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IMHA Frequently Asked Questions

How come my vet does not know about bio-algae concentrates?

Vets do not have the nutritional knowledge to understand how nutritional products work. Vets are used to getting Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), FDA-approved double-blind placebo studies and color glossy dosage charts on how to use prescribed drugs and medicine. These cost thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars. Without this information, their level of comfort in using a new holistic product is not very high. For a list of vets and doctors that do use bio-algae concentrates, go to: Stores-Doctors

Are there any contraindications using bio-algae concentrates with my vet prescribed drugs, vitamins, herbs and other supplements?

At this time, we know of no known contraindications using bio-algae concentrates with any vitamin, herb, supplement, homeopathic remedy, other holistic products or drug. You eventually may be able to reduce other supplements because superfood products provide more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. As this super nutrition wakes up your body, the intestines are cleansed and your body will become more efficient needing less nutrient supplementation.

It is not a good idea to start a cleansing program at the same time since superfoods are very cleansing themselves. Starting a colon-cleansing program or some detoxifying herbs at the same time as a superfood, could produce too much cleansing. With animals, it is not a good idea to introduce any new supplement at the same time as other dietary changes. Do one thing at a time to monitor the results.

Are there any side effects?

Drugs and supplements have side effects because one is giving isolated ingredients in large therapeutic doses to the body far in excess of what Nature intended it to receive. On the other hand, whole food products do not contain high amounts of any one ingredient but can cause unintended consequences (for example, detoxing symptoms). Excessive signs of detoxing (e.g., increased thirst, lethargy, loss of appetite, change in digestion, rash, itching, outbreak of sores, abscesses, new lumps, vomiting, loose stools or diarrhea) or exacerbation of current symptoms (e.g., flu symptoms, tumors growing larger) are not side effects but signs the body is responding to the new superfood. A rash is not a sign the body is “allergic” to the superfood but indicates the body is working hard to eliminate toxins. The reason for the rash is that the body (e.g., intestines, kidneys, liver) has not had time to boost up to 100% efficiency yet and therefore must push the toxins out the largest excretory organ of the body—the skin. Options include:

  1. Stop taking the supplement all together.
  2. Stop taking the supplement until the worsening symptoms go away. Then start taking the supplement again in a more gradual daily amount (e.g., ½-1.0 capsule/day for first ten days).
  3. Continue taking the supplement (or even increasing the daily amount) to feed the body and process the healing crisis more aggressively.

It all depends on the animal’s constitution. Obviously, if the symptoms are serious (e.g., diarrhea or vomiting) always consult a veterinarian. If an animal should get diarrhea, it is best to stop the product immediately until the animal’s system stabilizes. It is dangerous for an animal to have diarrhea for too long since they can become dehydrated. Once the animal is back to normal, then start the product again, in smaller amounts. Increase the amount more gradually and wait 10 days between each increase.

Why is my pet’s digestion affected?

Incomplete digestion, sluggish intestines and a clogged bowel are all conditions that will benefit from superfoods. However, the old plaque and gunk coating these organs must first be cleaned out. Gas, bloating, loose stools or any change in bowel movements are a sign the body is cleaning out first. Once this passes, the body will be able to absorb more nutrients from food and supplements and more efficiently eliminate wastes and toxins. If a subject throws up after the first few introductions, it means too much superfood has been given too fast. Follow the instructions above under side effects.

Why is bio-algae concentrates not approved by the FDA as a cure for IMHA?

In order to advertise a supplement as a cure for any disease or symptom, manufacturers must have FDA-approved, scientific proof that their ingredients or product does exactly what they say it does. These double-blind placebo tests cost hundreds of thousands (even millions) of dollars. With a supplement, one can test individual ingredients for their effectiveness and dosages. With a whole food product like bio-algae concentrates, with over 5,000 individual ingredients, this is a challenge. A true holistic product wakes up the body’s own natural ability to heal, therefore, it technically is NOT the product (or individual ingredient) that is doing the healing. That is the fundamental difference between a supplement and a holistic whole food product.

One claim bio-algae concentrates can make is: “A source of antioxidants for maintenance of good health.”

Why is bio-algae concentrates not in all the pet stores?

The bio-algae concentrate research algae was first released in 1998 as a commercial nutrition product called BioSuperfood. In 2004, they released a more advanced version called BioPreparation more suited to an animal's digestive tract. The manufacturer, BioNutrition in Canada, and its agent, BioAge in the U.S., do not have large advertising and marketing budgets like the large conglomerate drug companies. They have chosen to distribute their revolutionary holistic products through caring healthcare professionals (e.g., doctors, vets, chiropractors, nutritionists) and dedicated holistic distributors (like Optimum Choices, LLC) who can explain that BioPreparation/BioSuperfood are not supplements and works differently than 95% of the bottles on the retail health food or vitamin store shelves. Through the wisdom of these holistic experts, the client can obtain maximum benefits for themselves and other members of their family.

How come you can’t give me an exact amount?

Each body is an individual and the exact amount needed to produce results depends on genetics, previous health history, vaccination status, quality of diet, lifestyle and many other factors.

With a supplement, one can isolate individual ingredients and run tests for their effectiveness of specific dosages. But a whole food product does not have high amounts of any one ingredient. The effects of a whole food product are seen in the overall benefits in ALL the body’s systems not just one gland, organ or system. The benefits are better observed than allopathically measured.

How long will it take before I notice results?

Some animals respond almost immediately (i.e., 24–48 hours) to bio-algae concentrates, while others might take several weeks, depending on their health condition and how soon the anemia condition was diagnosed. Some of the first noticeable signs this superfood is working are increased energy, more alertness and better appetite. A little later, one might notice shinier, silkier coat, more affection, more playfulness and even pinker gums.

Blood values usually take longer to improve. It takes 120 days for every red blood cell in the body to regenerate. In other words, a red blood cell born today will not die off and be rejuvenated until 120 days from now. If the body is 50% down on red blood cells, it will take 60 days to replenish that depleted 50%. If a body is down by 90%, it will take at least 108 days to replenish 90% of these red blood cells. What this tells us is the clinical signs of increased red blood cell production are slow to be measured. But that does not mean balancing of the glands and organs and rejuvenation of red blood cells is not going on within the body.

We have seen some improvement in blood values in as short a time as 24-48 hours. Normally, it takes 1-2 weeks for some blood cell improvement. It usually takes at least 3-4 weeks to see significant improvement. Remember, tests (e.g., blood) are the allopathic way of measuring how a drug or supplements work. Visible improvement in symptoms and observed overall benefits are the holistic way of measuring how a whole food product works. In our holistic opinion, if one can see external signs that the super nutrition in bio-algae concentrates is working, then there is still hope (even though the clinical red blood cell count has not increased). Observations that the super nutrition is starting to work can be increased appetite, returning spark in the eyes, more alertness, more playfulness and pinker gums. All these signs will happen before any increase in red blood cells can be measured. We have seen, all too often, a recommendation to euthanize a dog when the red blood cell count gets below 10%. This is based on traditional veterinary experience from what they have observed when the blood count gets below 10%. Very few vets have seen an animal recover when the blood count gets in the 6-8% range. They simply state, “there is nothing more we can do.” We have documented cases where the blood count is in the
6-8% range and the dogs are still alive today. We have seen things traditional vets have not.



For a short article on how super nutrition can help the body recover its ability to produce red blood cells, download Holistic Approach to a Deadly Disease—IMHA by clicking the button below:
Holistic Approach to a Deadly Disease—IMHA PDF


Note: This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Please see a qualified medical professional for proper diagnosis and any health care treatment.




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