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EMF Protection Devices and Solutions

Cell Solution cell phone chipMore people have cell phones today than land-line telephones. It is estimated that there are over one billion cell phone users worldwide. With all the cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, wireless home telephone handsets and base stations, wireless Internet routers, TVs and HDTVs, radios, Walkmans, iPods, MP3 players, fluorescent lights, desktop computers, wireless keyboards & mice and laptops (most with wireless capabilities), PDAs and microwave ovens surrounding us, we are constantly being bombarded by harmful EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) from these devices. The side effects of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) have been shown in research to disrupt the body's normal frequencies. These harmful EMF waves affect the body's biochemical communication processes which include our immune system. According to studies, these dangerous electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can lead to a significant increase in blood pressure, defective cell metabolism, tissue and DNA damage and even affect the biological processes of the brain as measured in electroencephalograms (EEGs). This could be an invisible cause of every day stress and fatigue. Everyone needs protection from these dangers of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) including our pets.

But the list of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) devices doesn't stop there. Have you thought of the EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) being radiated by:

  1. Alarm clocksclock radio

  2. Coffee makers

  3. Toasters

  4. Hair dryers

  5. Paper copiers

  6. Scanners and fax machines

  7. Refrigerators

  8. Microwave ovensmicrowave oven

  9. Video game consoles

  10. Lamps and lights

  11. Satellite TV box

  12. Cable TV converter box

  13. Remote controls

  14. Vehicles

Would you like?relaxed reading

  • Less stress
  • More energy
  • Greater focus
  • Better sleep
  • Balanced emotions
  • Enhanced well being

Cell Solution Products are the EMF Solution

Multipurpose chip on laptopThe effects of EMF radiation from old fashion cathode ray tube (CRT) computer monitors was graphically demonstrated to me when I replaced the two CRTs that we had in our home/office (size 10' X 13') with flat panel LCD monitors. The two CRT computer monitors were on opposite walls facing each other (7 ft apart) while I sat in between the two desks. I frequently rolled from one computer to the other multitasking all day long. As someone pointed out to me, this was like sitting in between two microwave generating towers. I was frying my body in between these two EMF generating devices. Before replacing the CRTs, it took me a while to unwind and get to sleep. After replacing the conventional computer monitors with two LCD flat panel monitors, I no longer had trouble getting to sleep at night after working on the computers past midnight (bad habit!). My body was less stressed and my moods were better. This proved to me that EMF-protection devices such as the Cell Solution EMF chips are needed to mitigate the disruptive effects of EMF-generating appliances we use every day.

When I put chips on the two LCD screens AND wireless telephone in the office I noticed another change. When I quit work after midnight, I could quickly feel the stress in my shoulders relax and my mind begin to unwind as soon as I left the office. I was able to get to sleep more quickly than before I applied the chips. With two laser printers and a multifunction fax/copier/scanner also in my office, I feel it is important to use EMF All-Purpose Chips on all electronic equipment in addition to the computer monitors and wireless telephone.
—Russell Louie

50 years ago the tobacco industry was saying, "There is absolutely no scientific evidence that second-hand smoke is harmful and there is no conclusive proof that even first-hand smoke is dangerous to one's health." We obviously know different today based on conclusive, long-term, scientific research. Not only is second-hand smoke harmful but recent research shows third-hand smoke can also effect unborn babies. Of course, all the early studies were funded by the tobacco industry.

Today, all the studies funded by the cell phone industry purport, "There is no conclusive proof that cell phone radiation is harmful to one's health."  Do you want to wait until there is long-term scientific evidence to protect your family from possible brain tumors and cancer?

Want proof that  animals are effected by EMF waves and can sense the good benefits of our cell phone chips?  Click on the photo below.

Cajun sleeps on EMF chips

Not everyone is choosing to wait for conclusive evidence:

MSNBC.COM: San Francisco passes cell phone radiation law

abcNEWS: Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

State of Maine: Maine to Consider Cell Phone Cancer Warning.

Good Morning America: Senate Committee Talks of Potential Cell Phone Danger

Los Angeles Times: On a different wavelength over EMFs

We have chosen not to wait for conclusive scientific evidence. The cost of one cell phone chip is far cheaper than the cost (not to mention the agony and suffering) of brain tumor surgery and cancer treatment. The choice is yours!


