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STOP Supplementing Symptoms

Most supplements treat symptoms

FREE lecture for conscientious pet owners

Saturday, March 24, 2007, 2:00-3:30 PM

The Whole Cat & Dogs, too! store at 1540 S. Pearl St. (click for map)
Denver, CO 80210, (303) 871-0443

Did you know?

  • Glucosamine supplements may impair insulin secretion. Using glucosamine may affect insulin sensitivity or glucose tolerance
  • Digestive enzymes supplements are not entirely holistic and long-term use will create a “lazy” pancreas

Does your pet suffer from:

  • Unresolved allergies?
  • Hormonal imbalances?
  • Adrenal or thyroid problems?
  • Inflammatory bowel symptoms?
  • Arthritis and flexibility problems?
  • Sensitivity to foods, fleas, tick bites?
  • Overweight issues diets have not been able to help?
  • Any health condition unresponsive to traditional treatments?

Do you wait for symptoms to show up or blow up before you take action? Don't wait until your pet has symptoms. Most supplements (even holistic) only treat symptoms. Come learn how you can prevent all the above through whole food super nutrition. Give your pet the Fountain of Youth!

BioPreparationTM has been clinically shown to nutritionally help cancer in animals. Other conditions that BioPreparationTM has nutritionally supported include low thyroid, arthritis, autoimmune disorder, dry skin and coat, kidney disease, flexibility problems, overweight issues and blood diseases. BioPreparationTM activates your pet's own natural ability to heal. Come to The Whole Cat & Dogs, too! to learn about this amazing new product.

Instructor: Russell Louie has studied holistic health for over 20 years and is an aromatherapy practitioner for both people and animals, Reiki Master and the top expert in this country on the use of BioPreparation with animals.


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