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IMHA/AIHA Survival (Success) Rate

The first IMHA/AIHA (anemia—not producing red blood cells) client we helped was a cat in 2002. In 2003 (see Cali) the dog clients started to literally roll in. Since bio-algae concentrates are simply whole food, we cannot advertise it as a "cure" for IMHA/AIHA without FDA-approved, scientific proof. But more and more devoted dog guardians are not accepting their vet's death sentence, "We do not know why your dog contracted anemia, we know your dog is dying and we are very sorry but there is nothing more we can do for your dog." Vet's have not seen how feeding super nutrition to the body can wake up, energize and balance the glands in the brain. When the glands in the brain are synergistically functioning together, they can then control and regulate all other metabolic functions normally, including regeneration of red blood cells. Many dog guardians are finding out first-hand, what giving super nutrition to their dog can achieve and sending us their IMHA recovery testimonials. While not scientifically-based proof of an IMHA "cure," our success among our clients is certainly impressive compared to current veterinary statistics (Source: Morris Animal Foundation):

  • 50% of dogs die within two weeks of diagnoses
  • The mortality rate is up to 70-80%

Our IMHA holistic research is opening up the doors for a natural, complementary way to help dogs, in addition to steroids, antibiotics and immune suppressant drugs that vets must prescribe. As more canine guardians started to find us, our survival rate started to increase dramatically. We did not start to keep accurate statistics until 2008. As the largest independent, Internet distributor in the world of BioPreparation for animal usage, Optimum Choices currently handles more than 3.5 IMHA/AIHA clients per week. Our IMHA survival (recovery) success rate is shown below.

Year # Clients Survival Rate
2008 45 53%
2009 57 67%
2010 33 45%
2011 89* *
2012 189* *
2013 174* *
2014 192* *
2015 180* *
2016 159* *

* We have literally been too busy helping pet parents save their pet's lives to go back and update this holistic study since 2010. The # of Clients in the table from 2010-2016 is the minimum we helped. We estimate at least a 25-50% survival rate currently. We will fill in the table above with more accurate numbers when time permits.

Our holistic research statistics cannot be compared to veterinary statistics because of the following reason. A vet always sees IMHA/AIHA pets in Stage 1 of this fatal condition. This is imperative to get the proper diagnosis and immediate veterinary treatment to save a life. Most clients do not consider searching for holistic alternatives unless their pet is not responding to medications and/or the blood transfusion(s) are not working. Optimum Choices, therefore, sees mostly IMHA/AIHA pets in Stages 2-4. For this reason veterinary statistics will always be higher and our survival rate should carry greater weight since we almost always help IMHA/AIHA clients in the latter stages of this deadly condition. The #1 reason for BioPreparation returns is the product did not get there in time to help. Please take action ASAP.

For an article on how super nutrition can help the body recover its ability to produce red blood cells, download Holistic Approach to a Deadly Disease—IMHA by clicking the button below:

Holistic Approach to a Deadly Disease—IMHA


IMHA/AIHA Recovery Testimonials

I will tell you the day I brought him home I gave him your product and his eyes lit up like he just got a B-12 shot...


My dog Sarah has IMHA and has been on bio-algae concentrates for a month now. She has also been on vet prescribed auto immune suppressant. I have been giving her one capsule a day (she weighs under 20 pounds) and with drugs the vet has given her and this her level increased to 47. I just want to say THANK YOU as if I did not find your site on line I do not believe that my pup would be here today. Everyday we learn something new about IMHA and how bad it is. I know that we are still up for a long battle. Just wanted to say thank you again!!!!!
—S.R. & M.R.


Hi this is Philo's mommy again and I'm very happy to tell you that everything has been going better than expected. The doctors have lowered the Prednisone to 1/2 a tablet twice a day and since he is doing so amazingly well, the Prednisone will be cut off sooner than later. We still give him the Atopica (2x a day) but the vet says it will be decreased/discontinued also.

Every week that I take him to the vet, his blood keeps going up and his PCV is now at 45!!! and to think his PCV was at 10 only 3 months ago. I have him on 2 capsules a day (Philito is 15 pounds) and I can't tell you how grateful we are for bio-algae concentrates. My husband and I have started taking the BioSuperfood-f2 as well and we feel better than ever. THANK YOU


Since Louie has been OFF the Enalapril (which I believe caused his anemia) and on the bio-algae concentrates to increase his red blood cells, his HCT has increased from 18 to 25.3 in ONLY 19 days!!!


My 8 year old standard poodle had a PCV of 7 when she was diagnosed with AIHA last October - and thanks to bio-algae concentrates is now fitter and weller than ever. She received blood transfusions, and suffered the awfulness of Prednisone and Azothiaprine, which together made her so weak she couldn't move, her hair fell out... It was awful... But as we weaned her off the drugs, and introduced the bio-algae concentrates, she started to improve. It was a long slow haul, but I am convinced that the bio-algae concentrates is what kick started her body to work again properly. She will be taking it forever now! I can't believe how well she is now.

Don't give up on your dog—do give the bio-algae concentrates and reduce (gradually) the conventional drugs. I wish you all the best
—Sasha (London)


My Cairn Terrier Rocky was diagnosed with IMHA on 10th January 2009. She was prescribed Prednisone & Azathioprine together with Antepsin. Her PVC fell as low as 9 and on 30th January the vet said there was nothing more she could do for her and recommended putting Rocky to sleep (at this stage Rocky was not eating and could hardly stand up).

I searched the internet and eventually found the bio-algae concentrates website. The capsules arrived on 4th February and Rocky has been having 1/2 capsule 4 times per day (dissolved in 5ml water & squirted into her mouth with a syringe). I also stopped giving her the drugs prescribed by the vet as these were having no beneficial effect whatever.

I could see an improvement within a day - she was brighter & trying to stand up. Seven days later she is now trotting round the house, playing with her toys and eating well. Her gums are pink once more and she is well on the road to recovery. I can not recommend bio-algae concentrates highly enough - Rocky wouldn't have survived without it.


For more testimonials and case studies, download our free 20+ page research paper, IMHA & AIHA Case Studies.

IMHA & AIHA Case Studies PDF


Mikki on Antelope Island in Great Salt Lake

Note: This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Please see a qualified medical professional for proper diagnoses and any health care treatment.



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