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July 2011, News from
Optimum Choices, LLC
Welcome to the monthly Freedom From Illness e-newsletter from Russell Louie and Margaret Auld-Louie at Optimum Choices. This newsletter is sent to the friends of Russell & Margaret, customers of Optimum Choices, as well as people who signed up for a drawing at our booth at a fair or event. If you wish to unsubscribe, see the bottom of this e-mail for instructions. To receive this newsletter in your e-mail, click here: Subscribe Newsletter.

In case you are wondering, we did not publish a May or June e-newsletter. We were too busy handling the explosion (no pun intended) of orders after Dr. Roland Thomas' interview on a national radio show (Coast to Coast AM). After Dr Thomas talked about the benefits of using bio-algae concentrates to help the body neutralize radiation exposure (based on the results at Chernobyl), our sales have skyrocketed from the concerns of radiation fallout from Japan. If you are concerned about the radiation still being released from the Japanese nuclear reactors, go to:

Also during this allergy-time of year, many canine clients are coming down with a particularly deadly disease called Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA). 50% of those diagnosed with IMHA die within the first two weeks of diagnosis. Out of the remainder, there is up to an 80% fatality rate. We currently have more than 2-3 times the amount of emergency overnight orders to fill. These emergency orders take 2-3 times as long to fulfill and delay normal orders. I am sure you would want this special attention too if your child or beloved pet was dying of such a fatal disease. One of the suspected causes of IMHA, flea & tick or heartworm treatment, is the subject of this month's e-newsletter.


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Current news—Freedom From Illness
Flea, Tick & Heartworm Treatment: IMHA Dangers vs. Wholistic Options
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July Sale

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Current News

Freedom From Illness Webinar—Open Questions & Answers

  • Has your supplement stopped working?
  • Are you stuck buying more and more supplements?
  • Do you wonder why some products work for some people but not you?
Russell & Mikki Ever since the Japanese nuclear reactors exploded, it has been hard to reach Russell for support. One week afterwards, Dr. Roland Thomas' was
interviewed on a national radio show (Coast to Coast AM). He talked about
the benefits of using bio-algae concentrates to help the body neutralize
radiation exposure based on the results at Chernobyl. Our sales have
skyrocketed ever since from the concerns of radiation fallout from Japan.
Because of the incredible demand for our holistic products (they work like
no others) and this current event, Russell has been busy filling orders with
very little time to handle your inquiries.

Attend this FREE webinar for an open Question & Answer session. This is
your opportunity to ask Russell your holistic questions. No individual recommendations or medical advice will be given. Only general guidelines
will be discussed.

August 3, 2011
Wednesday, 7:00 PM Mountain Time, USA
To Register, go to:  Freedom From Illness Webinar Registration

After registering, you will receive an e-mail with the conference telephone number, PIN (or instructions on how to use your computer speakers/microphone) and web link to login. This Freedom From Illness webinar is FREE, tell your friends, post it on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc.


American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA), Nevada
2011 ANMA Annual Convention & Educational Presentation

July 29-31, 2011

If you are interested in naturopathy or just holistic healthcare in general, you must take the opportunity to hear Dr. Roland Thomas (author of Awakening the Genius Within), BioAge, in person. Learn the most advanced concepts of true wholistic health from the BioSuperfood microalgae expert. Hear Dr. Thomas speak about:

  1. What is the difference between stomach food and brain food?

  2. How can awakening the genius within benefit my family and me?

  3. How can I buy less supplements, save money and simplify my life?

  4. The wholistic principle, "let thy food be thy fuel vs. medicine".

Dr Roland Thomas

After this weekend you'll understand how the “genius within” restores homeostasis and stimulate more efficient cellular regeneration. You will know more about cellular nutrition then 99% of physicians and naturopaths with advanced degree. With the proven facts and many examples, you will have the knowledge and confidence to use for yourself, or recommend to your clients and loved ones this "new"
age principle of "let thy micro food be thy medicine".

For more details, go to ANMA.org:




Heartworm, Flea & Tick Treatment: IMHA Dangers vs. Wholistic Options
By Russell Louie

So far this year (2011), we have helped 37 dogs with IMHA. All last year (2010) we handled 33 clients and in 2009 we helped 57 clients. Unfortunately, it looks like we will break the 2009 record. (2016 update: Optimum Choices has handled over 1000 IMHA/AIHA clients since 2002. Because of our success and wholistic expertise with anemia, we now handle 3-4 anemia clients per week.) If you do not know what IMHA is, I hope you never find out. If you want to know what health condition is more deadly than cancer, click IMHA. The purpose of this article is not to put forth a possible cure for IMHA or AIHA but to give you some wholistic options (in addition to prescribed medications) if your pet should contract IMHA/AIHA and if you want to be proactive against, fleas, ticks (carriers of ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease) and mosquitoes (carriers of heartworm and West Nile Virus).

