periodic donations to our GoFundMe Freedom From Illness Pay-It-Forward Project as you realize increased benefits and approach Freedom From Illness for you and your family (including 4-legged, furry children).**
  3. Existing clients, if you or a 4-legged family member have already experienced amazing benefits or we saved your pet’s life, then please consider paying-it-forward at any time to help re-educate more people and save more pets.

Click the GoFundMe link below to pay-it-forward and to see a detailed list of our project expenses.


We cannot guarantee all your symptoms will go away because we have no control over your (or your pet’s) genetics, diet, lifestyle and how diligent you are at following our holistic suggestions every day. We get results doctors/vets would say are impossible. We have extended pets' lives and saved many pets from euthanasia. Do not take our word for it, see what these pets have to say by reading their posts of our Facebook page:

Testimonials from happy clients

Russell, Your care and knowledge have blown my sister away ... she so appreciates all the information and attention that you have given her and her cats. Thank you.


"I entered a convent at 21 years old. One year later I contracted Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and have suffered for the last 7 years. After spending a ton of money on supplements with only partial results, I take nothing else now but BioSuperfood-f3, not even my thyroid medication. I was at 20% functionality when I started BioSuperfood-f3 and now I feel I am at 80%. Thank you so much and thank God!!! May God Bless you abundantly."
—Sister C.


Again, I thank you, Russell, for your assistance during what was for Nino and me a very difficult time. From the bottom of my heart, I send you my utmost gratitude. Nino’s return to health was the best Christmas present I have ever received.
Best regards,
Robb Horen


Thank you Russell for all the information. We are happy to report that Pooch is doing well. He is no longer accumulating chyle fluid in his chest. We cannot thank you enough for your assistance. We are so happy we would like to begin BioSuperfood for ourselves.
With gratitude,
W. S. and G. S.

Holistic Gateway to Freedom From Illness

Click video for holistic gateway to
Freedom From Illness.


Great — once again, thanks Russell. Since being on the BioPreparation-f3+ she has all but ceased the seizures. And if they do happen....they are literally only for a few seconds. Have I said enough times to you.....thank you so much for selling BioPreparation and being sooooo helpful!!! I don't know what I...or especially Polly would have done without being introduced to this wonderful miracle!



Whole food products vs. supplements

Click video above for whole food product vs. supplement differences.

NOT Another Supplement PDF


Fill a single deficiency or fulfill a
single purpose
Nourish, energize and balance
the whole body
Make the body dependent on this external supply
of nutrition
Do not create a dependency
on the product
Rarely fix the cause of the original symptom
or illness
Activate the body’s own natural ability to heal
Have side effects Have no side effects


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