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LokiClient testimonials on dog massage

Thank you so much for Loki's massage and the more than fair charge. I and he appreciate your help. Now for the best part. Loki is fine. He has not limped since I picked him up after his massage. His spirits are back to normal and he is like the old Loki. I am so amazed at his improvement being so absolute and so fast. I thought that his lethargy was due to something else, his food, my not taking him somewhere with me or ???? It appears that it was because of his pain. I think I am not being consistent enough with my playing with him and about a week ago I played with him outside at night. Maybe he pulled a muscle or tendon or something, being somewhat out of shape? Whatever it was I thank you for being so good at what you do to get him back on the road. (Loki shown in picture on R)
Donna Rabbitt, Footopia

Our Dachshund, Ginger was having trouble walking up the stairs and had several areas of her spine that were inflamed. Thanks to Margaretís massages, after two massages she doesnít hesitate running up the stairs easily. We have her on a maintenance program now.
Harriet Storrs, Weight Mastery Clinic

Samson is a 6-year-old physically-challenged black pug with diagnosed hemivertebrae. He has been going to Margaret for over a year for vertebral (multiple spinal discs) massage therapy. He is quite amenable to the once-monthly "treats with Margaret" and always seems energized following a scheduled session with her. Although there have been no stark long-term changes, he never fails to be responsive to her touch and less compromised after he has had a treatment. I can't imagine not continuing with this program...both as a boost to his overall immune system....regular "tweak" to his compromised vertebral structure....totally positive addition for us both to our lives.
Andrea (Fine) Schaller....and Samson-the-wonder-pug, Hampden Family Pet Hospital

We currently are not available for dog massage appointments. We recommend contacting Cindy Lloyd of Natural Pet who is trained in canine and equine massage as well as animal acupressure. If Cindy is not conveniently located for you, look on our member list for the Colorado Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork or go to the member list for the International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork, and then choose the state where you are located.


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