Based on our informal holistic IMHA research study, 80-90% of IMHA/AIHA dogs (whose pet parent responded to our study questions) have had either a vaccination, heartworm medication and/or flea & tick treatment prior to contracting IMHA. While there is no firm scientific correlation, I personally (wholistically) feel there is a connection (as do holistic vets). Heartworm medication and flea & tick treatments are made from pesticides, a neurotoxin. It makes wholistic sense that when the nervous system is compromised, the brain could be imbalanced enough causing normal bodily functions to go awry. Go to EPA Evaluation of Pet Spot-on Products: Analysis and Plans for Reducing Harmful Effects
1 for a warning from the EPA about flea and tick treatment for pets. If you are a concerned pet parent and do not want to accept the potential side effects of anemia or death, here are some wholistic suggestions.

In the wild, only animals that have a weak immune system get flea infestations or succumb to infection by tick- or mosquito-borne diseases. Normally, only the sick and elderly animals die. This is the natural law of evolution. We believe feeding a species appropriate diet to our domesticated pets will allow it to endure any flea, tick or mosquito-borne illness just like animals in the wild. In our "wholistic" opinion, dry kibble (even grain-free kibble is not good enough for our pets) is the worst nutritional food to feed our carnivorous pets. That is why their immune system is always compromised.
Dr. Robert Goldstein agrees by saying, “Show me a dog or cat with fleas and I’ll show you an animal on the wrong diet.”2

Fortunately, we live in Colorado and do not have a flea, tick and mosquito problem. It is too dry and cold at night. One holistic vet told us if night time temperatures drop below 57º the development of mosquito larvae (carriers of heartworm, West Nile Virus) is retarded.3 Because our dog, Mikki, is a small dog (Chihuahua mix) she is more sensitive to drugs and chemicals. Our Colorado holistic vet does not think it is necessary to give heartworm medication to Mikki. Instead, we test her once a year. One holistic vet said if we really wanted to give a preventative heartworm medication in Colorado, we only need to do it in July or if our dog frequents areas of water where mosquitoes breed. What if one does live in a humid climate where night time temperatures do stay above 57 degrees at night?

First, feed a diet most appropriate for a carnivore according to Nature. Dry Kibble is a most nutrient deficient diet for our pets. It is like feeding fruit or vegetable-flavored cookies to our children and then wondering why they are obese and have health problems at a young age.

To augment a pet’s diet to help ward off those pesky fleas, ticks and mosquitoes we would first suggest bio-algae concentratesbalancing ALL your pets glands and organs equally. Adding “Nature’s vitamin chest in a capsule,” superfood microalgae, to a pet’s food will holistically balance any deficient gland and organ, including the immune system. In a real problem area, one could augment the diet with specific holistic products, such as Earth Animal’s Natural Flea and Tick Prevention Program formulated by Dr. Robert Goldstein.

For really problem areas, you might try topical solutions. Essential oils can be a natural way to ward of those pesky insects. Aroma Dog has a whole line of safe essential oil products called  Flea Flicker, Lyme Blaster, Tick Twister, Tick Kit and Tick Kit Plus. Download our latest holistic resource list by clicking the green button below:

Heartworm, Flea & Tick Resources

If you have cats, you should know that cats are especially sensitive to essential oils. NEVER use citrus essential oils around cats. For more details on what essential oils are appropriate for pets, see our web page Safe Essential Oil Usage With Animals. One unique solution we like is Collar Companions & Daisy's Blends Essential Oils by Daisy Paws. We have personally met the owner, Wendy England, and know she is educated on the proper use of essential oils around cats. Wendy has developed a removable collar companion than can be scented with a special blend of Lavender and Lemon Eucalyptus oils to keep thoseCollar Companion-Stylish Coconut pesky mosquitoes, ticks, and insects away. What we like about this wonderful invention is that it is simple and safe for all pets. One simply adds the essential oils to the Collar Companion and clip it to your dog's collar, harness or leash. When you are done walking or your dog comes in from the outside, one can take the Collar Companion off thereby avoiding essential oil exposure to any cats in the household. If you are sensitive, you will not have to smell the aromas either. Thank you, Wendy, for a very innovative essential oils product safe for all pets.


Click the Daisy Paw logo at the left and use Code OC369 when ordering for FREE USPS First Class shipping.

In summary, there are many wholistic options to giving your pet flea, tick and heartworm treatment that can be hazardous and possibly fatal. Some of these conventional treatments are literally made from powerful neurotoxin pesticides. Wholistic options include:

  1. Feed a species appropriate diet for maximum immune system function.
  2. Augment a pet's diet with whole food products to balance ALL the glands and organs for an optimum immune system and true wholistic wellness.
  3. Use specific supplements to create an unfriendly body to fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.
  4. Use safe, topical essential oils and innovative solutions.


1 www.epa.gov/opp00001/health/petproductseval.html.

2 Goldstein, R, DVM, Flea-Free Forever, Phillips Pub. Inc., MD.

3 Yarnall, Celeste & Hofve, Jean, DVM, Heartworm drugs for pets; Big Pharma's cash cow,  (www.naturalnews.com/033060_heartworm_drugs_pet_health.html)


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