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Bach Flower Essences

What are flower essences?  

Flower essences are a gentle, natural way to assist with healing emotional difficulties. They are a form of vibrational medicine, created by infusing water with the energy from flower blossoms. They help restore balance and harmony, thus promoting healing on all levels. Flower essences were first developed by  bacteriologist and homeopath Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930's. The Bach flower essences are 38 different remedies that cover the spectrum of emotional issues. Since they do not contain any physical substance from the flower, unlike herbal medicines, they are completely safe to use, with no side effects. Also, they will not interfere with other treatments, either traditional or alternative, such as drugs or homeopathic essences. Since Dr. Bach's time, many other systems of flower and plant essences have been developed as well.

Are flower remedies the same thing as flower essences?

These are two different terms for the same thing. Since we are not veterinarians and do not "treat" or "remedy" disease or illness, we use the term "essences".

How can Bach flower essences help pets?

Due to their incredible effectiveness, holistic practitioners have used flower essences on animals for years. They can help animals deal with change, travel and surgery as well as recover from abuse and neglect. They are a powerful yet gentle tool to assist with healing fear, shyness and other problem behaviors. Flower essences, especially the Bach essence called "Rescue Remedy", are commonly used in animal shelters by the staff to help the shelter animals. Entire books have been written on how to use Bach flower essences with animals.

What about the other brands and systems of flower essences?

There are now many systems of flower and plant essences, including some specifically created for animals. All of the systems can be helpful and we suggest using any of the systems that you are drawn to. Since the Bach essences are simple to use and effective, containing only 38 different essences total, Optimum Choices works with the Bach system.

How do I know what Bach essences to give my pet?

Since flower essences are totally non-toxic, it is safe to experiment with them. You can simply try some essences and see if they help. If it is the wrong essence for your pet, it will simply not do anything. Some of the books on flower essences, including books specifically for animals, are listed here: Flower essence books. If you use flower essences a lot, it is most affordable to buy a complete kit of "mother essences" that you then mix into glass bottles to create your essence mixtures.

What if I just want some essences to help my pet and don't have time to figure out which ones are right?

In this case, you can go to a Bach flower essence practitioner who has experience in selecting the best essences for different situations. Margaret Auld-Louie of Optimum Choices offers custom flower essence mixtures for people and their pets. She will consult with you to find out what is going on with your pet, then will select the essences most likely to help in your situation and prepare a custom mixture. Before giving you the bottle with the mixture, she infuses it with Reiki energy to help increase the effectiveness. Using flower essence mixtures in conjunction with a Reiki session can also be very helpful.

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  • $25/half hour consultation and customized bottle of essences (postage additional)

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