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Animal Communicators

Many of our clients use animal communicators to determine what their pet thinks and feels. This can help bridge the communication gap to determine what the pet needs physically and emotionally or why certain behavior persists. Health issues can sometimes be resolved by asking the pet what it feels in their body. Insight can be gained for releasing past trauma. Behavior patterns and “bad” habits can be changed once the issues are known and addressed. Pets appreciate your attempt to communicate.

Below are some well-known animal communicators we have used. Find one that feels right to you and create a closer bond with your pet.

Melinda Gillette

Melinda Gillette

After years as a mental health clinician and an educational therapist, I was ready to start my work with animals that I do today. I am an Animal Communicator, Healing Touch for Animals™ practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, channel for the Animal Collective, and the founder of Sharing Animal Wisdom: Building a World Community. I do private communication and healing consultations with all species, using flower essences, crystals, crystal essences, and essential oils as needed for healing and to support behavior changes. I teach Animal Communication and Healing Our Animals – a group healing approach for animals, and lead Sharing Animal Wisdom First Gatherings and Wisdom Circles for both children and adults. My work is ever changing and expanding, always a blessing.

Melinda Gillette
Denver CO


Rebecca Blackbyrd

Rebecca BlackbyrdRebecca Blackbyrd
Denver, CO
E-mail: rebecca.blackbyrd@gmail.com
Website: www.rebeccablackbyrd.com

Rebecca uses a combination of sympathetic communication and energy work to help people make conscious, confident decisions for their animal companions during times of transition, illness, and end-of-life. She has studied heart-centered meditation, Reiki, and Perelandra's Medical Assistance Program. She developed tools to help support the animals while living on a farm animal sanctuary in northern Colorado.

Your animals may be stressed or angry depending upon what is happening in your household but with your help and openness, animal communication will address these issues and find ways for both of you to be happier together.

I am always considerate of an animal's boundaries. All communication and energy work is conducted with absolute respect for the animal's highest good.


Kate Solisti

Kate Solisti, internationally known speaker, author and teacher, has been a professional animal communicator, communicating telepathically with animals since 1992. During this time she has worked with holistic veterinarians and individuals, assisting in solving behavioral problems, understanding health problems, healing past traumas, and facilitating understanding between humans and non-humans. She is the author of Kinship with the Animals, Conversations with Dog, Conversations with Cat and Conversations with Horse and numerous other books and publications (www.optimumchoices.com/human-animal_rel-B.htm). Kate is a guest faculty member at the International School for Professional Horsemanship in Merle, Belgium, teaching seminars on the human/horse relationship. She teaches Canine Nutrition and Bach Flower Remedies at the Lang Institute of Canine Massage in Loveland, CO.

Kate SolistiKate Solisti
A Kinship With Animals
P. O. Box 151
Niwot, CO 80544
(303) 834-9150
E-mail: kinshipent@earthlink.net
Website: www.akinshipwithanimals.com


Alecia Evans

Due to her highly empathic nature, Alecia conducts sessions by phone for clienteleAlecia Evans around the world. Her gift allows her to read the animal’s or person’s energy stream with an astutely high level of accuracy and clarity. An Animal Wellness Consultation is an assessment of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual state of your animal. All Animal Wellness Consultations also include a recommendation for: optimum nutrition, any necessary Flower Essences, herbs, or supplements and emotional understandings that are relevant to assisting in correcting the imbalance that your animal may be experiencing. Alicia is the creator of the columns “Doolittle’s Corner” and “The Udder Side”, found in the Summit Independent Daily, and the Aspen Daily News (www.aspendailynews.com). She is also a featured columnist for muttmonthly.com. As a lecturer and workshop presenter, Alecia developed and taught the five week course, “An Intuitive Approach to Animal Wellness” at Naropa University, in Boulder CO. Her TV show appearances include: Fox and Friends, New York Central, The Sandra Glosser Show, and The Sabine Christensen Show. Alecia is also the founder of All Beings Equal Foundation- a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gap of understanding between humans and animals, through the National Heritage Foundation.

Alecia Evans
All Beings Equal
(805) 705-0327
E-mail: info@allbeingsequal.com
Website: www.allbeingsequal.com




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