I wear a Q-Link pendant and have EMF chips on all our cell phones, PDAs, wireless office/home phones, LCD flat panel monitors, laptop computer and vehicles to reduce stress, produce greater focus and promote better sleep. I even put one on our sensitive Chihuahua mix, Mikki and our newly adopted cat, Iris.
—Russell Louie, Golden CO

Yes, I have noticed quite a difference. My biggest complaint was that by keeping my active phone in my pocket, my thigh has started to have a persistent dull ache. On days when I kept the phone on my desk, the pain would be much lighter and so I realized that it was my phone that was causing the energetic damage. Since using the chip, I have noticed a significant change in the energetic flow when the phone is in my pocket. I am still experiencing some ache, however it seems to get less and less every day. And yes, on longer calls I have noticed the lack of the phone heating up as well.
—S.E., Denver CO

UPDATE (01/17/2008): ...the ache in my leg is gone now and I never even think about it. I do think it is related to the chip, as my cell phone in the pocket habit has not changed.
—S.E., Denver CO

EMF Chips Animal Tested

Cajun sleeps on EMF chipsUpon receiving our first shipment of Cell Phone Chips and Multipurpose Chips, I unpacked them and laid them on my desk next to the laptop to count. Our newly adopted cat, Cajun, promptly laid down directly on top of the Multipurpose Chips and put his head on the pile of Cell Phone Chips and literally fell asleep. So, the chips have been field tested by our cat and I can confirm that according to Cajun, they do indeed alleviate the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and radiation waves emanating from my laptop, wireless keyboard and mouse on my desk. I guess we need to get Cajun a Q-Link Pet Link pendant.

How do these mysterious EMF radiation chips work?

They work the same way your cell phone and radio work. Your cell phone has solid-state electronics that pull invisible (and omnipresent) cell phone (EMF) waves out of the air and convert it to voice waves. Your radio has sold-state circuitry that pull invisibly broadcasted (and always present) radio waves (EMFs) out of the air and convert it to music (sound waves). These EMF chips also have delicate circuitry that pull invisible EMF waves out of the air and convert them into a frequency that is more compatible to your body, in effect, neutralizing any harmful EMF frequencies. Below are some scientific research papers.

For a downloadable PDF on Cell Solution research, click Cell Solution Research.
Cell Solution Research


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ALL Cell Solution Chips have the following technology:
  1. Cell Solution Chips absorb, reprogram and transform all biologically harmful and dangerous aspects of cell phone radiation and EMF's into a wave form that is biologically compatible with your body and therefore harmless.
  2. Cell Solution Chips also have the unique ability to strengthen your body's energetic system, as proven by many testings with the FDA registered BioMeridian MSAS test equipment. This profound energetic strengthening helps your body resist all kinds of stress and is a vital key to your overall health and well-being.

Cell Solution cell pone Chip

Cell Solution Cell Phone Chip (IS-CP001), $31.95
Cell Solution chip is designed to protect against electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from your cell phone and smartphone. For tablets and notebooks, use Multi-purpose chip below or use two Cell Phone chips. Click on the logo below for free research report. Actual dimensions in photo below.

Cell Solution Research PDF



Actual photos and dimensions of each EMF chip. Cell Phone Chip on top. MultiPurpose Chip on  bottom. Click on photo to enlarge. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


The chips are about the thickness of a dime. The best place to mount the Cell Phone Chip is on the inside back cover of your cell phone, opposite the battery. If you can place a dime inside your cell phone, this chip will fit.

Cell Solutions chip dimensions

Cell Solution Multipurpose Chip on laptop

Cell Solution Multipurpose Chip (IS-MP001), $41.95 
Cell Solution multipurpose chip is designed to protect against electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from your electronic devices such as tablets, notebooks, laptops, televisions, refrigerators, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, video game consoles, cable TV converter box and satellite TV box. Vehicles (cars, trucks, SUVs require two chips-one on each visor), desktop computers (+ monitor) and large flat screens TV up to 50" (50+" all require two chips). Click on the logo below for free research report. Actual dimensions in photo above.Cell Solution Research PDF


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